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The Force Awakens - BB-8 Sketch

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I write for a high school newspaper and we're doing an article about the new star wars movie, to see if fans like it. I'm having trouble finding non-copyright star wars pictures, so I was wondering if we could feature yours?

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I don’t see why not. This piece is just fan art anyway. It’s not one of my official pieces.
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Neat work on this. I like the motion blur.
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So adorable!!!! :D
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Nice! Love the motion. Great work!
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Droids from Star Wars are often hilariously adorable Characters. They cast a Smile on your Face and are funny and cute, often. :D
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ha! i have a droid character similar to that... only mine is completely spherical and hovers....
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Awesome Art!! Love the way you draw. 
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I like BB-8. Don't know how the fuck he propels forwards without his head falling off, but I like it!

Very nice!
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magnet thingy-majiggies?
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omg so cute i love it Love 
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Arrrr That Soo Cute :3
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this f'd with my mind!  The drawing looks like it's on a 3d plane, and then the pencils made me freak out for a second!  Good job!
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This is the droid I'm looking for.
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