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Five Nights at Fuckboys! - EXCUSE ME?!



Five Nights at F@#$boys! [►] EXCUSE ME?!

No that's not a typo lol, and yes you have been warned that there's lots of profanity in this video! I didn't expect this game to be this long, but looks like I'm in for at least a few more episodes after this one, but hey I'm enjoying it :P

[Sorry if the audio may go a bit weird in some parts, as I had a feeling the in game music was copyrighted so I had to mute it from the video.., meh, next time I'll cut around the song]

Let's play "Five Nights at Fuckboys" - RPG maker version of Five Nights At Freddy's

[►] Watch me beat 10/20 mode on FNAF 2:…

★ Watch my FNAF 2 Animation ft. Markiplier:…

(outro video) [►] Watch me play FNAF 1:…

★ GEEKsomniac [►] HIGHLIGHTS #2 ★…

[►] Horror Games! ✖_✖…

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If they made updates to the Five nights at fuckboy's games they should add foxy pounding marionette's sweet ass and pussy.