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I did some exercises with Manga Studio lately and came to like the inking possibilites. Hoping to develop my character of the "Hatter Girl" (Hutmacherin) a little further so it might probably work out as a story.

That's why I'd be really grateful to get any feedback you could give me on how to improve my drawing and story telling skills.
I already did some simple animation (walk cycle). You can have look here:…

PS: It's really short, only 2 seconds long. Still practicing. ;)
Trying to get into cat drawing in order to understand their anatomy.

Goal: Creating an own cat figure which I want to animate. :)

One week of holidays to practice before work starts eating up all of my time again.
I just realized, that waiting for the great admirable picture won't take me anywhere. As my job's eating up quite a lot of my time I cannot present a new picture every day.

In order to give you a better sight on my work, I decided to add some pictures of the past. Hope you like them. =)