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Nightmarionne has eye veins? FNAF4 Halloween DLC

Just an odd thing I noticed, not sure if anyone else has, I thought I'd brighten Nightmarionnes (yes that it's name from the game lol) jumpscare, it shows green eyes with veins :| bizarre, same goes for the other images brightened, all green eyes.
I also notice that the main jumpscare doesn't show any teeth.. not one glint, but all the others do :/, so many things to make theories run wild in this game lol

Perhaps hints by Scott on what everyone is apparently missing from FNAF4's storyline *shrug*

Halloween Bonnie - Five Nights at Freddy's 4 GIF Nightmare Puppet - Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Icon Nightmare Balloon Boy/JJ -Five Nights at Freddys 4 
From my halloween dlc video
NEW HALLOWEEN DLC! - Five Nights at Freddy's 4 by GEEKsomniac 
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Same for the withered animatronics in FNAF 2! You don't even need to brighten it!
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is just a eye texture manipulated c:
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The sad part is this doesn't effect the game's lore in anyway
GEEKsomniac's avatar
True true, shame
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who knows ... all i know is he looks way to creepy happy O-o I like your rendition better XD to be honest. The "official" looks like a twisted Mickey mouse without the ears gone  To Helltown 
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Perhaps this is referencing the first child who was killed before the crying child in fnaf4?
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I think on the wiki they actually said the new nightmare animatronics are uncannon.

which kindaa sucks,  I really like Nightmarrione.
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Does  Nightmarionnes execs? 
GEEKsomniac's avatar
Yup it is named Nightmarionne in the game and wiki, strange name lol
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It not in the fnaf 4.
FoxyThePirateFox0's avatar
It's in the Halloween version of the game.
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Oh the link please.
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Creepy as hell...but...maybe this is an easter egg, a nod to  Jack septiceye on youtube. The teaser image had a nod to Markiplier in it.
GEEKsomniac's avatar
heh yeah JSE did cross my mind for the green eyes :P
But what was the mark nod?
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in FNAF2 he made a comment about the puppet saying "don't wake the baby" and when the teaser for halloween of the puppet came out, it said in the code "don't wake the baby"
GEEKsomniac's avatar
Ohhhh okay cool lol
C0RPSES-n-FUR's avatar
that'd be terrifying tho
i noticed it too 
the veins might go towards that theory that the bullies are hiding in suits they made for nightmare animatronics
GEEKsomniac's avatar
Bullies, or family? :P
C0RPSES-n-FUR's avatar
because they would try to scare him that much
i doubt his family would tho
unless his family would be that kind of family
GEEKsomniac's avatar
Well why were they in his house? :/ least it seemed that way, scaring him in his house, locking him in etc
C0RPSES-n-FUR's avatar
they would've been in their house,  because they might have been ""visiting"" him (the hospital monitor/pills in his room) and maybe one of them was like "hey no lets just scare your little brother even more"
GEEKsomniac's avatar
Maybe, and he became a serial killer lol *shrug*, who would torment a sick kid anyway
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