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Lion Guardian (Foo Dog) Papercraft

By Gedelgo
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I guess this is a 獅 instead of a 石獅. It's ~ 30 cm tall and not particularly hard to make (don't be intimidated by the mane). Remember to put the teeth in before closing the mouth. The medallion is glued directly to the chest.

Download the pattern here
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I printed mine out and I am just wondering how to make it if there is a video or instructions, please tell me if there is.
Thanks a lot.
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Muy bueno
Tienes la leona?
Gracias de antemano
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What type of paper do you use?
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Your models are so much fun! I made two of these guys for my bookshelf. They watch over my plants.
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so excited to make your foo dog.. quick question about your pattern.. which lines are the mountain and which ones are valleys?  thanks in advance!
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maybe you could try to make this outta plastic and put a light inside for effect?
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Hi, i'm quite confused with the note about the red lines.
Does it means that where is a red line should be a tab instead?
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Yes and I just figured out how to fix that. There's a new version up with tabs where there's supposed to be tabs.
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Wow this is amazing! if you don't mind i would like to make it myself, will show you at the end :)
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What does the red mean?
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Looks great. :)
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How did you colour the eyes and necklace differently? Did you print these pieces on different colour paper?
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Yep, different paper.
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that thing is bad ass!!!!!
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this is so tidy
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Awesome bro, this is gonna next on my hit list to assemble!
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Pretty cute foo dog!
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It's a nice model.  Great work!
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