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The PowerPuff Girls Movie Poster

So, after completing my Power Rangers movie poster trilogy. I was trying to figure out what to do next. I had been working on this previously, so I decided to go back and finish it. 

The idea for this was that the movie takes place 15 years after the girls came into existence. The girls are trying to find their way in a world that they no longer have a purpose in. They defeated all of their primary villains as kids, then soon realize the reason they were born is no longer present. They still live in their home Townsville, but for the most part they have decided on different paths.

Blossom has forgone college and gone to work for a local company, now quickly moving up the ranks toward CEO. A fallout with Professor Utonium has resulted in a rift that not only split her and her sudo-father, but also her sisters.

Bubbles is in college, but is more interested in partying than learning. She believes life learning is far superior to book learning and has developed an interesting outlook on people and life. Surprisingly intelligent, she sees things with an unconventional perspective.  

Buttercup works at a local fast food place. Often flipping out on costumers and employees alike, but keeps her job due to the fact that the manager has a crush on her. Even though all of the supervillans have been either defeated or dissapeared from Townsville, thugs and criminals are still around. She spends most of her free time seeking out these criminals and taking them down.

A returning villain will soon force this disgruntled family back together again...  

I really like the choices I made for the cast. 
Blossom---------------- Emma Stone
Bubbles----------------- Emma Watson
Buttercup--------------- Ellen Page
Professor Utonium----- Zachary Quinto
Former Mayor---------- Christopher Lee
Sera Bellum------------ Christina Hendricks 
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Wow, six years ago. What a throwback! Trips down memory lane can really be fun.

And now, it's being said that there is actually gonna be a live action reboot of the Powerpuff Girls. I think it'd be cool if the movie were to be something like this idea of yours. Sure, the casting choices are out of date by now, but that's a small detail. This could certainly be a good inspiration for the upcoming movie.

And as I said before, very good PhotoShop work, man.

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This fan poster Predicts The Live Action Powerpuff Girls which will be on The CW The Program behind the Arrowverse and Riverdale

Great poster, I would go see this movie.  I disagree with your choice for mayor though.  Since the mayor was really short, wouldn't you want Peter Dinklage or maybe even Brad Williams since the mayor is there more for comedy anyway?
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Snopes brought me here. 
GeekTruth64's avatar
It's funny, because that article referred to me as a woman for some reason... :confused:
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I freaking love their outfits! So damn hot!!
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Awesome poster and great realistic in a fantasy way idea. As a movie, I cannot see it as a sequel type movie but I could see it as a premier movie for maybe ... Just my opinion... a drama-action/adventure but with a little Sifi (for the powers bit)  TV series. basically attracting the teen - adult audience.    and a nice touch is that oh  lets say they try to hide there powers (not use them as much) in order for them to blend in as normal girls, and the series would dwell on how they are coping with everyday life and not using there powers. especially when something that rises that they could easily take care of using them. Just a thought :)
Kimarys3's avatar
I would watch this in a heartbeat
Buddhablakk1293's avatar
Would so go see this lol
AeroHybrid's avatar
This is awesome :D

But who could direct it? (my guess is Zack Snyder from 300, Man of Steel and Sucker Punch)
DragnBoi65's avatar
Is it wrong to say I want to see this as an actual movie?
Andruril93's avatar
Hmm...I guess it's an interesting idea if you look at it from a professional's point of view.  I'm not really into the show, but seeing how many reboot ideas we've been seeing these days, released or unreleased, I guess it could work.

Aside from that, nice lookin' PhotoShop work.
RandomPancake1108's avatar
I can't see someone as serious as Christopher Lee as the Mayor.  Maybe Mickey Rooney, being the short, funny old guy.
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you put down buttercup twice.  Anyways I love this idea. 
GeekTruth64's avatar
Good catch. I just fixed it. 
Thanks for commenting :)
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your welcoem,also you my friend should eb running power rangers :D 
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I used to love this series. This definately lives up to it!
Sounds like your on to something here!
Mojo was my fav villain.
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You could have just went all the way and have Emma Roberts play Buttercup. Still pretty cool though.
Vanimic's avatar
Its awesome ! Ya know, when I think about Buttercup, all I see is Kristen stewart as Joan Jett in the runaway movie. Its just so her ! xD
MarvelComics1985's avatar
I hope you're not going for a dark version. Keep the comedy in the forefront.
GeekTruth64's avatar
No not dark. Just not candy and lollipops. Main idea was to make the Townsville seen in the show, what the girls saw through their eyes. What we see now is what Townsville is in reality. The comedy being more subdued, but present. 
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I have mixed feelings about this. Looking at other cartoons that have been transformed into movies I'd be a bit more worried. Dragonball, The Last Airbender? But this poster is awesome regardless, good work!
GeekTruth64's avatar
Generally adapting cartoons into movies, ends up being garbage, because people who know nothing about the cartoon, do the adaptions and the studios don't care about quality control. They know people will watch it for the name recognition alone. Which is why we get shit like Dragonball and Last Airbender. 
Thanks for the com :)
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