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My second attempt at Nightseer and I'm mad it's not much of an improvement. Still one of the best Fallout Equestria antagonists. Just realize that all of these end up being pretty big images...

Fallout Equestria [link]
by Kkat
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the armor is luna's skeleton
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One thing I personally don't get is, well.... WHY use the skeleton as armor?

Nightseer, art thou aware of how likely brittle those bones are after so long?

I mean... seriously, mare, you get impaled by that horn you've positioned by your neck.  Could have at least blunted the thing.

I dunno why, but I like the horrifying concept of these Alicorns.  Creatures that can't even be considered 'trapped' in their bodies because the overwriting is both physical and MENTAL, bodies broken down into goop and then reconfigured.  Nightseer gets her quirks when cut off by the Cloud, but that doesn't mean the pony she used to be comes back.  Unless that pony was a sadistic Raider.

The only concern I had in the story was knowing so relatively little about the pair of unicorns from Post-War that have Twin Telepathy and thus influenced the formation of the Greens.  They're a practical mystery.

That said, I think the Greens are my favorites, for their coloration being closer to the Super Mutants and for their telepathic and barrier skills.  The latter makes me think of these aliens from a first-person beat-em-up game I played, "Breakdown".  Loved it.  Most hate it.  The aliens couldn't be hurt until a certain point in the beginning, and guns are, against them, USELESS.

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What if the black book told her to do it to boost her dark magic? and it's not like the bones couldn't be enchanted or turned into a soul jar to make them more durable. 
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I can only speculate.
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I kind of always figured Nightseer was what happened to Twilight Sparkles body. Which is why there never was a Twilight when the Goddess was destroyed and they all had there original personality's back.
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You see the giant alicorn with Twilight's cutie mark right after the explosion. It's the one Littlepip plays the recording too
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Yes, but the minds of the original body always take sway. The Alicorn loses Twilights Cutie Mark afterwords replaced by another. She just temporarily used that body for a short period of time before dying. Plus different storys now have the Alicorn become Lacunae or some other Alicorn. I think Twilights body was killed at some point, either Nightseer or the one in Canterlot who figured out how to change the Dragon blowing out the Pink Cloud into a mouse.
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pretty sure the physical bodies of the four ponies who made up the goddess were fused together in the vat
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Not sure about it, is it ever actually stated in the story? Might have to go back and look as its stated there minds were fused with Trixie/s being dominant. But I don't think they ever mention there body's. Besides, Twilight was one of the last Pony's in the facility to be pulled into the vat. Several other survivors were pulled in before she was.
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thought Twilight was the first since she was right there and all that jazz, and that the first four ponies pulled in were used as kinda the template for the three types of alicorns
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Twilight was trapped in a safe room, one strong enough to survive the Balefire bombs. She could even watch other Pony's get dragged in on the camera's and hear there screams and pleading for mercy. She was one of the last to be pulled in and only after Trixie ripped the door open to get to her. Looked it up today.
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even if Twilight's body wasn't fused with Trixie's and the twins', why would Trixie let it go anywhere?
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Remember that the Alicorn's were rebuilt Pony's by the Goddess with there minds overwritten and controlled. When that control was loosened they began to regain memory's or develop quirks. Like Nightseer who was quirky, one Alicorn who told another that she remembered being a stallion and others. It seemed to happen when they were out of contact or something interfered with the Goddess's control.
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Cruel, but impressive
*considers Luna as favorite pony and thus will not bother with the book length description of what would be done to Nightseer*
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Damn I hated her. One antagonist I was glad to see dead.
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lol LOVED HER!! Could possibly be the best thing to come out of Fallout Equestria

but geez, you're going through some of my really old stuff
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This is exactly how envisioned her while reading! Great job!
And I agree with you on the note of being a great antagonist. Even if she wasn't around very long, Nightseer made a pretty big impression :D
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she deserved a brutal death. SHE HAS TO PAY FOR DESECRATING LUNA'S BONES!
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looks pretty good, definitely one of the more unique villains in fallout equestria. B-)
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it looks good.
I just don't like the skull head.
but that's just me.
you do whatever you like :3
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