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Stark Direwolf Sigil Papercraft

By Gedelgo
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It's a bit more than a foot long and fairly easy to build.

You can download the pattern for free here. 

PSA: I've seen several people make this out of plain white printer paper. Do not do this. It will look terrible. Go to your local craft store and buy some colored cardstock instead.

PSA#2: There's a number of etsy stores selling this pattern. I'm not associated with any of them. If you pay someone to mail you a pre-cut pattern that's fine but none of the money reaches me. (If you pay someone to email you the pdf then you're an idiot)
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Here everyone can search more template papercraft free:

Channel Telegram:

Or group Telegram:

Download here:

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can we have the model in color?

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It says pdo to s currupt pls help pls

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It's an absolutely brilliant piece, but I'm having the same problem as someone else - I'm trying to build it for a school project, but there aren't any instructions!

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excelente trabajo

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Hello, good morning and sorry to disturb, first of all congratulations for your work, I believe that this person is reselling his work without crediting his art, because it is noticeable that it is very similar to both works, thanks for the attention, again his work is incredible.…
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I have printed out the template but it has no instructions on how to actually put it together! Help!!! 
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By any chance, do you have the pattern for a wall mount ? Thanks in advance
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where is the model?
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Wow this is epic! The fact that you are giving this pattern out for free is awesome!
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Wow, really nice !
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Winter is here!
thats pretty good!
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But winters here
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Can I get a pattern of this wolf head
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Absolutely awesome - thank you for sharing the pattern!
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wow this is what you call origami!! I approve Batman Approved Robin approved 
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I thought winter was already here
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That's one scary wolf head.

I have no regrets.
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The winter is coming!
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I wasn't able to print it so can you send me a pdf?  Please and thank you
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