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Its been awhile since I update my DevientArt page so I figure I give out one!

Alot has been happening in my personal life both good and bad. Work has been getting tough and long with the hours and started up my College Semester again. I've been taking a Photography Course as an elective so I will be uploading my Homework and my Work from the class on my DA page to give it new content every week. As far as my other Photography stuff goes like Cosplay its on the back burner until I find some cosplayers around here or go to another Anime Convention. 

As far as anime conventions are going I am not attending anymore this year, I will be however attending atleast 5 cons next year.

- Ohayocon
- Anime Boston
- ColossalCon
- ConnectiCon

I can't wait to attend this conventions and 2015 I will mix it up a bit including possibly going to DragonCon. 

Overall been busy with my Youtube Blog as well, The Geeky Panda Blog provides Video Game, Anime, and Cosplay content from my eyes. If you wish to check it out (much appreciated too) here is the link!

As far as other things go I've been gaming playing alot of Grand Theft Auto V, its an AWESOME GAME! 
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Went to Anime Boston over the weekend and while I did have concerns about the changes to rules, no rave, security measures. I still had a fun time there. Those who I've taken pictures I will try to get them up within 1-2 weeks. I do have bigger plans for Anime Boston 2014, I will be attending the convention. I already got my hotel room reserved and going to reserve my train ticket for a cheaper price.

The next convention plans are not until 2014 due to the fact at my work place I need to earn vacation time which I earn 1.5 hours a week. Next year's convention list for confirmed attending is Ohayocon and Anime Boston. I am planning to attend a 3rd convention possibly either PAX EAST or a smaller convention like AAC, ConnectiCon, etc.
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Anime Boston is coming and coming soon, next month in fact! I am already starting to save money and already have things including Hotel Room and room mates chosen figured out. I just need to save money, buy some supplies for room, camera, etc. And of course Pre-Register for my Weekend Pass. I am going to Cosplay at this convention and of course I will be doing Cosplay Photography too. I am accepting photoshoots for cosplayers out there, just need 3 details,

- Is it a Group? Friends? Couple? Yourself?
- What is your Cosplay? (Character and Series they are from)
- What Day/Time is good for you.

And for costs I am still going with my FREE for the year, I will not charge for sessions but if you really want to pay me its on you. I should be arriving at the Con for Thursday to setup my hotel room, get settled in, etc. I will be doing it on mostly Friday to Saturday with some on Sunday. I may do sessions on Thursday as well if you want to.

Feel free to send me a message on here if your interested.
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Ok I am almost done editing the photos I took from Ohayocon 2013. Again I had a great time and like to thank all cosplayers that I took a picture of and I hope you all enjoy the pictures after the editing. I only got 10-15 more pictures to edit then I should be all set for the picture side. I still plan on making a small music video of the Convention I recorded but wished I recorded more video :( Still I am happy I was there. I will be attending Ohayocon again in 2014 and if you wish to do a small Photoshoot there just send me a message. I will even do some shoots on Thursday too!

Anime Boston is the next Anime Convention I am going to attend, this is a bigger convention but I already attended it but I expect I will be taking ALOT of content. I am planning on buying a 128GB SDXC card to record more video/picture content even though I have a 64GB, and 2x16GB SDXC cards. Still better to have more space than not enough. I hope to also get another spare battery as well as an external flash. I will be taking alot of pictures at the con via small photoshoots I will do. If you want to do a small photoshoot with me just shoot me a message on here and we can plan something out. As for video content goes I will make a small music video at the convention, atleast I plan on recording more at Anime Boston. I will be arriving there on Thursday with my friends and leaving Sunday afternoon - night. As far as Photoshoots go I will start on Thursday and work my way until Sunday.

Got to go to sleep now, got errands today hehe.
Just want to give a heads up on the editing process right now. As of right now I still got a good amount of pictures to go through to be post-edited and uploaded on the site. For those who I have taken picture at Ohayocon please be alittle bit more patient. Video clips I recorded are also slowing getting done too so I should have something to show by next week.

Now as far as my future convention trips go I am going to be attending Anime Boston this year, already got my vacation time approved and now saving money for it. I will be cosplaying mainly 2-3 characters including Halo ODST, Mass Effect's Shepard (non-armor), and Russian Soldier from Battlefield 3. But I will still be taking pictures at the convention including ALOT of video. I also plan on doing panels there too but more info to come as it progresses. For those who are attending Anime Boston and want a small 10-15 minute Photoshoot done for free, just shoot me a message.
Heyo everyone!

I recently attended Ohayocon 2013 and I am finally back home. I had alot of fun at the convention including made new friends, hangout with old. As well as take ALOT of pictures. For those who's pictures I have taken please give me time to edit them. I will start editing today and upload them as progress continues.
Heyo everyone,

I recently picked up a Canon Rebel T3i Camera from Best Buy because I won literally $1000 worth of Coupons so I went on a spending spree. The camera cost around $700 and some wondered why I want to get it. First off I always liked photography and admire it but never had a great camera to use expect friends or just a point-n-shoot which you can only do so much. Second I always love to do Cosplay Photography and want to get more into it with others on the side. I bought the Canon camera over Nikon because I want to also make music videos, documentaries, and more about the Anime Culture (Cosplay, Conventions, etc) and other things too.

I always had this creative side I wanted to tap and since my drawing skills have been tapped out its up to my Graphic Design, Video Editing/Cinematography, and Photography to take a rise. I am slowly asking friends and everyone else to do small photoshoots so I can help build up both my skills in photography and graphic design for the editing. I realized it is true. You can take 20-40 pictures but only a handful will be good enough to use (hopefully).

I plan on getting better before I hit up the Anime Conventions next year which I am definitely attending Ohayocon and Anime Boston. I am a really nice person and won't charge for any photoshoots at all and I might pay cosplayers in a CD with edited photos after, lunch, cash, or combo of some.

For that I started the "GeekyPanda PhotoBox" as my official Photographer title Business card designs have been made and will be refined before I purchase them. I do have some models lined up around here and some friends that can help but definitely aiming to do photoshoots with Cosplayers around here.

Will post more content soon, wish me luck.