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A wall by KivaPappa A wall :iconkivapappa:KivaPappa 11 2 Super Mario Bros.: Peach's Adventure Demo! (Desc.) by BWGLite Super Mario Bros.: Peach's Adventure Demo! (Desc.) :iconbwglite:BWGLite 34 28 Contra Ripoff by likelikes Contra Ripoff :iconlikelikes:likelikes 8 3 morning at the bakery! by Apofiss morning at the bakery! :iconapofiss:Apofiss 3,664 79 Let's watch my favorite part again, shall we? by DrQuack64 Let's watch my favorite part again, shall we? :icondrquack64:DrQuack64 13 15 Block Frog Quickie 10 Year Anniversary by WildKats Block Frog Quickie 10 Year Anniversary :iconwildkats:WildKats 5 3 Booette by jkalsop Booette :iconjkalsop:jkalsop 136 6 Block Frog Mini Comic 92 - Kawps Day Off by WildKats Block Frog Mini Comic 92 - Kawps Day Off :iconwildkats:WildKats 1 1 Daily Paint 1968# Bird Dentist by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1968# Bird Dentist :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,677 80 Gotta Get Back In Time! by Kosperry Gotta Get Back In Time! :iconkosperry:Kosperry 1,047 102 Kurenaino Kyojin by JohnSu Kurenaino Kyojin :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 1,088 240 Super Fleischer Bros Classic by DairyKing Super Fleischer Bros Classic :icondairyking:DairyKing 174 33 The Ray (man) of Hope by miitoons The Ray (man) of Hope :iconmiitoons:miitoons 1,239 164 One Piece : SUPER Franky by MAGNUMHEARTED One Piece : SUPER Franky :iconmagnumhearted:MAGNUMHEARTED 253 24 Funky Kong's logo by SmashFan16 Funky Kong's logo :iconsmashfan16:SmashFan16 20 10


Spooky Spider reminds me of the Enemy: Mariel from the Kirby series (which is not a bad thing since Mariel I think doesn't get too much...

The Neo·Geo. It is not too often you see appreciation for such a niche video game system, and this recreation of the catchy opening jin...

Though the piece looks nice, I do have some small criticisms. First, pertains to the hands. They look alright, yet I cannot help but to...

Overall, this piece is not bad, but it is weird, if not creepy! Why is Tails dressed up like Amy Rose? Is REALLY he desperate for atten...


Block Frog Tribute
A tribute to Block Frog. It was done entirely in Copic Sketch markers, and a fountain ink pen (kind of like a cover to a manga-except that it's not). Every reference I could find pertaining to Block Frog is in this picture.
Block Frog Side (75% of the real estate)
Block Frog in his backwards cap leaping out of the computer monitor with the OG Block Frog Quickie playing (contrasting his newer-more hip design), Fatty on a rampage (if you look closely, one of his eyes has Rick & Morty syndrome out of insanity), Sharpie on top of an old yellowed-out computer tower (the one presumably made with Windows Movie Maker pre-installed), Andrew Pachuta (with a piece of cheese next to him), Sandy, King Kreepah (his name was originally Koopa, but the theory I thought up was that he changed his name to protect the innocent), DJ with his iPhone (or could be parodied as Fon-E) 6, Jenny with her Fon-E 8, Orange Cow crying out his nose (like that one female reporter from Scary Movie), Block Goose with his old yellow body (with a mix of his newer white one), Guy With Purple Hair (Whose hair I colored similar to Pit from Kid Icarus' manual…) Girl With Blue Hair (with the light source showcasing glowing strands-she isn't like Mario who has some grey hairs), Jeremy with his look of disonance (Fatty Dragon isn't here), Easter Bunny (if you look closely, he looks like he is giving the finger behind Kreepah), Static Snake (didn't appear too much in the series, but he could be used as like a villain in one of the specials), Randall (sweating bullets as he drops one of his fire burritos for him and his waifu), Machaylen in his fursuit (the head part came flying off) Rooster (doing what he does best-making time transitions), Math Wizard (giving the peace sign in the way far-off distance), Ice Taco and a Lava Burrito (LB is on the pedestal ala Gex with the remotes he finds in each level-yes they are ALL on that same pedestal), That one remote from Block Frog Finds A Remote (given a more modern twist), Robby Rock (who I made a little more stone-rock-like-hence the cracks throughout his body), Peanut Butter Soup (behind Tall Guy's leg), Spike & Fuzzball (on the top corners of the picture), that guy who is so unknown that no one found a picture of him on the internet (the "POW! DEE DEE DEAD." guy who I forgot his name; he first appeared in the Bollock Brothers episode), and to round off the Block Frog Cast: Boss Goose getting burned to a crisp by the K.Rool Jet 3000 (if you look closely on the K.Rool Jet 3000, you can see a faint reflection of Hulk Hogan looking like he is going to Hulka Mania everybody in the entire picture!). Anyone else I failed to mention, feel free to correct me.
Klump & Krusha/K.Rool Kountry Side (15% of the real estate)
Tiki Tong n' Inka Dinka Doo (possibly theorized rivals from different tribes long ago), Cranky-Kong trying to open up his Chewy Chews (but he can't open the tin with all the racket going on!), K.Rool in his K.Rool Jet 3000 (trying to get away from all the madness), Klump Krusha & a Kremling/Kritter (holding onto the K.Rool Jet 3000-since Kritter isn't holding onto anything else, he is giving the peace sign), the Crystal Coconut (the main light source in the entire picture), DK & Diddy (doing what they do best-Regular Show style), Bowser Burger with Fries (so much in a rush, it is spilling out), Kluff n' Klout, Captain Skurvy, and a Klaptrap (in the cockpit of the K.Rool Jet 3000), and the Nintendo DS Lite (because who DIDN'T have a DS?)
Dan himself (in cartoon form-front & center), and Shrek (who cameoed in a MAJORITY of the cartoons) are in the very front of the picture.
I hope that you enjoy it, Dan. This took me a grand total of 2 weeks to get done-would have been quicker if it wasn't real life catching up. I initially created this piece as a means of saying "Thank-You for the years of entertainment!" and Happy 10th Anniversary, Block Frog!
Nintendo Homebrew Game: Hoggy-Dog
I know this looks like a mess, but it will make more sense when it is all put together. All the assets are organized on an 8x8 grid so that the Nintendo Entertainment System can understand. It is all in monochrome so that way it can be somewhat easily be understood. Spriting is like putting together a puzzle; a rather COMPLEX puzzle, but a puzzle none the less. I am going to put all this into NESMaker, and turn it into a video game for ALL to play!
All sprites are made with Affinity Photo. The NES can only understand 3 colors TOTAL per sprite. Hopefully with proper implementation of colors, it can look something GREAT! ;)
Oh, and YES-Gex DOES cameo in the game... as a wanted fugitive. YOU figure it out... And one of the bandits from the obscure 1979 arcade game: Bandito (AKA Sheriff) makes a cameo too as a wanted fugitive as well.
Alliance Between The Lizard Lord And Generalissimo
I originally tried to put in some fancy False Russian Characters into this piece, but DA wouldn't let me, so I just said "screw it".
A special Thank-You To Generalissimo Gruntchovski for becoming one of my watchers. I would like him to meet one of my characters: Lizard Lord Zarrd "Rancor" Gekkonidae: King of the entire Gecko Empire of Lizards, Ruler of the Eighth Circle of Hell: Fraud, Master of The Dark Arts, and one of the Eight Evils-him being the most evil of them all. In this piece, Zarrd and Grunt shake hands, thus forming an alliance between the Satanic Gecko Empire, and the rather anecdotal take on a Communist Country: Transfatylvania.
Sidenote: I read somewhere that Grunt is considered to be a "Mary Sue" or "Gary Stu", so to help even out a sort-of balance, as Zarrd shakes his hand, he begins burning it since the Lizard Lord is VERY dangerous (gives "I'll never wash this hand again" a WHOLE new meaning, doesn't it?) he'll be "kindly" (in skyscraper-sized airquotes as that is HIS means of acting merciful) knocking Grunt down a peg. Centuries ago, Zarrd was assassinated, though somehow, someone at Transfatylvania resurrected him through Pagan Ritual. Now that Zarrd has arosen once again, The Earth is surely doomed...
This piece was done with Copic Markers, Prismacolor Markers, Sharpie Pens (Fountain Ink Pen is currently out of commission), Red Ink Pen, Pink Highlighter (In Zarrd's Dorsal Fin, and Grunt's Eyes) and white Sakura Gelly Roll Pen. Some ink was running low-especially on Grunt's Uniform-hopefully it doesn't look like crap.
Generalissimo Gruntchovski "Grunt" Veizatun belongs to Gruntchovski & Transfatylvania Films (yes, that's his DA Username).
The Evil Lizard Lord Zarrd "Rancor" Gekkonidae belongs to me, please be sure to give me credit whenever he is used as cameo material.
Snowy And Tails Playing Together
This is to celebrate the release day of Sonic Mania Plus...
...and to show everyone that Tails, and Snowy are two different foxes. Even though her design is inspired by the two-tailed kitsune, Snowy is just a cute & fluffy little arctic fox (vulpes lagopus) with big, golden-brown eyes. Also, She can't fly. How unfortunate. Though still, I think this crossover should be quite compliamentary enough since they are both foxes (and how part of Snowy's design comes from Tails). Also, what has to be understood is: I don't like Sonic THAT much... but I know it's a game and it's fun to play. And since Sonic Mania Plus has arrived, I do think that posting this art on this day is serviceable enough for the momentous occasion... I hope.
Tails belongs to Sega & Sonic Team, Snowy belongs to me.
ZX Spectrum Game: Gup Custom Cover
In reference to this:…
For the record, I give SO MUCH props to Jon Burton (President of Traveller's Tales) who runs his own YouTube Channel: Game Hut. Say what you want about Traveller's Tales and their games; but at the end of the day, you HAVE to give them MASSIVE props for making technically impressive games. Jon, retrospectively is actually one of the people who goes back to his previously published games, and retools them with the original code intact (Director's Cuts if you will-whether it is Sonic 3D Blast, and the up and coming Toy Story for Sega Genesis/Megadrive)! That, to me is incredible!
If you wish to download the ROM of Jon Burton's first ever game (pictured above), check it out here:…


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am some random fellow on the internet who is bored out of his everloving mind. I draw when I am bored, so why don't I post my drawings onto the internet for others to see?

-End of Story

Print preference: Plain White Paper
Favourite genre of music: Rock, and Soundtrack
Favourite photographer: My Photography Teacher from my Freshman year of High School (Ms. Cory-Jones)
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Operating System: Windows 7 (preferred over 8 & 10!) and Mac OSX. The best of both worlds!
MP3 player of choice: My voice recorder I use to commentate on my videos (Olympus WS-500M)
Shell of choice: A Blue Koopa Shell :D
Wallpaper of choice: Anything but yellow
Skin of choice: I don't know... Maybe Alligator Skin?
Personal Quote: Refusal To Criticism is an Artist's Shame.


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