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Star Trek vs Star Wars Poster

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This poster was insane :explosion: This started off simply enough with just a couple characters and then ballooned from there into this massive thing. All together this thing took upwards of 20 hours, "not including finding the base images." Its the longest I think I've ever spent on a single picture. And its hard to tell on here, but each picture was individually done with paint and layering to make it look like a painting, taking up about half the time easy. I alternated between Star Trek and Star Wars music throughout the entire thing helped keep my motivation up. :D Frustrations were many and I thought a few times about giving up, but I'm so happy with the result that it was all worth it :excited:

Now down to business; these two franchises have the biggest fans on the planet and are most often fighting over which one is the best. Watch this scene from the hilarious movie Fanboys to see what I mean [link] The geekdom runs deep on both of these franchises and both have their ups and downs.
Star Wars
Empire Strikes Back
New Hope
Return of the Jedi
Star Trek
Wrath of Khan
Voyage Home
First Contact
2009 film
As well as some outstanding T.V episodes

Star Wars
Phantom Menace
Star Wars Clone Wars "the movie"
Jar Jar
Han shot first "check this out [link] " :lol:
Star Trek
The Motion Picture
Final Frontier

I myself am a fan of both of these franchises and don't see why one has to choose one or the other, but the general idea is that you do. I mean I think that when it comes to movies Star Wars comes ahead, but Star Trek also has T.V, which Wars never really has had. There's way more content with Trek than there is Wars... I think I'll remain independent on this one :D

Here's my other posters set in similar style
Batman Beyond [link]
Batman Beyond Variant [link]
Dark Knight Rises [link]
Avengers [link]
Amazing Spiderman [link]
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I love how you categorized the characters on their similarities.  A poster well done.

I actually like both franchises equally.
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Lightning-skyHobbyist Digital Artist
Then a bunch of Daleks come in and exterminate them all, and the Doctor is the winner.
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shouldhaveanameStudent Writer
somtimes i feel bad for star trek....but then again:P
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PeachLover94Student General Artist
Why not have there be a battle like this:

United Federation of Planets
Old Galactic Republic
Klingon Empire
Old/New Jedi Order
Romulan Star Empire
Rebel Alliance/New Republic


The Dominion
Galactic Empire
Borg Collective
Order of the Sith Lords
Orion Syndicate
Black Sun Pirates
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I like Wars because they have lightsabers and personal vessels, but I like Trek because they have the Enterprise and they are more realistic when it comes to science. Personally, I prefer Trek any day over Wars, just don't start a war between them. It won't end pretty.
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KINGRIEVOUSHobbyist General Artist
oh yeah star trek????guess what we have???#1 the force
#2 jedi and sith
#3 and......wait for it.........waiiit for it....GRIEVOUS!!!!!!!!MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
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GreyFox1985Hobbyist Writer
We have Q, the Borg, Species 8472 AND!!!!! WAIT FOR IT.....James T. Kirk HA!!!
KINGRIEVOUSHobbyist General Artist
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GreyFox1985Hobbyist Writer
only in your dreams ^^
KINGRIEVOUSHobbyist General Artist
SOUNDWAVE :"Star Trek Inferior"
              :"Star Wars Superior"
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GreyFox1985Hobbyist Writer
well at least star trek doesnt belongs to micky mouse AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
KINGRIEVOUSHobbyist General Artist
At least Mickey Mouse is breaking Bank.
Got $$$$
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GreyFox1985Hobbyist Writer
you will see they fuck it up just like they did with marvel
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Awesome design!
My vote goes to Star Trek!
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I can't believe that there's enough space for two Kirks. :)
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ClaireW-artistHobbyist General Artist
star trek!!!!!! any who vote star trek: "live long and prosper"
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I'm with ya!
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star wars hands down,

though i loved the jj abrahms stuff
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JaninnaHobbyist General Artist
I agree that us fans shouldn't HAVE to choose!!!!!!!! :D
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DonDonP1Student General Artist
I love the two "Star" franchises.
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Love this poster. If they ever do a crossover, this would be great cover image.
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FlyingLion76Hobbyist General Artist
I've always been traditionally a Star Wars fan mostly cause I was a kid when I got into it and I liked it a lot. I'm not gonna be like the older fans that immediately dislike the prequels cause I'd be a liar and a hipster if I just agreed with it blindly (I do dislike the Clone Wars movie but the animated series made in 03 & 04 was realy awesome).

As for Trek I never really got into it I guess mainly cause Star Wars could be watched by kids and wasn't too adult Trek was and I didn't watch any of it till I was older. But still the Trek shows kind of bore me and didn't have the flare of Star Wars that I liked and then I saw JJ Abrams Star Trek which was just unbelievably awesome making me like Trek. At least JJ Abrams Trek, I can watch Wrath of Khan easily but everything else is just hard to sit through and not stare off into space.
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nimm14Student General Artist
star trek
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