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T-Rex Skull Papercraft

By Gedelgo
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My second custom papercraft project. This one's much more ambitious. It's about 40cm long and looks great on display! I'm very happy.

The build is very time consuming - I finished two audiobooks in the process. The internal components absolutely need to be done first but if you get those right then the rest is easy. I made this one by printing the design onto regular paper then used a blade to cut out it with a layer of pink cardstock underneath. That's why there's no lines or white seams.

PDF and PDO download (feel free to make your own!)

Note: any sites that are trying to sell this pattern are not affiliated with or endorsed by me.

Model based on this thing:…
    I just fixed up the teeth and made some adjustments to the meshing.
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ou trouver les mesure s’il vous plaît

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This is AMAZING!!! Thank you!!!! you think it would be possible to make all the bones to create a 1:1 model of the t-rex? I know, it's a crazy project but it would be possible in theory. If your model gets up to 1-1.2m it would already be a full-size skull. I want to try at least double it. But I think that if you print on a DIN A1 the size is the real one.
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Trying this for my first build. Probably a bad idea. I need to figure out what connects to what lmao. 
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Good luck man. If it fails I would suggest practicing on some smaller models. Canon has some great ones that are good for beginner to intermediate people, and they are absolutely beautiful. (and the instructions are quite clear!)

cp.c-ij (dot) com/en/categories/CAT-ST01-0071/top (dot) html

dunno how DA does links...
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I did it, it was surprisingly easy.
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Hm. That's cool.
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Oh my gosh. I love you. Seriously. I've been wanting to make one since forever, but the good designs either cost a lot of money, or are masks rather than mounts as this one is.
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That awesome! ^,=,^
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Hola, sea que alguien me puede hacer el favor de mandarme la plantilla del conejo a mi correo que es
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this is great!!! thank u!!!!Heart 
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wow! can it be scaled or is it just normal size for pep viewer?
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You'll need to buy a Pepakura license in order to scale it up. I looked into making one life sized but it was too ridiculous.
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I need more paper! thanks, Gedelgo! 
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Those look great! Your lines are so crisp.
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Just finished my version and so worth every second...many thanks for creating and sharing…
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The link doesn't work. :(
Glad you made it though.
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Oh wow! That's super cool to see.
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You did an awesome job on this one. I really like the style of art this piece has. Hope to see more from you. Keep it up papercraft friend :)
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