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Calamity's brother Windsheer. And this makes 3/4 done. Just have to take a shot at Calamity, and maybe their father. Really starting to hate the dude ponies' faces. It's just not as friendly or easy to use as the female lady pony faces. So yeah, he's definitely my favorite of all of Calamity's family. Like the Braeburn of Fallout Equestria. Or am I the only one who feels that way?but yeah...

thank you for your time

Fallout Equestria [link]
by Kkat
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Windsheer!! 😊

Really like the design

From the little that is seen of him, he seems to be an interesting character. (But only gets one small part of a chapter ;;w;; )

Really wish we could have seen more of Calamity's family, even if they were..... well.. jerks.
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He was the Oldest of Calamity's siblings, a master of communications technology and the Enclave's Chief Communications officer, he doesn't share his brothers' hatred of Calamity, bluntly stating that his younger sibling Pride (Who officially joined the Enclave by branding Calamity as a Dashite) is "a bastard" and that the other brother Autumn Leaf used his little brother as way to release his frustration following the death of their mother from his birth. While Red Eye was stalling for time against Autumn Leaf, the Cyber-Augmented Earth Pony regaled to the pursuing colonel how he had read over the Enclaves' personnel files; including that of his family. Noting that Autumn Leaf was entirely jealous of Windsheer because he was so well liked in the Enclave, Red Eye labeled Windsheer as "The Perfect Son".
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Oh, for a second I thought he WAS Calamity
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I really like it. the only thing that puts me off is his front legs, their abit thin where they attach to the body in my opinion. but other then that he looks great. Good Job
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yeah, probably happened when I was resizing them at the end. easy fix
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I loved this character back in story.

But Autumn is my Husbandu <3
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what about Braeburn?
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He's cute too. o3o

But Autumn is cuter~
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really? but everybody's gay for Braeburn
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Great art of Windsheer.
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Thanks, Broseph
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Hey, for what it's worth, Calamity's father is based on this guy from Fallout 2:
His dialogue is a hoot. Not that it will help much, but if you're drawing him next I thought you might want to know.
Also, I like the uniform.
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Thanks, Broseph. I seriously need to get these games
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Together FO1, 2 and FO Tactics are like 20 bucks on steam. Probably 10 each separately. I think they only work on PC. Kinda wish they'd just make them free to download so that everyone could play them but that's probably not going to happen. I'd highly suggest them if you like gritty isometric games with sense of atmosphere, dark humor, and intelligent writing.
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I don't have steam, but Fallout 1, 2 and I think tactics or brotherhood are bundled for 20 bucks at walmart
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Probably Brotherhood of Steel Tactics, which isn't a true Fallout game but is still fun to play.
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