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We're happy to say that RSS feed for the comic is now available at Comic Rocket - and there's an app for it, too! Just sign up to use Comic Rocket, go to our profile page, and click on "Create" to get hooked up with updates!

Also, we will be at Table L08 in Otakon's Artist Alley! Here's a map so you guys can find us! We'll be there all weekend with all sorts of goodies, so please stop by and say hi! You can also follow our con adventures on Twitter using #GNDatOTA on jessibstar and tehbarry - see you in Baltimore, hon!

Can't make it to Otakon, but you still want to buy stuff? The store is NOW OPEN on Storenvy! We'll have our shirts and buttons on the store after the con, but books and prints/posters are available.
Had to post the comic for today - this one's for anyone who does Artists Alley at conventions. Please check it out!

STORE UPDATE: We're almost ready! I have a small favor to ask, though: if you've ever bought anything from us, I'd love to use your pics to show off our books, buttons, prints/posters, and our shirts! I want people to be able to see how our shirts fit on all types of your beautiful bodies, how much fun you have reading our books, and how you use our prints, posters, and buttons to decorate your walls and accessories! Please send your pics to geekswebeATgmailDOTcom to participate, and thanks in advance!

We're currently looking for another way to RSS to give you a way to see updates on your mobile devices. We'll let you know when we've got something that works!

Yay! With a new piece comes a con appearance! This weekend, we will be at Zenkaikon in Lancaster, PA in the Artists Alley/Vendor Hall! Look for the ugly green table cloth for some colorful goodies and hugs. We'll also be doing the Webcomics Roundtable panel on Saturday - we'll be taking your questions, so please drop by!
Join Onezumi Hartstein, Liz Staley, and yours truly for a special WACOM Google + Hangout on March 26, 2014 at 2pm EST - we'll be giving away some freebies and talking about webcomics, Intervention, and more awesome things! If you miss the live broadcast, no worries - it will be archived on YouTube for your viewing pleasure!
Snow days are fantastic days for art! Since the sky is filled with those tiny little white flakes, I figured I'd pop on here and put a little update with some of my work from MAGFest.

An online store should be up sometime in February, so please stay tuned!
Lots of stuff going on (Pokemon, more Pokemon, and even more Pokemon) - but I wanted to thank all of you who are taking a look and following my work. I really appreciate it!

I have updated the Convention Schedule for 2014 - Matt and I were fortunate to get into Katsucon this year! We missed out last year and went for fun. We had a great time, but I am so psyched  Looks like January and Febuary will be busy, and we're looking forward to it. I'll be putting up a few Works in Progress (WiP) in the next few weeks so you guys can see what I'm trying to put together for MAGFest! Current projects include several new prints and special button sets that will be made only for MAGFest and Katsucon or in limited batches. (Hint: there are shiny Pokemon involved, I repeat SHINY POKEMON ARE INVOLVED)

I have been asked about drawing requests and commissions - at this time, I am not taking requests or commissions, but that may change in 2014, depending upon my availability. I'm hoping to revamp our online store on the comic site in order to make more prints and things available for purchase.

Until then, thank you so much for looking, and please continue to support the comic by reading Geeks Next Door!