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010 SSA Turaco by GECK0e
Current Ref: +1

Joker Import 010 by BaliroAdminDrakehest Import 010 by DrakehestOfficial
Import Images
Headshots: Total: 22.5

Glaesir by Moshpikachu +2.5

Racing at EA by Moshpikachu+2
PC: Guan head profile by Hippie30199+2.5
Attack of the Guanlong #010-Gift by unicornchic+0.5
Glaesir: SJ at SSEC by Auraleyki+4.5 
glaesir dressage by Auraleyki+6.5 

what happened... by Auraleyki+0.5
10 Attack of the Guan - Headshot by Morgan-Draws+0.5
WLS 010 by NikkiiQ+0.5
Happy Valentine's Day by Rina-glxy+1.5 
Freebie Doodle 1 by Frostback-EQC+0.5
Fullbody Without Background: Total: 9

Chibi Guanlong by SpecklArt+3
WTR Attack of the Guanlong #10 by acireu+3
Attack Of The Guanlog 10 - Traditional commission by Pine-Hollow-Ranch+3
Turaco by Pharagin+1
Where Is Pirate Cove Joe by SpytFyre-Ranch+1
Fullbody With Background: Total: 137

010 HRS Attack of the Guanlong by Howlingreaches+2
Guan and Amy by Howlingreaches+3

Santa Claus Helpers by kassousminou+4

Fimur and Glaesir: Liberty at AustralianShepKennel by Moshpikachu+5.5

PC: Guan by Hippie30199+3
The Boys by SpecklArt+4
Ocean Fun by DangerOwl+5

Over the Trot Poles by DangerOwl+5
010 Attack of the Guanlong by DangerOwl+5
Liberty at SFS by Auraleyki+7.5  SFS Ongoing Mini Show [On Hold]This show is currently taking a break. I will be hosting a few bigger shows and just haven't had the time to keep this one running smoothly. If you have entered, you will get your results soon, but no more entries will be accepted for the next month or so. Sorry guys. If you want to enter my bigger shows, feel free to keep an eye out for them.
SFS has noticed some shows labeled as "ongoing training shows" and has decided to have one of their own. In particular, PSNapier's 's show inspired the staff at SFS the most and they have decided to model their show after that one. (We hope Napier doesn't mind ^^; )
Anyway, to the point...
Date: Never Ends
Restrictions: None… Just make sure you are in the right class
Breed/Gender/Age: None… Unnatural breeds ARE allowed.
Classes: Halter, Liberty, Dressage, Show Jumping, English Under Saddle

Glaesir SJ 2 at SSEC by Auraleyki+5.5
Glaesir croscountry at SSEC by Auraleyki+5
Boop on yo head...yo by Auraleyki+6
WHERE IS MY TAIL by Auraleyki+7
Cross country: andvari and glaesir by Auraleyki+8
funi, myrkrid and glaesir at EA halter by Auraleyki+7.5
Glaesir: halter at SSEC by Auraleyki+6
Glaesir:liberty at SSEC by Auraleyki+5.5
Glaesir liberty at AS by Auraleyki+5
Colourplays by billygoatsgruff+2
Guan Liberty Chibi by NikkiiQ+5
On The Run by Pharagin+3
WTR Turaco #010********* by NikkiiQ+2
Where's All The Snow?! by Sunidelite+4
Those Typical College Movie by SpytFyre-Ranch+2
More Art In one piece Total: 71.5

Glaesir by Moshpikachu+4.5
Glaesir at Hunds on going mini show by Auraleyki+19.5
glaesir AS weekly mini show by Auraleyki+19
glaesir sketch dump by Auraleyki+6.5

The Great Candy Cane RevealFrom 1st-24th December, we posted candy canes around the group and admin pages for you to find. This blog tells you where they all were, to whom they were dedicated, and then there's a beautiful list at the end - in alphabetical order - to say how much kaaring each person who commented has received.
I would personally like to thank the Nordanner admin team in general for their suggestions/nominations for candy cane recipients, and also an enormous thanks to Cloudrunner64 and Cariannarz who took over this event when I became unwell, and without whom this would not have been possible :heart:
Also a huge thanks to all our magical participants!
So! Each candy cane was dedicated to someone within the community, earning them +3 kaaring to the Nordanner of their choice, and also each candy cane that you - yes, you, right there - commented on, earned you +0.5 kaaring. If you commented on all 24, you earned +12 kaaring to add to the Nordanner of your choice; if you commented on 9 candy
Awards Earned:

Nordanner Awards:

Nordanner 1 Star Ribbon by sVa-BinaryStar Nordanner 2 Star Ribbon by sVa-BinaryStar Nordanner 3 Star Ribbon by sVa-BinaryStar Nordanner 4 Star Ribbon by sVa-BinaryStar Nordanner 5 Star Ribbon by sVa-BinaryStar Nordanner Excellent Blood Trophy by sVa-BinaryStar
Enchanted Academy -Mini Show 4th place ribbon by do-draw Enchanted Academy -Mini Show 3rd place ribbon by do-draw Enchanted Academy -Mini Show 2nd place ribbon by do-draw Enchanted Academy -weekly Mini Show trophy by do-draw 4th Place Ribbon by AustralianShepKennel 3rd Place CCA Show Ribbon 2016 by s1088


Some of his kaaring/XP pictures have been deleted as lotus was banned and some were just removed.
Total: 208.5
Thechickendestroyer Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016
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December 7, 2016
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