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Normally, I do not reward pieces a near perfect score; but this is definitely an exception! The colors really pop: neon signs mixed in ...

Spooky Spider reminds me of the Enemy: Mariel from the Kirby series (which is not a bad thing since Mariel I think doesn't get too much...

The Neo·Geo. It is not too often you see appreciation for such a niche video game system, and this recreation of the catchy opening jin...

Though the piece looks nice, I do have some small criticisms. First, pertains to the hands. They look alright, yet I cannot help but to...


Hoghead Inc.'s Mascot: Hoggy-Dog
Took me a long time to be completed (a full week of sketching, and another full week of coloring, and a FULL-TWO MONTHS of trying to get this bad boy scanned)! This piece was ALL done with: a mechanical pencil, Fountain Ink Pen (Jinhao x750, Zebra G-Nib Frankenpen), Copic Markers (ALL Flesh Tones), Sharpie Markers (Monocle Chain, and inside the Gun Barrel), Acrylic Paint (the sky), Rubbing Alcohol (Monocle), Sakura Gelly Roll Pen (Shines), Pastel Pencils (Red & Burgundy) with Rubbing Alcohol, White Acrylics (the stars in the sky), and Finally: a Colorless Blender filled to the brim with Rubbing Alcohol! After it was all said, and done, I looked for someone who would scan it. The original piece itself created was on a 15" x 20" Crescent Board (used by famed Airbrush Artists-even Susumu Matsushita and Greg Martin Themselves). And since he IS the mascot, expect what the cool kids nowadays call "'tude". But don't worry-the gameplay will come first, and "'tude" last. Anyone remember what happened the last time someone put the 'tude over gameplay (Awesome Possum, Bubsy Bobcat, Amiga's Oscar the... well he's just Oscar, Radical Rex, Rocky Rodent, The Cheetahmen, Wally Bear & The No Gang, and Zero The Kamikaze Squirrel ringing any bells? I thought not)?
Ladies & Gentlemen: Hoggy-Dog The Pigman! What do you think?
Gex 4 (Idea)
This piece is actually for newdlc. This started out as a pencil sketch, then got colored in with Copic Markers along with a Sakura Gelly Roll Pen, and finally taken into Affinity Photo for some extraneous fidelity & flare! What do you think?
I also have wrote somewhat of a story about what it IS that's going on. A theorized story as to why I think Gex hasn't got a new game in so long-get comfy, grab yourself a beer and pizza (or whatever else you drink or eat) here it goes...

"Anybody remember me? The name's Gecko... not the one who can save you money on car insurance... GEX! Gex Gecko. Hardly anyone remembers my first game. You know the one that was bundled with the 3DO that cost $700.00? Though I DID get released to other consoles around that period of time where I may or may not have caused more fatigue with rehashing the same game over, and over, and over... and over.
Anyway, I first got sucked into the Media Dimension by the claw of Rez. I fought through five different locations from Michael Jackson's Thriller all the way to Rezopolis (or according to this site called 'TV Tropes') his own Egopolis if you will. After it was all said, and done, I just shook it all off as if it were a bad dream; only to recollect that it wasn't over-this was only the beginning!
Two years later, and my brain all turned to nothing but mush-watching NOTHING but TV! Two of the government's dogs came in saying that I am the only one who can stop Rez again. Riiiiiight... however, since I needed something to cover my expenses (importing Japanese cartoons before Torrenting was a thing didn't help either; I just only got those shows for....... reasons)-I did it anyway! After going through the Media Dimension again-this time in an attempt to be like that 'bing bing wahoo' guy did in 3D-only with outdated D-Pad controls, Rez who claims he is 'Dad' wanted to make me his new network mascot. PFT! Yeah right.
I wasn't even popular enough to be the mascot of the PlayStation. NOT THAT Playstation you are playing this game on; PS1-OLD SCHOOL PlayStation. Back when people had big, stylized boxes for their video games! And whoever's brilliant idea it was for me to go through Silent Hill-looking Fog in ALL my levels, whoever's the one who invented THAT idea it was, I nowadays regret saying 'excuse me while I kiss the overly-programmed sky'. It all screams 'rain-check' doesn't it?
Speaking of which, a year has passed, and the one who would become my ex-wife Agent Xtra was imprisoned by Rez. Yeah 'Dad' really needs a hobby-I mean the whole damsel in distress crap has been done over 9000 times. Going back to that 'bing bing wahoo' guy, with how many games HE has, how does HIS series stay so fresh? ME being the stupid, apparently 'special snowflake' people like to deem me as because of my wealthy upbringing volunteered to aid in her rescue.
Afterward, we had our fun, but not for long. The next day The shortly-lived and now defunct TV Terrorist Defense Unit did to me what Apple once did to Steve Jobs. They FIRED me and even then I started to realize my time with Agent Xtra was becoming boring to her (I only knew one position: Gecko Style. What did you expect, I ain't no Glen Quagmire!). So when the new Millennium rolled around-apparently when the Y2K disaster was averted by those clowns, and funny that I bring that up happened to me right afterwards.
Uhh... I lost my wedding ring. I was in one of those... what do you call it? A divorce. And... I lost everything. My inheritance from Uncle Izod, even my big screen TV! Alfred left me to go tend bar somewhere, and eventually... I had NOTHING. Aside from me golfing and racing-I got no game. I didn't know where my family is anymore.
How long have I been gone? For ten years in some kind of reformatory-THE NUT HOUSE! To this day, I can't get over how that straight jacket itched... everywhere! All hope wasn't lost as aside from that one lisping Bobcat who graduated to go star in his OWN games helped me through the hell-even HE had it worse than me. He had this habit of throwing other people under the bus because he had been diagnosed with 'Martyrs Complex'-I allegedly am no different from all the others... now I know how Jerry and his friends felt being locked up at the end of that last episode of Seinfeld! Them talking about an app for the iPhone about finding a nearby toilet doesn't count either.
Ten years later, I was released for good behavior, when I was supposed to be released after 30. All I did was just sit there in the corner-just hating my life, thinking about how it was all stolen from me! I guess Mom was right-I needed to stop watching TV, and do more Gecko things! Being homeless once again, I tried to find a job; but I was laid off from all of them! Huh, looking back, I ended up in a rundown Section 8 Apartment in the ghetto of California collecting checks... I'm just not loading shopping carts in the middle of a Lowe's parking lot anymore-it's just mindless busywork-gruntwork for a more appropriate term. Watching on a set of rabbit ears until the Government shut it all down in favor of digital by a year shy of the end of the 2000s (maybe Pizza didn't pay for the Cable as it used to-or so I thought)!
Back then, I was also recollecting the day when my life didn't spiral downward in a nosedive. Eventually, I left the apartment-got out my old skateboard, and went outside for once in my life! Sometime one afternoon, I got hit by a Freight Truck-but instead of killing me RIGHT there... I was knocked out cold. Colder than even my OWN cold blood.
I was taken to the emergency room with my Mom, siblings, Harv, and that one Jehovah's witness with the ceramic Jesus statue across the street at my bedside. One month passes, and I made a speedy recovery-only to waste the money I was SUPPOSED to use to pay for my room-back when California used to have Section 8, and wasn't overrun with Social 'Justice' Warriors. Go figure...
As a result, I have to move back in with my Mom. That old, TV-less house I ran away from from the get-go, and now I am back. MUCH worse off than Edward... Testicles? The one who lived next door to that one talking sponge, and that starfish in eye-shadow? I forgot his name. Yeah, I apparently make so many pop-culture references, I don't even remember the six-armed octopus who plays the clarinet-knowing that he will NEVER make it big as he allegedly has no talent.
Just like when that talking sponge got his own movie, I would get drunk off my duff in all different kinds of ice cream mixed in with Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Skull Vodka at Space Monkeys (Mom's slow-moving-business). Back when my first outing in 3D was over-I briefly mentioned in my Top 10 Facts About Why It's Cool to be Me, Gex. At #4 I said how 'being a video game star means eating all you want, and never gain weight.' I couldn't have been further from the truth. I gained so much weight, I needed my own zip code. Okay, that's a little too far; but seriously, I gained about 150 pounds, and even my old costumes from my previous outings don't even fit me anymore!
It sucks to be me! All broke, unemployed, divorced, and a freaking NEET! Even people on the street to this day make fun of me-calling me a gay Hawaiian bartender, mocking how I can save them 15% or more on insurance whatever all that noise meant. Now it is beyond 20 years since I was created-like... like some kind of pandering excuse of a focus group abomination, trying to be all hip and cool with the kiddies, or some kind of MTV in-crowd! Trying to overcome all these odds, I decided to stop sulking in depression and do something about this! Google nowadays 'helped' with that in some way-but it was mainly Bing (the one who wouldn't leave? No relation, but that chamelecko is pretty dang close though).
I went on to hit the gym, and lose all this flab, as well as to gain muscle on top of all that jazz. So, after getting back into my good old nude funkercise routine, I finally beat Harv at arm wrestling! After I won THAT bet, I earned money to buy a new TV! I figured that 'Dad' must have been missing me, so I would just hit him up! To celebrate, I went downtown to the pub, with the last of my Crystal Skull Vodka IN HAND! Only to meet my old acquaintance: Alfred!
I told him all about my fall, and rise back to glory. That night, changed my life again forever! He helped me to buff up my old skills: Tail-Whipping, Tail-Bouncing, Doing my Deadly Karate Kicks, and of course my wall-climbing skills (which I never really lost). Soon thereafter, the money finally came in for my Box Truck lawsuit, now I'm lickin' my way back to the top! The next day, I moved out of Mom's house AGAIN, and to a 90210 mansion with a new TV, and Cable, baby!
To celebrate, I ordered Pizza!
The delivery boy turned out to be one of Rez's old flunkies: The Brain of Oz! Well, what are the odds? Turns out he turned over a new leaf! Could have been worse, It could have been a cockroach delivering pizza-otherwise I would have just called some kind of exterminator. Or-because I am obviously a lizard, I could have eaten him... either way I wouldn't have let either one of them in!
Anyway, he says he needs my help, so the next thing I know, I was back in the Media Dimension. I know that Rez had to be up to his old tricks again (whatever they may be). Jumping for joy, I immediately blarted out a term I hadn't uttered in so many years since 1999 (barring any rerecordings of my old games floating out there on The Internet mind you).

Gex belongs to Square Enix, and Crystal Dynamics. All rights reserved to their respective owners. Aside from this story, I don't own the character, nor anything really associated with him.
Ogres Are Like The Deep Web
Note: This meme is a Tongue-In-Cheek Joke. I REALLY don't even go on the Deep Web-so seldomly I'll check out Mutahar's Deep Web Browsing Series. Check out what video this would be used in here:…

Shrek & Donkey Belong to Dreamworks, Tor, The Tor Onion, and The Onion Router belong to The Tor Foundation. No Rights were infringed in the making of this deviation, and the video it is associated with. I hope you all have fun!
Elta (Magician Lord) Traditional Ink
I've been reading Berserk, and I think that it's style is so dark, gritty, awesome, and very detailed. Kentaro Miura is a VERY talented artist, and I hope that his creative prowess continues onward, and outward. As I was looking through the pages of Berserk, I thought that one of my favorite games: Magician Lord-a game KNOWN for it's grotesque imagery, and it's BRUTAL difficulty would be a most excellent fit. Don't ask why, I just think that Elta would fit the bill as a type of archetypal "Pretty Boy" under his pointed wizard hat (and maybe some emo edgelord underneath all those blues he dons. I originally wanted to submit this inking piece for Inktober, but I have a more interesting idea for Inktober when I inevitably cross that bridge...

Regardless, feel free to download this piece for coloring if you wish. I don't mind if you do so; but bear in mind, please be sure to give credit where credit is due.
Elta belongs to Alpha Denshi; now SNK. Berserk is a property of Kentaro Miura, Dark Horse, Monthly Animal House; Young Animal, all rights reserved to their respective owners.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am some random fellow on the internet who is bored out of his everloving mind. I draw when I am bored, so why don't I post my drawings onto the internet for others to see?

-End of Story

Print preference: Plain White Paper
Favourite genre of music: Rock, and Soundtrack
Favourite photographer: My Photography Teacher from my Freshman year of High School (Ms. Cory-Jones)
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Operating System: Windows 7 (preferred over 8 & 10!) and Mac OSX. The best of both worlds!
MP3 player of choice: My voice recorder I use to commentate on my videos (Olympus WS-500M)
Shell of choice: A Blue Koopa Shell :D
Wallpaper of choice: Anything but yellow
Skin of choice: I don't know... Maybe Alligator Skin?
Personal Quote: Refusal To Criticism is an Artist's Shame.


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