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Took me forever to stitch this one, for some really odd reason Photoshop just doesn't like it. Had to go back to Hugin to stitch it properly.

3 photos, 3 exposures each, colours done in Lightroom, tonemapped with Photomatix, and stitched with Hugin, finally fine-tuned in Photoshop CS3. Thanks for looking!
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Somehow it reminds me of game graphics - really nice ones~
I guess it would be pretty neat if someone ever made a game with Heidelberg in it... xD
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Thank you for the wonderful new perspective of this magical city! Absolutely beautiful!
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Where in Heidelberg did you take this picture? o.O
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next to the castle :)
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Okay. n.n
I was wondering, because I haven't seen Heidelberg from this view.
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Seldom surreal,
autumn overdrive!
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Hi, I thought I’d let you know I liked this image so much I featured it in my (little read) Journal [link] :)
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wow I love the colors =)
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Breathtaking and gorgeous. Love the colours, love the view, wish I could be there to take in the sight. And this picture makes me feel like I'm there! Amazing...

Wish i knew how to do HDR. =P
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I like colors, she produces very well!
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that's truly amazing
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But also extremely beautiful.
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the city of great minds totally deserves this great mind of art.
highest respect for your work!
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Oh my gosh.
My words are currently failing me.
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Wow, i live near Heidelberg (20 km) and i never seen something this amazing, it's beautifull, perfect in all ways :clap::clap:
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awwww dankeschoen <3
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I love the shaprness of things even so far away, did you use f/32 ?
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Beautiful colours, really nice work
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