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Grell Shimeji

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Here's my contribution to the shimeji world! Grell Sutcliffe, shinigami extraordinaire, from my current obsession Kuroshitsuji.

The download link is off to the right. There you'll find a zip file with everything you need. Just unzip the file wherever you'd like your new desktop buddy. Inside you'll see a couple folders, but the only file you need to worry about is the one that says 'Shimeji-ee'. Make sure you click the biggest one! It's the JAR file. I've noticed that sometimes the shimeji won't start if you click the application.

The source files came from the Shimeji English Enhanced project [here], so a big thanks to them!

These little guys were all drawn in SAI and put together by me. If you find any weird animations or have any issues, just let me know in a comment here and I'll try to help you out.

William is coming up next!
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spo i tryed to run it but all it did was add a LCK and Text document file to the folder
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My SENPAAII!!! 030 ❤❤❤
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does this interact with your other Shimeji?
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can you explane how and what i have to do? i know i have to use java but on what file?
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Ah, I need a little help with another Shimeji that I got custom made. v///v Do you think I could do a and you can help me out a little bit? 
This one is doing the same thing the other one is and I'm not sure what to do about it! It just.. It runs but the little guy doesn't appear //rip 
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nvm, it worked! 
xkawaiicatx's avatar
how did u do it?
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ok so i opened it and clicked on the one that says "shimeji-ee.jar" and an error occurred. Is there any way u can help meh? Thanks :)
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how does this work? I'm so confused, I don't know what I'm doing mehh...
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I don't know what I'm doing. I've tried downloading and stuff but I don't know what's going on.
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aaaaa I remember Black Butler. I only had a chance to watch season 1 >A< I want to re-watch it someday, then watch season 2 and 3 when I have time to do so.

Grell is my favorite character, so I downloaded this! Awesome! ^w^ Thanks for making it
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XD hopefully he wont get into a multiplying/ throwing my ie around with sebastian
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nesesito ayuda yo cree uno que es este…

la berdad es que soi nuebo y nose como publicar lo mio jejejeje,si algien me explica bien como acerlo se lo agradeceria XD
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I was reading the description, and saw Kuroshitsuji, and I was like, what?
Then I googled it.

Black Butler.
God, I'm an idiot...
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whats the link to the zip file?
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The button to download is on the right-hand side underneath the "add to favorites" button.
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ohhhhhh ok. I'm used to seeing them in the description. Thanks!!!!
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Ahhhh it's adorable! Thank you~
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how do u use it
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Send me a note and I'll explain how I use it ^^
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