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I'm curious why the name on the downloaded file is gegogfx and not Gedogfx?

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Is this print available on canvas?

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How do I buy a print of this?

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It is also Hades and Persephone, part of what they stand for, Nature and the Underworld forces expressed in hardened, technological superstructure. In the middle lies the riddle: their love.
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Dear Gedogfx, I am a PhD student at Deakin University, Australia. My research topic is about the balance between nature and cities. I found your brilliant work 'forbidden love' recently. Can I use your art as my thesis cover page? 
I sincerely need your approval.
Please email me,
Thank you very much!
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This is just awesome. Would love to hang a big/huge version of it in my new apartment..
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This is amazing...
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Anyway, This reminds us that the nature will be better without factories.
Or maybe without humans.
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Powerful image!
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This is so impactful.. Wow.. 
Fantastic work!
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Gorgeous work  Clap 
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The contrast...
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Gorgeous work.
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that's beautiful!
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Adorei o conceito e o resultado.
Parabéns Gedogfx
DeviantArt DeviantArt DeviantArt DeviantArt DeviantArt 
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this reminds me of my parents because my dad is a city boy and my mom is a farm girl :) :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) Huggle! Heart 
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Temptation ?
(beautiful by the way !!!)
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