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June 25, 2011
Time is by ~imperioli
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Made in photoshop with mouse for contest nvart surreal
Making of: [link]
Play puzzle :) [link]
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Beautiful. Was it inspired by the animated short "La maison en petits cubes"? Wonderful, either way.
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Oh my gosh.  I love Owl City's Midsummer station album cover.  I just got to see your stuff through fablau referring to you from some piece of work, and when I was looking through your stuff, I was like- Man, this looks a lot like the artstyle from that cover of Owl City's Midsummer Station, and WOW.  I ACTUALLY GOT TO SEE YOUR WORK!  :D  It's soo awesome and whimsical!
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I really love this, but I'm sorry about how much it's reposted. I got here through a repost. This is really great and everything as well... It's sad. But I do love it. I don't know what I'm trying to say lol. But it's awesome
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Hey, it's the picture used on an album of Owl City ! Isn't it ? :D
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How did I NOT Fave this the first dozen times I came back to look at it again?
Oh my gosh!!  Ever since I saw this as cover art for Owl City's The Midsummer Station I've been in love with it>u<  Next time I load up on prints, this will defiantly be on my list!
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Wouldn't that be nice, if our current world could just be buried under nature...They'd serve as better ecosystems for the fishes, but would also pose a ton of danger as well...
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I'm currently writing my second book and was wondering if you might consider illustrating the cover. Mind you, I have no idea if I can afford your illustrations, but your work is so mind-blowing, there is no harm in asking.  My email is
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Love your work!! Your imagination and skills are stellar!!!
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It´s very original artwork. I love it.
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how the hell do you allow your mind to marry the absurd and open the gates that let free the dreams of our little souls?
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Wow. Owl city brought me here. This is so amazing. Very inspiring.
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Great picture! (With a large influence from Jacek Yerka, unless I'm mistaken) :)
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Ooh, so that was what the contest was about! :) Congratulations, then: you totally nailed it! 
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It's just perfect! =D
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Wow, I didn't know that Adam Young actually found artwork for his albums on deviantART; this is incredible! :)
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Owl City actually ASKED you to use your art? WOW, I am a huge fan of his music, and I am impressed. Clap Love 
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