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Thanks for looking :heart:
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Love your HDR work, I'm guessing what I'm experiencing is halos, mostly on my low light shots, is it different for all photos, or is there a group of setting that will reduce or remove them?

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Excellence again... :)
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This is absolutely brilliant! Well done :w00t:
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thank you leafinsectman, what a name!
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You're welcome! :D Yeah it sounds like a crappy superhero :p
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a niche market superhero :D
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Really dark, yet really cool :lol:
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I'm lovin' your HDRs....I wish I could do them...
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This amazing picture just got featured! [link] :)
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Nice :)
I used to live near by....
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i always wonder how you process your images...looks a bit like adri?!?!
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advanced dri:you take your different exposures,put them as layers into one picture,select them all,convert them to smart object,stack mode--->arithmetic average and finally adjust the exposure via highlights and shadows.

thought so,because there are no halos in the picture...
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i actually just used photoshop and photomatix :blush:
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photomatix without halos? O.o
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indeed! o_O

all my hdr photos are done with it...

i guess you just have to play with all the settings...
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ah,now i develop different hdr photos(sky,foreground etc) and merge them together in photoshop?
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not in this one... i did use the original +2 exposure to remove some ghosting on the street level tho, but that's pretty much it!
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The amount of stuff going on in this picture and the depth of field, and the depth of color.. makes it really truly unique. Very good shot dude, keep it up :)
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