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Targaryen Dragon x Stark Papercraft

By Gedelgo
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Spoilers maybe? Every fan on the internet must know R+L=J by now.

It's 37 x 27 x 29 cm. About the same size as the original stark head (here if you want it). They look very spiffy together.

Download the pattern for free here.
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In honnor of the last season of GoT, I am doing these two, but I have hard time to finish Dragon… It seems that some pieces are not really "correct" in my version. If I can't stick them together, I think I will redo this again… after hours of cut, fold and glue… Hope to have it soon, I really love it! Thank you Gedelgo! 
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I'm having a hard time distinguishing the dragon pattern from the wolf pattern in the PDF download.
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Hello!! I want to try and do this but I’ve never done paper craft before! Can someone explain? Do I need a program to see the .pdo file?
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Hello, i want to do the papercraft, but when i open the pdo the color of the pieces are brown, how can i turned red???
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Thank you very much! I've created my own version rabbitlogodesign 
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Thanks for the free patterns! I love it!
I also have a request. Could you make the pattern for a lion head as well?
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Aw man, I can't wait to make this. Thanks for all you do Gedelgo!
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I did it too.
Thank you very much for your gorgeous work!!
Targaryen Dragon Papercraft 20171111 by baestark
Targaryen Dragon Papercraft 20171111 by baestark   Targaryen Dragon Papercraft 20171111 by baestark
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Oh cool. Very pretty!
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i got some cardboard paper thingy flying around and my question is how can i put the patterns on that cardboard paper 
i thought about printing it but dunno if that works on black cardboard paper stuff

and if i glue it on therr im scared that the paper is going to be seen somewhere in the build

any suggestions?
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Hello guys I did the colored version. Enjoy it!
Targaryen Dragon Papercraft colored version
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How did you do that

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how do you cover up those dotted fold lines on you models?
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What paper did you used to buildit up ?
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Thank you. It's awesome and free
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It's really awesome.
Thank you very very much.
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I joined Deviantart just to thank you for your awesome work Gedelgo!

Img 20170625 182248 by Ne0tuX

I am looking forward to see more of your marvelous creations!
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Looks great 👍
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Thanks you! Colors would nice, since I can't find the eye parts to change their color. C:
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I could be wrong, but it looks like the following...
Pages 1-6 Red
Pages 7-10 Dark Red
11-14 White

Looking at the eye parts they are dark red (7) and white (11) ... I'll give it a try after receiving my ordered paper^^
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Aah okay! Thank you!!! c:
Yeah it seems correct. The order makes sense.
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