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Good Morning, London Making of

Would it lose the magic if I showed how I did it?

The photos were all taken in manual mode, merged to hdr in photoshop, then opened in photomatix, detail enhanced with the same setting with the batch option. (photomatix is quite bad at aligning photos)

I tried aligning the photos with photoshop cs3, and hugin but neither could do it properly (i blame myself)

Well, there are about 8 hours (i guess) of work put in between the 3rd and the 4th box but I didn't have anything I could show you there... it's mainly because of photoshop being unable to stitch/blend them properly due to the plenty lines and parallax error as it was handheld.

So I split the top and bottom half of the pano and stitched them seperately.

It went all wonky.

But the wrap transform is a godsend. With it I aligned the top and bottom half back, and blended it back in.

Minor levels and colour balance applied.

Thanks for looking and reading :)


proper finished deviation here: [link]
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thanks a lot!!
and congratulations on your deviaton :)
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showing how you did it just ads to the magic. Like giving the instructions to "how to saw a person in half" step 1. put person in box, step 2. saw, step 3. separate box, step 4. amaze your friends.

totally, just like that. but a little different. for me at least.
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I'm so glad you made this. I was DYING to know how you did it.
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Great image, seeing how it was done has spurred me on to try something like it. Have just about mastered HDR need to perfect the stitching. Guessing all images are best taken on tripod. Anyway fantastic work.
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wow, that seemed to be a hell of work ;)
next time make sure to have the tripod with you ;)

however, have you ever tried the panorama stitching tool "autopano pro"? i'm doing almost all my panoramas freehand and with autopano pro i got the best results compared to a bunch of other freeware/commercial programs which i tried before!
this piece of software is worth every single penny ;)
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i now do carry a tripod! :D
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Can I ask you upload this mysterious=) picture in larger resolution (1920x1080) ??
please)) I want it! for my desktop)
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Yes, it kinda does lose the magic. But thank you for the insight. Now I know! Always thought it's just one perfect shot, on a perfect day, at the perfect time. :D
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well it still has to be a perfect day and perfect time :P
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Great tutorial and beautiful photograph., but I wanted to know what did you input in Photomatix?

Did you initially take JPGs and put them directly into Photomatix, or did you initially take CR2 files and put them directly into Photomatix, or did you initially take CR2 files, converted them to JPG and then put them into Photomatix ?

I know it's a long question, but it's something i've always wondered. Thanks in advance. :)
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Thank you for sharing this! Most people would have stopped at the reference shot; you went the extra mile and it was totally worth it!!!
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wow. amazing...
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amazing ...
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Dude, this rocks !!! :D
It's awesome! Thanks you!!
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Stunning, simply stunning
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this is the first geckokid deviation I saw, and it's still as amazing as it was back then =)
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i fkin luv this shot man, n im jst stunned at wat u can do witha camera and a bitta ps
ur wrk is amazing!!
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Would it lose the magic if I showed how I did it?

no it does´nt . It makes it more perfect !
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I love how the building on the right kinda looks like its calling out to the Gherkin on the left :P
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now this is hdr gone right!
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Thanks for sharing! I love to read this kind of tutorials and the result is just wonderful. For the stitching part I use Autodesk Stitcher Unlimited and it really does wonders, even with handheld shots!

In case you want to share on DD HDR tutorials: [link] ! ;)
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