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FNAF Sister Location Character - Icon GIF

[Now updated! BABY - FNAF Sister Location - Icon GIF - Pixel art by GEEKsomniac]
[NEW update: Yes I've seen "Baby", but hey I was still right about.. the red cheeks XD and it having hair lol, and I still think that face is going to open up to show the endo underneath]


Obviously I have no idea who this character is or what it looks like properly, so this is my idea on what it may look like :)
The split in the face is intriguing, I wonder how it'll function in the game, but until I know for sure my thoughts are that it splits open like this :D 
I also pictured it as a rabbit too, I wait in anticipation to see how far off the mark I am overall XD

Large teaser version
FNAF Sister Location - Pixel art animation GIF by GEEKsomniac 

Based on the latest teaser      Watch me make it
Sister Location teaser by GEEKsomniac      FNAF Sister Location - SPEEDPAINT - Pixel art by GEEKsomniac 

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flyingpiggles's avatar
Nice Upside-down Pipe 
Savloch's avatar
ahh memories
SuperJordanBlast's avatar
tbh i like this baby better..... shes.... cuter
MangleTheSweetFoxy's avatar
BleepingCreepers's avatar
you gotta understand that this was made when the first teaser came out and no one knew what she looked like
MangleTheSweetFoxy's avatar
And u think i don't knew it????
CringeBanana's avatar
Why did a lot of people think Baby in the first teaser was going to have rabbit ears? It doesn't even look like it fits :/

Good art tho :)
piss-party's avatar
What we thought it was: 
FNAF Sister Location Character - Icon GIF 
What it actually was:
BABY - FNAF Sister Location - Icon GIF - Pixel art 
thebluegarchomplover's avatar
baby: tries to scoop me* me: nope! *snaps babys head* and you live
Ducklespades's avatar
flyingpiggles's avatar
am i the only one who's amazed he predicted the face opening thing BEFORE the trailer or game came out?
ultr4nima's avatar
Well many people predicted that too before.
kirucafe's avatar
I wish baby looked that way
FoolForGold's avatar
Wow, you couldn't have been more wrong!

Of course, I thought Baby was going to be like Balloon Boy...
GEEKsomniac's avatar
Well this was based on almost zero reference images lol so I just went with what people were saying, which was mostly a bunny
K9GirlyGamer's avatar
This is amazing and all but, is this from one of those Scotts teasers?
Mangle876's avatar
do you guys think this guy is a child?
FrankieStinkBomb's avatar
Says the one with the Roblox Doge hat for his icon.
SaltyWolfie's avatar
No, I don't but maybe you are. XD
Mangle876's avatar
makes no sence
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