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One Shot

One Shot
Man from StockExpert [link]
Background image - Devation | Edwin Verbruggen


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Alguien me puede decir q significa esta imagen
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Muito bom!!! Belíssima Imagem.
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Wow..I've never seen like this before..You are a master.. Perfect shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love the lighting :)
umbatman's avatar
that is  very very cool
SOLIDSNAKE27's avatar
really cool love the effect
Demialc-neeb-sah-em's avatar
Well, at least he will be dead long before he hit the ground.
Hello George, I just wanted to let you know that your lovely portfolio has been featured!! :D
vadimfrolov's avatar
Awesome! But I wonder if the sun is on the same side as his shadows...)
jonasMECCA's avatar
Fantastic favoring it.
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HOW COOL !!!!! <3
wooou this one is amazing!!!
xSkillerx's avatar
wow, you have a tuto who learn this destructions or defragmentation? plzz
Q13E5's avatar
awesome job dude
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Insanely crazy and coooooolllllllll !!!!! I love this one also !!! :D
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[link] This is fantastic. I don't suppose you know of a tutorial where I can learn to do the effect you did on the man? It would make an awesome pic for my triathlon club :)
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This is great! I like it. It reminds me of the movie jumper. Kudos to you
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Nice ♥ #FAV *
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Wow, this is great! Haven't seen too many great disintegration works, but this is one of them!
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Beautiful work.
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