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Magpie Papercraft

I guess that you could make a crow from this too - just trim down the tail feathers.

- Approx life sized - 45 cm wing span.
- Feather patterns were drawn by hand. The bottom of the blue feathers should probably be black but there's only so much sharpie fumes a person can take.
- I made a lot of changes from the pepakura file. The silhouette studio file is ready to go and there's a really basic pdf print out. You'll have to figure out the folding directions and how to assemble it for yourself (use your brain, I believe in you).

You can download the pattern here.
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Please, can someone send me the template with the same color as the image? I would really appreciate it. Because I couldn't do it

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I'm in love, this is amazing!

its so nice could you share the colored pdf templet

Hello ! Wonderfull papercraft ! I have a stupid question : how do you make the double color on wings properly ? (without drawing or something : I'm bad on this^^). Thanks ;)

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Wow. This is what I call art. Thanks for this piece, I must try it!
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If anyone knows how to assemble this or open the files plea
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Please let me know**
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download the .pdo files, then download pepakura. u can download pepakura from google.
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Very impressive work.
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Where are the instructions I can't find them?
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I hope you don't mind, I use your Magpie for a video explaining how to scale in Word and Acrobat...
If you do, please let me know and I will delete it from youtube.

I left a link with your Deviant page in any case.
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Excellent papercraft!!:happybounce: 
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Cool! Thanks a lot for the pattern, I managed to assemble it :D it's my second attempt at papercraft, woohoo~
I only had one problem with figuring out how to connect the parts - the tiniest element that goes in the front part of the wings, the triangle has same length edges and at first I glued the wing parts together, without this tiny piece, because they fit together too ;w; and it got me confused. I had to cut them and insert the piece, but it was really just a minor inconvenance.
Magpie Done by JuKii

could you please share the colored one

Omg it's cool but can u plz send an order by numbering them plz
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Thanks for this Great model. I took the templates off the pdf., and colored them plus eyes. Hope you like my build.
Magpie by blake7who

could you share the colored one ?

Hello, could you detail how do you have colored them ? My goal is to colored them directly with the paper color, not with drawing. Thanks for your help :)

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Use PDFill program to pull the templates/images off the PDF, then open them up in a coloring program such as MSPaint and color them. PDFill is a free program.

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These are beutful!! :D
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