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thanks for looking :)

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100/12499 second
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35 mm
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Date Taken
May 29, 2008, 11:26:45 AM
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pretaanluxis's avatar
very beautiful; but why are so many people sitting along the ledge?
geckokid's avatar
mass suicide... lol no, they're just chilling out :)
a-world-unseen's avatar
Wow, beautiful shot and wonderful place. =]
Imagine living in one of those houses on the right!
Rom3o's avatar
totaly stunning shot, shame those people on the right add the tourist feel to a very authentic image.
synconi's avatar
It's so peaceful and idyllic. :aww:

I want to live there.

geckokid's avatar
Britt7094's avatar
Fantastic. The river part with the trees around reminds me of willow pattern stuff... you know if you ignore the buildings...
Anyway, I like it.
niteangel's avatar
Beautiful ;) very surreal like, but why Nectar?
geckokid's avatar
not nectar, but neckar :P
niteangel's avatar
:rofl: okay :| what's that then?
geckokid's avatar
the name of the river :P
niteangel's avatar
:| Nectar river? Wow! Oh oh oh, neckar. :|
geckokid's avatar
lol i miss you angel gorre XD
niteangel's avatar
I miss you too! Come back to HK now! I demand! :giggle:
mari-maris's avatar
It really looks amazing.. I was about to ask what the hell is that blue looking stick figure near the bicycles, but read the comments below lol..

reflectionsofself's avatar
Where is this taken at? It's absolutely gorgeous!
samweissb's avatar
Germany, Tübingen, Neckarbrücke...
JoshWasThere's avatar
DestructiveNode's avatar
a beautiful looking area..the photo really shows it off well. a question tho..what's that blue looking stick figure up by the bicycles? jus wondering :P good stuff
geckokid's avatar
i don't actually know, i saw it too, lol, i think it's just some art work :P
DestructiveNode's avatar
AngeloVentura's avatar
Very pleasant-looking pic! :)
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