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Scout the (ADORABLE) Sentret by GECKO-Nuzlockes Scout the (ADORABLE) Sentret by GECKO-Nuzlockes
Another Nuzlocke character doodle. THIS IS SCOUT. SCOUT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE NUZLOCKE CHARACTERS OF ALL TIME. HE IS SOOOOOOOO FRIKKIN ADORABLE. Ahem...Scout is from :icondragonwolfrooke:'s "NuzRooke" comic. I am going to give a little mini spiel about the comic now because it deserves it.

NuzRooke is my favorite Nuzlocke comic of all time, rivaled ONLY by "Nessa's Emerald Nuzlocke" (which I'll probably talk about at a later time because that's also an amazing comic.) To put this in perspective, I'd say I've read at least 40 Nuzlocke comics, possibly closer to 50+. And out of all of them, this is my favorite. That's kinda saying something.

NuzRooke is INCREDIBLE. Not just "incredible because it's really good and I lack a better word to express its goodness." It's INCREDIBLE. Mind-blowing amazing. The best.

:icondragonwolfrooke: puts SO much care into developing the characters and establishing relationships between all of them that I cried at every single death, no matter how recently the character had been introduced, and there was at least one death where I was literally WEEPING. She's great at getting the readers emotionally invested in the characters and giving each character more than a generic archetype and cliche role to fill. When you read as many Nuzlockes as I have, a lot of the characters can start to blur in your head or become repetitive (especially when the characters are the same species of Pokemon over and over, such as the abundant Rattata in most Pokemon games) but almost all of her team stands out in my head and is still as lovable as when I was reading.

The story is also great. Most Nuzlockes follow the game's plotline pretty closely, and NuzRooke does to some extent, but it also has elements that add a larger back story behind the classic League challenge/Rocket shenanigans that always take place, which make it more interesting. For example, the protagonist isn't even from the Pokemon world.

Lastly, the art. When I first started reading, I was skeptical of the art. The Pokemon were cute and I liked the style but the people and backgrounds were kinda meh. But oh my goodness, did her style evolve! The art was never BAD. It just didn't leave an impression on me. But by the end of the comic, I would gape at how awesome some of the panels were. As a fellow cartoonist, I greatly respect Dragonwolfrooke and her art style is wonderful! NuzRooke has one of the cutest, most fun, and most appropriate-to-the-tone art styles I've seen in a Nuzlocke.

Anyway, what that rant basically comes down to is this: Dragonwolfrooke is awesome. NuzRooke is awesome. If you're even slightly interested in reading other Nuzlockes, I HIGHLY recommend this one. You won't be disappointed.
DragonwolfRooke Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Aaaaa, this is awesome! :'D Thank you so much! And I love your little doodle of Scout, he's so cute. :3
GECKO-Nuzlockes Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks X)

I hope you are proud of your Nuzlocke! Seriously, it's my favorite ever. Can't wait to see more artwork from you :D
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