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(Edited with Episode 2 impressions)


- Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
This one is being animated by Studio 3Hz, which also made the beloved Princess Principal series, so I was immediately curious. Episode 1 was cute and action-packed, exactly as expected. The art style is also magnitudes better than the original SAO by A1. This is an anime I hope will maintain my interest. (Ep.2) Fills in some gaps left by the original series in a nice and neat way. I like that these characters have wayyyy more depth than the original SAO characters. RECOMMEND.

- Hinamatsuri
Cute, tongue-in-cheek, very nearly 4th-wall-breaking comedy. Very enjoyable, and also starts off with an unknown premise that piqued my interest. (Ep.2) It only gets better, and it has set a very high bar for this season. I love this series very, very much. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

- Golden Kamuy
I particularly like the historic-fantasy genre here. I'm watching it with Wikipedia open on the side, learning new stuff. Also, a decent plot serves as a solid backbone for staying with the series. Unfortunately, it loses points (personally speaking) for overuse of 3D stuff, although they try unsuccessfully to hide it. (Ep.2) More humor than I had initially expected, and continues to educate. Very cool. SOLID RECOMMEND.

- Hisone to Maso-tan
As expected, the art style was quite refreshing. It's certainly a strange anime, but I find myself liking it more and more. Loses a couple of points for 3D stuff, but makes up for it by altering the lines slightly to make them look hand-drawn. RECOMMEND.

As yet unwatched but curious:

- Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS
I watched (binged) the other Selector WIXOSS series before this, and I enjoyed the premise but it wasn't a masterpiece by any means. I'm mostly curious to see how this series will tie in (or not) with that.

Watched and not recommending:

- Mahou Shoujo Site
The only reason I picked this up at all was because of a certain super-intelligent A.I. voice actress... and so far, the anime has a poorer animation quality than acceptable (personally speaking), and a weak plot. The only thing I found interesting was the bleeding out of different orifices depending on ability. I cannot recommend it. (Ep.2) Wow, introduced a villain and immediately conquered said villain immediately. Sorta pointless. And a little weird, too. I literally could not sit through the entire episode - I watched it in 2 minute chunks, skipping through the episode.

- Devils Line
I initially thought the concept was good, but the first episode was thoroughly disappointing. Excessive gore without any decent justification, poor romantic attempts, and just overall, it felt like it was all over the place. 


Are there any anime you enjoy this season that I've missed out on? Please leave a comment with your recommendation, and I'll check it out! (No guarantees that I'll like it though~)
[EDIT]: Looks like some clarification is needed.
I'm not looking for prompts to write stories about. While those entries are intriguing,
I'm trying to find world-building prompts. This means I am looking for odd or harmonic
pairings of worldly scenarios and caveats. The goal is to develop a world deeply to
understand the unique rules and challenges that this world provides, and also to 
explore how a civilization may go about solving those issues. This then leads to a
greater understanding of how life in such a world may look like, and what a story
within this world could revolve around.
[End EDIT]

I want to do a little bit of story-writing/world-building exercise, and I thought maybe
I'd also share my process and resultant outcomes with all you writers out there.
I need prompts, though! No matter what your ideas, write'em in the comments below! 
Once I finish writing a scenario (which will generally end up being incredibly in-depth),
you are free to take and use the world (unless the original commenter would like to
keep it private).

Format for prompts:
  • Start with a real-world basis. It's too time-consuming and difficult to simulate
    the entire evolution of a world, so let's start with something generic. Think of
    already-existing genres and themes that aren't specific to a franchise
    (i.e. not Hogwarts, but magic; not Star Wars, but vintage sci-fi; etc.)
  • Give it caveat or two. This is the interesting part about the universe - make it
    contrary to the theme, or clashing, or harmonic. This should affect the given
    basis in some way - if it doesn't affect the basis, then there's no world-building to
    do. Have some fun here (consider: Earth as we know it, except magic was
    discovered and explored instead of the Renaissance; planet of floating cities but
    maps were never invented)
  • End it with a reason for us to look into this world. This can be a specific character,
    an industry, a technological advancement, an age of civilization, and so on. It
    should serve as a starting point to the resulting story. It shouldn't be too detailed,
    however, and certainly should not be an 'issue' or 'problem' to be solved
    (i.e. dawn of civilization but not year 2 day 9 of a tribe, murder detective but
    not a missing murder weapon in a specific case)
For example:
A town build next to a mountain (on Earth), approximately when industrialization is
just starting. The caveat is that witchery is a real profession, requires training, and is not
shunned. Abilities include flight, potion-making, and curses. Story revolves around a
post office in this town.

The resulting world and story will take at least a few days to write out, not to mention
the thought process written as a stream-of-consciousness piece. I'll write out a little
sample soon for the example I've provided here so you can get an idea of what sort of
thing I'll come up with. In the meantime, go ahead and submit something! As far-fetched
as you'd like! (No guarantees I'll get to your submission, especially if there's a lot of
entries, but I'll try.)
All selections here were made solely based on my own tastes.

Continuing from last season:
Mahoutsukai no Yome - still beautiful and brilliant. Sometimes a little lackluster in terms of animation.

Currently watching:
Violet Evergarden
- Simply beautiful. Decent story with lovely visuals. Doesn't lean hard on stereotypical characters.
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
- Cute. If there's ever a plain slice-of-life school anime I would watch, this is it. Funny, a little cringey (in a nostalgic way), and innocent.
Hakumei to Mikochi
- If you want a dose of squeee cuteness and you want NxR to be an anime, this is as close as you'll get. I love it.
- Mystery, suspense, my sort of thing. I love the considerations taken into the world-building in this anime. I also love the name.

Working on it:
Yuru Camp
- Recommended to me by a close friend. First episode started off pretty badly, so I lost interest. I'll give episode 2 a shot soon, though.

Unrelated (Rewatching previous anime):
- Basically ecchi, but that aside, is actually a nice anime.
Princess Principal
- Still one of my favorites. Delinquent Ange is the best.
Alice to Zouroku
- Yup. Cute. Sad. And an art style I really enjoy.
I had a Threadless web store? 
Yes indeed, I sell some t-shirts and stuff that my brother and I designed together. So far not much exists on there, but I'm open to hearing your requests!

NUKOxRWBY is just over two years old?
The first strip was published on Christmas day of 2015.

My RWBY 4komas started with this crappy thing over four years ago?
I have since drawn over 180 4komas/comic strips, and I think you can watch my styles change over time.

Earth-chan!! 001 was just released on my Patreon?

This 4koma will be released to the public on the morning of Jan. 24, and the rest will be uploaded immediately to both my dA and Tumblr.

I have a Tumblr?
Please follow or whatever the term is, and share! Reblog! Yeah! I'm one of you young 'uns!
Untitled by geek96boolean10
Untitled by geek96boolean10
Untitled by geek96boolean10
Timelapse will be uploaded to my Patreon first!
So I've made a NukoWeiss 3D model and a NukoBlake balsafoam carving. Now it's NukoYang's turn!

 I'm thinking Sculpey clay, since my recent Penny figure left some extra. This will also be the first one that I've planned out so thoroughly - my other 3D ventures have been on-the-fly intuition and guesswork. Hopefully I'll get the chance to make her before the holidays!

If/When I get around to starting work, I'll be posting regular updates to my Patreon for all to see (no paywall). I may also produce a timelapse of the work, which will also be on Patreon. As always, the final product will be posted here on dA.

Anyways. I'm excited! This will be adorable.

Update #1: "Well that was fast"

Update #2: "And now we wait"
Hey - so I made a tumblr.
A little late to the party, I guess, but I did.
Now, I'll be honest. I don't know the first thing about using it. I don't know what tumblr-users expect to see, what sort of content I should post, so on and so forth.
Please be kind, and teach me. Also, help me spread the word! 
Thank you.

Oh, and if you're a dedicated dA user, don't worry - I'm still mainly going to be here. As in, art and 4komas and journals will be posted here first (or Patreon first, but yeah). Tumblr will be slightly behind in scheduling, as I figure stuff out. I will not abandon or move out from dA - this has been my home for a while, and will continue to be. But if you normally browse tumblr more often, well, here we go.
(List will be updated periodically.)

Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau (Children of the Whales)
An oddly animated show with a blend of traditional anime visuals and rich watercolor-esque backgrounds. The characters are diverse and well-balanced, and the use of 3D visual effects are minimal and barely noticeable. The story seems quick-footed and it has a nice momentum so far, hinting just enough at a wider perspective to keep you interested without giving away too much. Reminiscent of Suisei no Gargantia.

Kino no Tabi (The Beautiful World)
Sometimes distracting with quick swaps between 3D and 2D, and overall plain-looking. Story- and content-wise, it seems promising with each episode serving as one entire arc. Most things are explained as the main character learns about them, so there's no annoying omniscient narrator - just dialogue between Kino and her bike. I do particularly like the bike as a character, since it has no comical reactions or expressions whatsoever, and relies on voice only to elaborate his feelings. Has a Princess Principal feel to it, but far less intense and lacks the overarching story.

Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus Bride)
I think this one goes without saying. Good looking anime, with a slight shoujo appearance. Humorous but gritty all the same, it has some similarities to Shuumatsu nani Shitemasu ka? (WorldEnd) in that a character is suddenly brought into an entirely fresh world that they'd participated unknowingly their entire lives but never understood completely.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (Girls' Last Tour)
Another 2D-3D blend, although it's a chibi-take on that theme. An incredibly cute and lighthearted take on what appears to be a post-war or post-apocalyptic world. The banter between the two characters is heartwarming and innocent. Unlike anything I've seen before.
It's a little project I've been working on sporadically over the past few months. I love Animusic (maybe you knew that) and I also love Wintergatan's music, so when they released their Marble Machine video, I knew I had to try and make something cool out of it. 
Using Processing (the programming IDE) I set up virtual instruments that could read any MIDI file (with some fenagling). Turned out to be a lot of fun and a lot of pain as well. It's not completely finished, but I enjoyed the product of the latest render so much that I decided to share it with y'all. :) enyoy!

Original ink and pencil sketch on engineering paper (hence the yellow). (~1 hour, mainly for planning and brainstorming)
Image (22) by geek96boolean10
3D model of the environment in SketchUp Make. (~5 minutes)
Image22 Bk by geek96boolean10
Pencil and pen re-draw on top of the 3D model printout, taking perspective and proportions into account. (~1 hour)
Img 20170729 185349 by geek96boolean10
Tracing the new sketch using my Surface Pro 3 as a lightbox (turned off the touch screen). No ruler used, all freehand. (~2 hours)
Img 20170729 203201 by geek96boolean10
Final ink line art scanned at extremely high DPI. Mistakes are few and are edited digitally.
Image (Large) by geek96boolean10
Base coloring using masks. (~2 hours)
Eel Out Of Bento Smol Copy1 by geek96boolean10
Final lighting, details, and touchup. (~2 hours)
Eel Out of Bento by geek96boolean10
Hey ma dudes - 

I'm currently on a little spree of writing an online trading card battle game. Unfortunately, the only platform it supports right now is Windows since the networking library I use is .NET based. In any case, I plan for it to eventually be ported into Unity and have actual, decent graphics. For now, it's a raggedy ol' thing.

Don't worry! I'm not asking anyone to program anything this time around. In fact, a lot of the programming is done already! The game is mostly playable, although somewhat a hassle to set up for multiplayer.

I'm actually asking to see if anybody has some spare time and resources to create some visual assets. The stuff that I could use right now are characters to be displayed on cards. The original intention was to have characters and personalities from animes, cartoons, and perhaps video games as the characters, but since pulling actual artwork or graphics from the source material is a gray area in terms of copyright, I'd like to start with some images that are fanmade and preferably of OCs or the like.

So! Please! If you have a drawing of some character that you're proud of or think would be entertaining to see in a card game, or you have a friend on dA that's uploaded stuff and they're curious, please let me know. 

If you don't really have the ability or collection but would still like to see the game, it will be available to test soon. I want to get a couple more things written in before I start sending this out to the masses. Oh, and you can be assured that a multiplayer server will be running so you don't need to worry about messy connections yourself (although you may need to set up port forwarding - I'm not certain yet).
I want to take this moment to thank everyone for these past few years. Through thick and thin, through highs and lows, through hiatuses and daily 4komas, you've stuck with me. I cannot express how much gratitude I have for y'all. At the same time, I feel rather bad that I've stalled in continuing so many of the things you may follow me for. I hope that in the near future, there will be more opportunities for me to return to those things that have brought us together. 

Seriously, to me, seeing that number is still unbelievable. I remember the days when I had just hundreds of pageviews. I remember staring at 20k, 30k, and 40k for months at a time without any movement. I remember when 10 pageviews was a tremendous increase. So to see that number on my page today... and the fact that so many of the artists here that I look up to have reached this milestone... it's scary, a little bit. 

I dunno. I'm just rambling at this point. You'll have to forgive me for not really knowing how to react.
Heyo. Sharing the anime's I'm following again.

Aho Girl:
A half-length series (12 min each) of basically the exact same gags from the manga. Matches the original perfectly, and I'm happy about the voices. Probably not everybody's cup of tea; I like it though.

Made in Abyss:
Very cute and beautifully animated show about an excavation project. I haven't looked up much of the plot so I know very little about the story, but so far it's caught my attention. No blatant 3D animation that I can tell as of yet - so extra points there.
Edit: Incredibly exciting and reminiscent of anime like Nausicaa and Laputa. A strong exploration factor tied with uncertainty makes the episodes feel too short for 20 minutes.

Princess Principal:
Not sure why it's called Principal, but the story is about a group of schoolgirls in steampunk London that are actually highly-trained spies. Intriguing to me because I like the mystery and detective genre, but the characters are well-balanced with each other and this is one of the few anime's that successfully merges 2D and 3D animation well. 
Edit: By far my favorite of this season, although it's pretty close with Abyss and Aho. Super cute, actually interesting, and the characters are dynamic.

A slice-of-life romance anime - a genre that I don't normally watch - but the humor is well done so far and all other aspects of the anime haven't lost points yet.
Edit: It's a little too cringey for my taste. I had to skip forward past moments that simply dwelled on too long. Not going to recommend completely.

A stranger one on my list. It's got a lot of potential due to the mystery genre, but there's a lot of unnecessary flair in the form of 3D animation and the moe-horror theme. I'm following this one purely out of curiosity for now - it's interesting but I hesitate to say it's good.
Edit: Getting stranger, but not necessarily better. The mystery is lacking a bit, and it's becoming more about drama.

Still following - 

Sakurada Reset:
I thought this was a single-season series, but I guess it's going to keep going. I'm not complaining. The story is moving towards the macro arc now, rather than smaller stories with various characters.

Atom: The Beginning:
I just love how we're starting to see the seeds of what make Astro Boy into the robot he is. Another show that mixes 2D and 3D well.
Some drawings not even uploaded yet!

Oct 30th: Couple more Halloween ones~
 RWBY - Halloween 2017 by geek96boolean10

  NUKOxRWBY - Halloween 2017 by geek96boolean10

July 30th: Yet another.
Image (22) by geek96boolean10  Eel Out of Bento by geek96boolean10

July 16th: Another one!

Image (21) by geek96boolean10  Cassedie - Follow the Instructions by geek96boolean10

July 6th: Added another one:
Cassedie Action Draft by geek96boolean10  Cassedie In Action by geek96boolean10

Img 20170327 121313 by geek96boolean10  Moonwitch by geek96boolean10
WP 20160524 20 14 49 Pro  lowres by geek96boolean10  NUKOxRWBY - Nuko-in-the-Middle by geek96boolean10

NxR Singing and Chomping copy by geek96boolean10  NxR Singing and Chomping update by geek96boolean10
NxR Homework temp by geek96boolean10  NUKOxRWBY Homework Time by geek96boolean10

NUKOxRWBY Swapped Concept by geek96boolean10  RxN Swapped! copy by geek96boolean10

Witches 1 Ideation by geek96boolean10  Witches - Kiki, Akko, Makoto by geek96boolean10

Wp 20160420 12 20 07  by geek96boolean10  Fight!NukoXRwby Portrait by geek96boolean10

Nukoxrwby Tease 01 by geek96boolean10  NUKOxRWBY 42 - Return by geek96boolean10  NUKOxRWBY 43 - A New Foe?! by geek96boolean10  NUKOxRWBY 44 - All 4 of Them by geek96boolean10

No idea why I posted this. I just found some of the drafts in my Pictures folder and thought I'd share.
Two launches.
Two landings.
Two days.
Two oceans.
Two droneships.
Second flight. 
Second batch.

A future where rockets launch every single week is now in sight.

(Longer explanation: )
SpaceX has launched two rockets this weekend, and both have returned to Earth relatively safely. The first one was a refurbished rocket carrying Bulgaria's first comms satellite, and it landed on "Of Course I Still Love You", the droneship, in the Atlantic Ocean. Re-entry was hot and the shock absorbers were nearly all spent, but it's in good shape. The second carried the second batch of Iridium satellites that will provide a strong network of complete global coverage in communications. This one landed on "Just Read the Instructions", which sat in the Pacific Ocean amidst some turbulent weather.

Living Record of Oracle G-9-6 Designation B-ten, Tarikun

Main story by 042lej (currently unreleased)

While there are many moments from the time I first learned of Mindewyn till now that I had the opportunity to speak with her at length, a few conversations remain well-seated in my memory. We never spoke of simple matters, and while I think a good amount of that can be attributed to the fact that she is often quite confused when it comes to the things I say, I like to think that she and I have a mutual understanding that the pursuit of knowledge is more important than idle chatter.

Take, for instance, the first real conversations I had with her.

She was fresh out of her world, stepping foot into this strange and wonderful place, and Jayden was still running around like a headless goose. I mean, he was certainly in a lot of hot water at the time, but that’s no reason to ditch your newfound girlfriend. I was then given the task of humanizing us – telling her stories of each of our adventures, our histories, and most of all, the friendship that binds all of us together.

Of course, I’m not taking credit for her relatively quick adjustment to life on Altera. Sephiya does wonders, and Anori – well, she has her good side, too. But it certainly isn’t out of the question that we share a unique bond; I am the one to go to for recollections of our pasts, simply because I am the one that sees it all.

I am an Oracle, you know. In the battlefield, I am the one that watches everyone, guides them to victory, and greets them without breaking a sweat when they return. Not an effort is imparted on my side during combat, so I have time to listen, to watch, and to remember. Some of the newer Travelers and trainees look upon me with distaste – they think I don’t notice, but it’s only natural when you’ve spent the last few years watching everybody. One of these days, they will learn the importance of having an Oracle on your side; a monstrous beast waiting to pounce or the collapse of a building sometime in the future will shake them up enough to never trust diving without one.

I’m going off on a tangent, though. I wanted to talk about a conversation that Mindi and I shared, along with Anori, Sephiya, and Jayden. It all started with a very simple question:


“Tarikun, what’s a glik exactly?”

I look up from my riceball in surprise. “A gleek? Like, an accidental discharge of spit when you open your mouth? Where’d you hear that?”

Mindi gestures her hand furiously to dispel that thought, a movement likely from superstitions from her home planet. “No, glitk – g-l-i-t-h-c?”

Sephiya sets a small tray of candies and jellies onto the table between us. “You mean a ‘glitch’, right? Did you see that come up in one of your books?”

She nods, and looks back at me expectantly. Even Anori, who had been daydreaming about something, redirects her attention. “Yeah – I’m not that sure what a Glitch is, either. All I know is that you and stupid-face over there talk about them all the time.”

Stupid-face was lying on a couch on the other side of Sephiya’s room at the time, and a well-thrown pillow smacks the bad-mouther square in the face with a resounding fwoomph. “It’s basically what happens when too many console commands have been used, or when a certain energy level exceeds what that particular area is capable of supporting – something like that.”

I finish the last few specks of sticky starch on my fingers, and wave my finger around in a conical fashion for dramatic effect. “That’s the general explanation, and for you, Mindi, it should be adequate to say it’s a very bad thing to ever have happen.”

Pillow-face proceeds to poke me with the pillow while grabbing at more snacks with her other hand. “Well then, mister genius Oracle, why don’t you tell us the real explanation?”

Sephiya joins in as well, settling down next to Mindi with a cup of freshly-brewed tea. “It’s been a while since I’ve done any reading on them, too, and it’s always such a joy hearing you lecture,” she says with a cheeky smile. She knows that her charm doesn’t quite work on me – what affects me most is her rage, and otherwise negative emotions. “Enlighten us!”

“Jayden, wanna come over and help me out with this?”

“You did this to yourself,” he huffs. “And I’m too tired to think right now.” He remains lying down, arm over his forehead to shield his eyes from the lights.

Very well, then. I rub my hands together as I prepare my impromptu lesson on Glitches – a topic that I have done quite a lot of personal research on.

“In order to understand what a Glitch could actually be, we have to first understand what our entire universe is.”

“Universe?” Mindi pipes up.

“Altera, Phelaia, every single world we know of that can be visited by us – they inhabit these huge structures in the sky known as ‘galaxies’. Billions and billions of stars, each with a handful of planets, each capable of holding a world with life. The ‘universe’ contains billions and billions of these galaxies. We are merely a speck-”

“Enough philosophical musings – get on with it,” pushes Anori, which elicits a light flick on the forehead from Sephiya.

“Moving along. Our universe is this incredibly massive but sparse collection of things. In a way, we can think of everything as information, too. For example,” I point to a painting that I know is hanging on the wall behind me, “without looking, I know that painting exists. Even without physical evidence, without touching it, I know it is there. If we then consider that some extremely large memory storage is the thing that remembers where everything is, we could extend the thought to say that nothing really exists around us. Instead, the universe is simply a memory somewhere.”

Mindi looks like her head is literally spinning already, so I give her a chance to digest the abstractions. In the meantime, I reach for a jelly tart colored light cyan from the tray – a concoction made with a special powder and water, sweet and moist to the mouth and cool but dry to the touch. I notice Anori has eaten about five of them already, and a slight smile can’t help but form.

I snap back to reality upon realizing that both Sephiya and Jayden are grinning at me slyly, their gazes boring a hole through the side of my head. Mindi, on the other hand, is starting to return to a state of awareness, so I continue with a slightly redder face.

“S-so. Ahem. Considering that we are a memory, or to be precise, a thought that is being held at the exact moment, something must also be accounting for everything we do. If I lift my arm, if Jayden dives, something must be keeping track of that.

“The theory then continues to say that after this long of keeping track of the universe, which by all calculations are billions of years, if not longer, whatever is doing it does this very well in general. For example, take the mental prowess of Jayden. Oi!” I direct at him, and he turns to look at me. “Mental chess. Where did we leave off, last time?” At the same time, I pull up the same game on my slate, which we use to keep track of pieces in case either of us make a mistake.

Jayden proceeds to rattle off every piece on the field, including their primary and secondary orientations – altogether, forty-nine pieces on the grid. Sephiya and Mindi studied the board as he listed each entry, nodding with each piece. Mindi ends up lightly applauding his efforts, and the grins are now directed at his angry blushing.

“Now, look. If I was to ask Jayden to consider the next three levels of moves, he would have a little more difficulty doing it, but I’m certain he would eventually be able to plot those out as well. It simply takes time – we have to wait.

“The universe, on the other hand, cannot wait. Too many things depend on the precision of time to wait, so everything must occur exactly as intended, exactly on time. Whatever is keeping track of us faces this problem. I, for example, won’t ever cross paths with trillions of planets in my lifetime. The mind knows this, so it doesn’t need to care about it.

“Jayden, like we demonstrated just now, can recall a lot of information and play a game relatively quickly. But now imagine if as he plays, the pieces start yelling at him to do things and he has to obey them.”

Mindi giggles slightly at the thought of the castle-wall pieces growing mouths and speaking, whereas Anori seems to have completely tuned out already. Sephiya is still listening intently, although she allows a small smile to break through.

“All of a sudden, Jayden has to keep track of a lot more things going on, and these are things that don’t normally make sense. The wall can only move once every five turns and can only move one space, yet it keeps screaming to jump two spaces. The huntsmen ask for lightning to strike – something that isn’t even in the game. This keeps happening, over and over, in a very specific place – this chessboard.”

“Sheighst,” comes the cry from across the room. “I’m not even playing and it sounds annoying.”

“Exactly. Somewhere along the line, Jayden will lose track of what is happening, and a mistake will happen. The orientations might get mixed up, pieces disappear, reappear, float, disintegrate, and so on. Some requests take a while to happen, others do completely different things.

“That, in essence, is what a Glitch really is. Rather, what it could be. It’s an unproven theory, but then again, it is quite impossible to prove that because of various logical fallacies- I’ve lost you again, haven’t I?” I ask Mindi.

She shakes her head slowly, but her furrowed brows are nodding furiously. This might be harder than I thought. Luckily, Sephiya chimes in to help explain.

“Mindi, you had a bazaar or something of the sort, where you came from, didn’t you?”

“Yes. I went there often.”

“Imagine hundreds of people, each shouting for you to give them one of a thousand different types of vegetables cooked in one of three ways.” Mindi’s eyes glazed over as she pictured the hordes and screams. “Maybe you would get some of their orders right, but you’d mess up, right?”

“Ah, I see. So this god that is remembering everything is listening to all of us and making mistakes?”

I nod approvingly, and she seems delighted that she finally understood. “Of course, that god doesn’t listen to all of us. You need to know how to speak to them, and the way we know of today are the console commands. By asking the console, or the god, to perform a command, or task, we give them something extra to do and consider.”

Anori snaps back to attention, surprisingly. “Then what about Glitches forming in places with high activity? Even if we don’t use console commands, there’s a definite increase in the instability of that area, right?”

“Yup. That’s because we are being sent there through some archaic console commands as well, and as long as that is in effect, we are still affecting the mind and memory of this omnipotent being. In addition, the more people gathered and the more chaotic an area becomes, the more difficult to keep track of it.”

The lecture ends there, at a rather unimpressive point. The room stews in silence as the Travelers consider the weight of the new information they have just heard.

“Of course, all of this is theoretical, like I said. It may be completely wrong.”

Silence, except for the occasional sound of chewing. Mindi seems content about her understanding, and is happily enjoying her orange jelly cup. A satisfied pupil? How nice, for a change.


Mindi is much brighter than you’d think. The fact that she was able to keep up relatively well with the entire lecture was surprising to me, especially since I have a sort of track record of being a poor explainer of topics such as this. One day, she will be the one to teach Jayden, not I. I can only wish that he finds peace with himself, and finally allows himself a proper companion for the ages. Not that it isn’t fun to poke fun at his inability to be normal; in fact, I think even Mindi enjoys it.

She’s quite the interesting character.

Today was a day of experimenting.

The chicken preparation was mostly simple, just a bit of chopping of vegetables and stirring in seasonings. What I am keen on writing about are the things I changed up a little bit. First off, the recipe called for "crispy rice" which meant cooking it, then baking it, then re-mixing it. Reading through the recipe card, I felt that was a lot of work for a little bit of extra texture that didn't matter anyways, so I forwent that step and opted to simply fry the rice a little bit instead. That did not go exactly as planned, since the pan I was using was far too small to toss the rice properly, so it ended up a little mushy instead. It wasn't porridge, so that's good, but it could have been a little more fluffy. 

Flavor-wise, it was delicious. I am a huge fan of turmeric, so the rich flavors were welcome. My cutting board got a little stained but that will wash out in time. 

Then, for dinner, I decided to cook something using the leftovers from the Steaks recipe. My plan was to fry/roast the potato fingers, steam the rice with the asparagus to kill two birds with one stone, and then sear up a nice hunk of meat. 

The result was satisfactory, but not great. I left the potatoes standing for just a minute too long and they ended up charring rather badly (but not super burnt - the taste was relatively unaffected). The rice, once again, was a little watery because I ended up adding extra water to help steam the asparagus. The meat came out well-done (as intended, I wanted some toughness). Overall, it was nice knowing that I could pull stuff together. Learned a few things as well about timing, which my mother is always poking me about when imparting knowledge on work in the kitchen. My sense of flavoring/seasoning is improving as well; I didn't need to add extra salt or pepper nearly as many times as before.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the last entry for this box of Blue Apron. I've set up my schedule to skip every other week seeing as I won't have time to cook while I have classes to attend - so more will come in another week! In the meantime, I'll see if I get confident enough to buy my own groceries and make up my own recipes.

Thanks for readin'! We'll see you after the break.
Because the meat is packaged in two's, I elected to cook both portions and simply keep the second portion for another meal, thus no more (1).

This particular time, I did not cut myself in any way - the pain came mostly from little specks of oil flying out when frying the fish. I timed everything much better this time, although it certainly helped that the main dish was the curry, so I could let that sit and simmer for a long time while I waited for the fish to fry. My pan was too small to fry both fishes at the same time (the fillets were quite generous) so it took some time.

I realized as well I don't have a peeler, so I had to 'peel' the carrots by carefully running my knife along the length of the carrot. It works, but I may have also cut off more than I intended. I'm starting to feel that I need an actual kitchen knife as well - the puny thing I have is probably more suited towards cutting fruit and the like. I also didn't have a can opener for the coconut milk, so I had to carefully stab the can several times to get the fluids out.

In the end, the fishes fried beautifully, the curry was flavorful (but not spicy enough for my tastes - curse you, Asian tongue) and I cooked up an extra bowl of rice (also gifted by my cousin) to go along with curry. Because let's be honest - you can't enjoy curry without either rice or bread. 

All in all, today turned out much better than yesterday's cooking time. I wasn't as rushed, the food tasted better, and I'm more satisfied. :)