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Koi Fish- Tattoo Design

I was bored last night, so I drew this on my arm...And I just finished the water today! :dummy:

It's a koi fish I drew around last year. :heart:

It took me around 3 hours (drawing sideways is pretty hard)..

I just used pens to sketch the design and Sharpie for the overall image...I know, I know, it's bad but I don't care. :shrug:

Hope you like. :)
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Hi GeeFreak,

Really love your tattoo artwork and decided to feature it on the blog:…

Keep up the good work!



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it looks great!!
BlueBeauty4444's avatar
this is sooo cool!
MiituMeii's avatar
this is AMAZING. And you drew it on your arm even!
Fiyahfreak92's avatar
That is the BEST sharpie tatt i have ever laid eyes on. You color very well with those sharps! and good thing you drew that koi going up your arm! It has been said that an upside down koi fish is very bad luck. :)
deadmizi's avatar
Beautifly done indeed awesome work
originalclosetnerd's avatar
Very rad. Blows mine outa the water, but I don't mind. Very cool.
lung-carnage's avatar
Some real clean lines there mate...well done!
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Yes dawning sideways is hard especially on your own foot! [link]
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Haha, ok, How about - THAT IS SO FRICKIN' AWESOME..!!!!
MarieJaneWorks's avatar
woah u should b a tattoo artists
AliceSketch's avatar
I agree! That's amazing, not bad in the least!
MarieJaneWorks's avatar
yehh! not even a 'not bad' more like a , great joB!
epic-candy-kittieh's avatar
wow its not bad!! it looks awesome!!!!! :heart:
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