Levi x Reader (AU)- Late Night Milk Trips

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    Maybe staying up until four the other day wasn't such a good idea... Yeah, as much as you loved talking to your friends late at night, you were definitely regretting the idea. Yesterday, your friend had called you on the phone, excited about something (he/she) had just got, around midnight. You, still being perfectly awake at the time, answered it, flipping through the magazine of cleaning supplies coupons your boyfriend had perfectly stacked on the coffee table. Humoring (him/her), the two of you continued to talk for around three and a half hours, somehow getting from how their life was going to playing the Xbox 360. That is, until they reminded you of what you were doing today. 

    You were going to a cousin's house. You were unavailable on their birthday, so you had decided to give their gift to them today. What's worse is that you had also planned it when them, not going by surprise, so you couldn't put it off because of lack of sleep. 

    You still went, driving the hour it took to get to their house, chatting and visiting for another, and again returning home once more. You ate, did a little schoolwork from your online collage, then went to go to bed, only for your lover to stop you. Telling you off for staying up so long, he said the only way to fix your messed up schedule was to stay up until a reasonable hour to go to bed, then sleep, getting up sometime before noon. 

    What a terrible prospect, not sleeping past lunch, which is what you strived to do daily, unless someone woke you up.

    Somehow, unknowingly by him, you had gotten bits of sleep here and there, so when you and Levi went to bed at eleven, you weren't tired.

    Now, to some's surprise, Levi, in his sleep, cuddles, a lot. It's a wonder how he slept calmly without someone before he and you started dating. Though, when falling asleep, or just watching something together, he didn't seem to like it. He could be quite puzzling sometimes. 

    It was now about 2 in the morning, and you have been sitting there in bed, wrapped in his embrace, unable to fall asleep. You really hated yourself and your actions sometimes. 

    Thinking that he was probably deep enough in sleep, you slowly pulled his arm off of you and slipped out of bed, the cold draft of the house making you shiver in your pajamas as you headed for the kitchen. There was milk there. You grabbed a mug, flicking on a light as you did so, the spotlessness on it's white color making it seem shiny in the blinking illumination. Placing that on the counter, you turned around towards the refrigerator to make your drink. You had always heard that milk made it easier to sleep for some reason, now to try it. You poured yourself half a glass, surely you wouldn't need a full one to get tired once more. Putting up the milk, you returned to the milk, picking it up and leaning on the counter with your elbows. Taking a sip, you heard footsteps coming into the kitchen and peered at the intruder- Levi. 

    Boy, this lighting really did point out how he looked tonight. His work shirt, unbuttoned and opened down the middle, was crumpled from sleep, as were his boxers. A piece of black cloth with a dark, deep, foresty green color striping around it. Onyx hair, usually perfect straight and symmetrical, now tousled from you running your fingers through it around an hour ago when you were bored. The look on his face suggested he was not pleased, the beginning dusting of sleep rung black circles running around the bottoms of each eye, which were looking in your direction, flickering to the mug every few seconds, his mouth a straight line as always, but his eyebrows told a different story. Usually, when he was upset, or even just without a mood, they were scrunched together, preforming an angry expression. This time though, they held nothing, doing nothing. It actually made him look a little... Concerned.

"Good morning, Levi." After a quick inspection of his appearance, you removed your gaze off of the man and returned it to your cup. 

    Seemingly not paying any attention to your greeting, he asked the question he had brought with him. "What the hell are you doing?"

    Unfazed by his rude tone and use of words, as even his significant other got no special privilege with it, you explained, "Drinking some milk, I couldn't fall asleep."

    The edge of his mouth twitched, "Whenever you finish, get your ass back in bed." With that, he started to move back to the bedroom, pausing at your next words.

    "Is it cold without me?" 

    Making no comment to this aside from a small irritated noise, he continued on, but not before giving you a side glance, of which you caught and smirked at. Big softie.
Milk does actually help, or at least with me it did. I was just drinking some milk around 4 last night and this came to me.

Levi belongs to Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin
Milk belongs to The Cows
You belong to Yourself
Your friend belongs to me Themselves
The plot/idea and actions of this story belong to Me
© 2014 - 2021 Geegens
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Levi your just a big softie
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"Milk Belongs To The Cow."

...The Cow Belongs To Me, So Does The Milk~!

Reader-Chan Sure Is Sassy.
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Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] milk belongs to meee
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Nooo, it belongs to the cows....
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i stole it *v*
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The cows say they'll fight you for it
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i run away ;v;
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The cows follow
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This is so sweet and cute, I loved it!
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Thanks! I tried to make him as cute and fluffy as I could without butchering his character too much.
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You succeeded, this was lovely!
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Thank you again! 
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*spit takes* "Milk belongs to The Cows. HAHAHHAA. GOOD FIC. YOU GO
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Well, it does doesn't it?

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Cuddly Levi is so cute!
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Yes! Very adorable.
Thank you. 
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Now that was just adorable :D
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Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :)
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Hehe thank you.
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