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Triceratops Skull Papercraft

By Gedelgo
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Making a ceratopsid to match with my original T-rex skull has been on my to-do list for a while now. They look very happy together.

It's about 35cm long and a medium difficulty build. I'll admit that the jaw could have been optimized a lot more.

Download the pattern here - feel free to make your own.
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Just finished this one today:



I was wondering, would you be willing to do a Dilophosaurus skull?

Perhaps a day when you're out of inspiration?

With regards,

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I just printed this to 24x36 poster size paper and am about to start the massive build! Can't wait to see how it turns out!
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please sent pattern page 12 at thank you 
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hello, which paper size should I use to print the model and ensure the 35 cm size
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are the valleys marked with this ----- or this _._._._?
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Generally speaking valley is ------- and mountain is -.-.-.-.-
You can do it the opposite way, but the model will be inside out.
Though that doesn't matter unless you're making a textured model (think most papercraft).
His works are fairly unique in that they aren't textured.
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Doesn't matter as long as you're consistent.
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all you work is so awesome!!!
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what kind of glue did you use?
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Regular craft glue. I use an Aleene's tacky glue pen because the container is convenient.
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Sorry. Yes, I had read that in another comment. Thank you for your follow-up though. I did make this and it turned out well.
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Umm, I have already built this as a display piece that will be a gift for a friend's upcoming birthday. I plan to spraypaint it, is there anything I should do to prepare it?

I used 65 lb cardstock and pva craft glue.

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Sorry, I have no experience with spray paint. My only advice would be to some experiments first.
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No problem, its just the issue is how I make it more rigid, so it could withstand being spraypainted/airbrushed/painted, as I noticed the frill was quite flimsy, and I don't want it to collapse or anything

I might try to use a spray-on acrylic sealer, or maybe even spray starch, but thanks anyways

Oh, and all your models are super cool, keep up the good work!
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Ok so I have never need this art for before, could you explain how it works? Is it like origami?
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It's sort of like origami. Pieces of paper are cut out, folded, and glued together into a hollow 3D structure. 

This journal entry has more info if you're interested.
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Gracias de nuevo Gegelgo. You are amazing.
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Aww, thanks a bunch.
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It looks gorgeous! I would really like to make my own but I can only view the first page from the pattern. There seems to be a problem loading the others. Can you help out?
Thank you
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It should be all there. I can't really help you with software problems.
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I tried again and it still says it can only view the first page I don't know why :(
Can you send me the pattern via e-mail if I give you the adresse is that possible?
I would be really happy about it.
Tramontana93's avatar
thank you I got it and it's really fun to build this :D
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Amazing! Thank you very much.
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