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Got a commission of Ty from my buddy :iconferalaltruist:!

Check out her commissions; they're still open!







Soul Brothers: Prologue by GECKO-Nuzlockes

I was going to look back on Doubt and Trust, one of my fave Nuzlockes of all time. And the creator, :iconmirshroom: (used to go by Nyapapa) has deactivated their account.....

Does anyone know if they're active on any other site, or why they deactivated?

You can't even view the comic anymore.....I loved that comic so much....
My buddy, MadVeg, and I are doing a randomized Soul Link Nuzlocke series. A Soul Link is a cooperative Nuzlocke challenge where our Pokemon are linked and if a Pokemon faints, their partner in the other game is dead too!

Check it out if you're interested :D

Hello all!

I realize it's been weeks since I posted anything about my upcoming Nuzlocke on here. I promise it is in the works! I will try to keep you updated whenever I can. For now, I thought I'd reveal just a little bit more so you have an idea of what's to come:

Is it a sequel to Skyward?

If you saw my character reveal, you can probably tell this comic is not about Skye and it is not a sequel to Skyward. However, it does take place in the same universe, 15 years after Skye's journey.

What game is it based on?

The comic is based on a SoulSilver run but I'm taking artistic liberties with the plot and characters. I just wanted to mention this so people are not alarmed if certain plot points are left out or altered from the canon of SoulSilver.

When is it starting?

While I still don't have an official date for the prologue going up, I'm working to get the comic going as soon as I can. I am currently scripting the chapters, after which I will actually start drawing pages!

Thanks so much for all the support you've given me in the past and I hope you enjoy this story!
Be looking for an announcement very very soon.... Side Eyes Emoji 
Hello all!

Just wanted to give people a heads-up that I'm planning to change my username soon so you're not like "who the heck is this person???" (even though it tells you their previous username but still)

I am going to be changing to GECKO to match my gamer tag, or something similar to that. I haven't checked availability yet.

I want to be consistent across all my social media and such, and frankly, I don't really feel connected to this username anymore. I'm no longer interested in Kingdom Hearts and GECKO just suits me better.

Feel free to still call me Sora if you'd like though! That's how most people have known me for a long time haha.

I've already changed my name on Youtube as well, and may be posting some art videos there in the future.

That's all for now!
Hey everyone.

I know I only posted a couple pics of Spyro, my lizard, on here, but he actually passed away this week.

It's hard to know for sure what caused it. I was up with him until 2 in the morning on Wednesday at the animal hospital because he wasn't moving. They said his temperature and humidity were probably too low, but he also was not eating and might have had some sort of illness or parasite. We didn't have time to test or figure out anything more than that so I'll never really know.

I only had him for a short time but just wanted to give everyone a heads-up: If you wonder why you don't see other pics or mention of him here, it's because he is no longer with me.

(As far as me, yes, I'm ok. Took some time off work, taking it easy this weekend. Still just processing everything.)
Well, I've been meaning to say something on here for a while but the reality is, I have been focusing on things other than art lately. That being said, I'd like to get back into drawing soon and all my followers here are great friends who support me so I like to stay in touch

It's been a LONG time since I posted here. My last update was me moving into my apartment back in August. I'm still in my apartment and I love it!

A big reason for not being on here or drawing much is due to personal shit. I've been dealing with some mental health issues lately (got diagnosed with anxiety and depression) so I've mostly been working on improving that. I'm doing pretty well so no need to be worried. I'm just not always motivated to draw much.

I still play lots of competitive Smash Bros. I am actually going to my first major tournament in February!! It's shaping up to be the largest Smash Wii U tourney that's ever been held, with people from all over the U.S. and Japan entering. It's in Michigan and I'm SOOOOOO excited to go! I'll be flying out with tons of players from my local scene.

I am still with my boyfriend and we continue to be very happy together :heart:

I've been super into board games lately so I play them all the time with my family and my buddy, :iconfacetrip:. If any of you are into board games too, hmu! I love chatting about them :)

Got promoted at my job in the fall after less than a year at the company. The work has been a tad stressful lately but I'm very blessed to have the job that I do!


I just acquired a new roommate yesterday.....a very lizard-y roommate...... :3

I now have a pet crested gecko!! Its name is Spyro and it is about a month old! (I won't know its gender until it's at least 6 months old so I just say "it" or "they" for now) You can expect pictures here because they are UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE.

How have you all been? I want to hear/read your beautiful online voices again!
Hello! Obligatory "I am alive" message!

Roosterteeth has a Kickstarter going for a RWBY board game they've designed! The base game is technically funded but the stuff they want to add if they can get more funding is EPIC, plus you get sweet prizes for donating now before the game is out!

If you're interested, please check it out!!!…
Welp, I have officially moved! I'm out on my own in the real world. Feels kinda weird honestly haha

Still haven't been drawing much so I don't have anything to post here right now. Just wanted to update ya : D

The place is really nice. Really roomy, quiet, really convenient location. I am quite enjoying it :D

Heyo! I know I haven't updated in forever but I still exist.... : D

Brief rundown on what I've been doing and why I never post anymore:

Well, first of all, I am moving into my own apartment in August! I'm very excited but there's a lot to prepare. I've been shopping for furniture and other necessities, and planning that out has been taking up a bit of time. That's really my main priority right now!

I'm starting new work at my job. I got offered a permanent position a few months ago (I was just a contractor before) but they couldn't fit in my training until now. So I've been learning completely new stuff at work and it's a bit overwhelming and one of the most challenging things to learn in that division, according to my mentor, but I’m getting the hang of it.

I also just got the Crash trilogy and a Nintendo Switch so I've been gaming non-stop this weekend and will probably be occupied with that for a while....

I know I haven’t posted art in a long time. I will say this: I have ideas. I have projects in mind. I don’t know when I’ll make progress on them and they’re still in such early stages of brainstorming that I feel I shouldn’t even announce them yet. But I have them. I just wanna get more settled into this chapter of my life before fully tackling them.

At this point, I feel like I’m just gathering creative energy for the right time. I’ve been playing other games besides Smash Bros (which is basically all I’ve played for the last two years…..) and that’s been such a refreshing change of pace. I’m currently watching Game of Thrones and My Hero Academia, which have been really inspiring from a story-making standpoint. I feel like this kind of stuff is helping me mentally and that my storymaking side will explode again once I’m in my own place.

I still check dA pretty frequently to read Nuzlockes and comment on artwork and reply to people. I just don’t wanna make any promises about when I’ll post art again. But I will say, I do intend to post again and I have big plans in mind!

Tl;dr - New job tasks and moving into my own apartment, so life is busy! I still have big art plans but I am not ready to announce them yet. I hope to keep hearing from you all!

I've made multiple Fakemon dexes over the years. The one I'm redrawing right now is my oldest and, by far, the worst in terms of design XD

But cool news: I found my most recent dex of Fakemon, one I actually put thought and effort into! I made it during my freshmen year of college and planned to make a game out of those Pokemon at one point. That project fell through, but I plan to redraw and share those designs once I finish the others!

I'll still be working on the first dex for a while, but other designs will be coming in the future :D
Hello everyone! Yes, I still exist :'D

I know I haven't posted art in a LONG time. I can't promise that my drawing will start being consistent because I'm honestly very busy in life right now. BUT I have a new goofy little project to at least get me drawing a bit and actually post stuff here.

When cleaning out my room, I found my REALLY old Fakemon designs from, like, middle school. I'm going to redraw them :) Keep in mind: Middle school. Art. Designs. Designs I drew in middle school. They're pretty shitty :XD: But I'm going to try to stay as true to the original designs as possible, with a few things thrown in here and there to spruce them up or tweak them a bit.

Hope you enjoy them!

NOTE: Most of the names I made up for them are just random syllables stuck together. So if you don't understand some of the names, it's ok. Neither do I XD

Also, how are you guys doing? I love you all. I miss posting here more often. I hope you are all having lovely lives right now :) Any summer plans?
Tagged by :icongregster101:

I already did the #1 favorite Pokemon meme thing but this one is a challenge to do top 5 Pokémon per gen and it also includes gen 7, which I haven't done before. So, in no particular order, here we go!

(Note: I'm excluding Legendaries because they feel too obvious.)

Also, the fun of the game is that you have to figure out the Pokemon by their names :XD:

Gen 1:
Male Nora
Floof Doggo
Ribbonbutt Turtle
Unbloomed Dinotoad

(Can we take a moment to appreciate how perfect the 2nd stage starters of gen 1 are, please? Thank you.)

Gen 2:
Edgy Eevee
Volcano Neck
Sentient Lighthouse

Gen 3:
Ultimate Gecko Bro
Generic Dragon
Roly Poly Flopbubble

Alternative nicknames: Mah boi__(insert Pokémon’s name here)__

(Gen 3 is where my homies are at)

Gen 4:
The Love of my Life
Chia Pet Turtle
Hairdo Birb
Pillow of Happiness
Punchy Frog


Gen 5:

Sand Gator
Drilly Mole
Zap Nugget
War Raptor
Wheely Bug


Gen 6:

Boombox Bat
Little Spoopy Ghostnugget
Dragon Blob
Sneaky Frog
Spoopy Tree


Gen 7:

Special Precious Lizard Child
Edgy Werewolf
Birby Chimera
Little Punchy Raptor
Holy F***ing Shit, I Knew This Was Worth It

Gen 7 was actually so hard to pick just five. I love a lot of them XD Froot Loop Birb and Munchy Ferret get honorable mentions.

Thanks for the tag, Greg! It was really fun :D

...but I'm still just a little bit salty that I didn't get to be the shark in our fish-themed musical in grade school.
Episode 2 is up! :D