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:new: 8/5/18 :new:
Hey guys! I sent in ownership transfers today!
So sorry things have taken so long, I have had no wifi to use thus, no computer access.
Mobile sucks XD

Ownership Transfer Note:…

Hello everyone,
After thinking about this more and more, I figured it'd be best for me to sell out of Drakehest. This group is awesome, and it has so much potential but it isn't fun for me anymore. I WILL be staying in the breed but I will likely not be active very often. So here I have ALL my current Drakehests up for offers/sale!


:bulletgreen: You MAY change the designs on your horses 
:bulletgreen: I do not need to be notified of sales
:bulletred: There are no refunds of any sort! You are free to sell your horse again to get your money back if need be!
:bulletred: Some horses require name and design changes! 
(Please, if you resell a horse, make sure the new owner knows this! ^)

These sales are USD only! I need cash

Prices on all are negotiable! Horses unsold will be deceased!


Drakehest Import 010 by DrakehestOfficial
(Requires name and design change)


Drakehest Export 10057 by DrakehestOfficial

Drakehest Import 287 by DrakehestOfficial

Drakehest Export 10180 by DrakehestOfficial

Drakehest Export 12032 by DrakehestOfficial
(Requires a redesign)

Dominant Mutations:

Drakehest Import 21118 by DrakehestOfficial

Drakehest Import 20919 by DrakehestOfficial

Drakehest Import 20765 by DrakehestOfficial
(Requires name AND design change)
Drakehest Import 20026 by DrakehestOfficial
Drakehest Import X3381 by DrakehestOfficial
(Requires a name change)

Drakehest Import 4187 by DrakehestOfficial

Drakehest Import 7649 by DrakehestOfficial

Recessive Mutations:

Drakehest Import 21171 by DrakehestOfficial
(Must be Redesigned)
Drakehest Import 20262 by DrakehestOfficial
(Requires a Redesign and a new name)
Drakehest Import 21029 by DrakehestOfficial

Drakehest Import 21310 by DrakehestOfficial
(Requires a redesign)
Drakehest Import 2343 by DrakehestOfficial
(Requires a redesign)
Drakehest Import 6018 by DrakehestOfficial

Drakehest Import X1676 by DrakehestOfficial

Drakehest Import 1507 by DrakehestOfficial
(Requires a design change)
Drakehest Import 1919 by DrakehestOfficial

Drakehest Import 8435 by DrakehestOfficial

Drakehest Import X3425 by DrakehestOfficial

Drakehest Import X4317 by DrakehestOfficial

Drakehest Import X2689 by DrakehestOfficial

Drakehest Import 1483 by DrakehestOfficial
(Requires a redesign)
Drakehest Import X2290 by DrakehestOfficial
(Requires a redesign)
Drakehest Import 1563 by DrakehestOfficial
(Requires a redesign)


Drakehest Import X4372 by DrakehestOfficial



Shop Item: Boar by DrakehestCouncil x1
Shop Item: Sage Wand by DrakehestCouncil x4
Shop Item: Mushroom by DrakehestCouncil x1
Shop Item: Fertility Pendant by DrakehestCouncil x2
Shop Item: Fertility Votive by DrakehestCouncil x1
Shop Item: Cloak by DrakehestCouncil x1

Starter Peafowl Slot Auction (USD)

Fri May 25, 2018, 5:59 PM
:new: Bidding has reopened! Please continue bidding! The AB has been lowered as well! :new:

Hey Guys! ^^

I am always in need of money it seems, so I've decided to auction off a slot to my beloved 126 Majeed
This is a very rare occurrence and likely won't be happening for a long time. So here it is, an auction for 1 unrestricted breeding slot.

126 Majeed by GECK0e


- Bid only what you have
- No mean behavior
- No policing other people's money
- Be polite
- Please keep chatting to a minimum

The only rules for the foal is that I receive 1 parent slot and first dibs if the foal goes up for sale!

Auction ends 48 hours after the highest bid goes uncontested! (Reserve must be met)

Design my genos!

Tue May 22, 2018, 9:24 AM

Hey guys! :wave:
Welcome to my designs wanted journal XD
It's about time I made one, this seems to be what everyone does now ;-;
Some Rules:

- Do not copy off of designs made by other people (no cloning) 
- No aggressive behavior whatsoever to other people try to design the same geno as you
- I will choose a design when there is a design I like, there are no specific end dates
- Have Fun!

You WILL get a slot if I pick your design! :heart:

The genos that I want will be bolded, unless there is only one XD

On to the genos! :la:


Geno: EE Aa nZ nCr nSpl nGlmr nPwl

Color: Silver buckskin splash Radioactive Glimmer Peafowl

I would like this one to be magenta perhaps? or any other colors there is already out there for Nordanners xD


Ref my horses, get a slot!

Mon May 21, 2018, 12:31 PM
I know, I know I've done this before and I lost track of it (I got lazy and didn't wanna reply to things)
This time I need references fir a wide variety of horses from different breeds, not just one xD


These horses have no specific mane and tail types, please pay close attention to their refs/import sheets!

N4552 Padro Import - Open by KimboKah
5204 NGS Lazy Days - BioHazard Mare by KimboKah


NOTE: These horses are currently pending foal designs! Their designs may change in order to be accepted into the group!<.b>

A5827 Design Holder by GECK0e (Mare) Evil, light build, long mane and tail, must have toxicate glow!
A5640 Design Holder by GECK0e (Stallion) Light build, no mane or forelock , cat like tail, red collar
Design Holder A5868 by GECK0e (Stallion) Classic build, warcut mane and tail, must have toxicate glow!


Not first come, first serve
link me examples in your comment

Summer Giveaway

Thu Apr 26, 2018, 1:21 PM
An awesome giveaway to go with: Silver Stag Acre's Summer Festival 2018
Many fun things to be had ^^

Giveaway Rules:

- Dominant foals are allowed
- I get one unrestricted slot to any foals bred from my horses
- Foals may not be sold for profit. (You're getting these slots for free) Give the resulting foal away or return it to me.
- Please read the slot donor's breeding rules
- Please no items that guarantee twins, if twins are rolled, the slot donor gets 1 foal
- Please no aggressive behavior if you don't win

NOTE: If you win a Majeed slot in the event, you cannot win another one here!



126 Majeed by GECK0e 1st Place (Grand Prize slot)

Other Slots to choose from for other winners:
A5179 SSA Blitzen by GECK0e
A282 Gobi by GECK0e
A5640 Design Holder by GECK0e
A5827 Design Holder by GECK0e

Drakehest Slots:

12032 SSA Noelani by GECK0e
10057 SSA Archimedes by GECK0e
X1676 SSA Mr. Horsie by GECK0e
2343 SSA Rauchzeichen by GECK0e
21171 Spearmint by GECK0e
21029 SSA Megaton by GECK0e

To Enter:

Fill this out ^^

- Username:
- Who is your favorite Nordanner/Drakehest? (yours or someone else's)
- I'm curious, what do you plan to do with your foal?
- Tell me an interesting fact!

Want some bonus tickets? Check this out!

Ticket Bonuses:

- Draw Majeed or another listed horse for +1 ticket (unlimited)
- Share the journal for +1 ticket (1 each for journal and poll)
- Tag some friends for +1 ticket (per friend max. 5)

Horses to draw for tickets:

126 Majeed
246 Mawaheb
A102 Merlin
12032 SSA Noelani
20765 SSA Quantum

Wanna donate slots to add to the giveaway or event? Go here! SUMMER EVENT PRIZE POOL and Sponsoring

Deadline for Giveaway and Show will be August 1st @ Midnight EST

Hello boys and girls! :wave:

I hope you're all as excited as I am to take part in this event! ^^
We are celebrating Majeed's return to the world by having a summer carnival/festival kind of event. (without rides and tents tho.)

On to the fun things now,

-The Main Event-

Paint The Pons Blue

This show is a celebration for Majeed, the peafowl king has returned to the land of the living after being frozen in time and well... his plumes and speckles are blue!
So let's see some horses covered in blue tack, blue paint, or simply some naturally blue horses. Lol
Have a friend you want to include or just love blue? add more horses with blue or simply add the king himself in your picture for brownie points!

This event is judged against your own gallery! I will have help from others judging so there will be no bias going on. 


-Event Classes-

Here we our group of classes to go with our main event, all of these will be RNG rolled and proof will be given for each.


A fullbody + background is required for all entries
A handler is not required for any classes besides Mounted Archery
No reused art or lineart or heavy referencing, art must be created special for this event!
All mediums are allowed!
Play nice!
Don't complain, attack, or guilt any winners
Please no deleting art if you don't win, we all like seeing amazing entries
No complaining about rng hating you, these comments will be hidden.

-  Tack Showcase 
- Potion Showcase
- Costume Contest
- Dragon Egg
- Mounted Archery

Tack Showcase:

Does your horse have unique or unusual tack? Show it off here! Have your horse prance around our outdoor arena wearing their special tack! Will it be enough to impress or scare away a dragon?

Outdoor Arena: SSA Outdoor Arena


Potions Showcase:

Next we have our potions showcase! Beautiful or deadly? or just dang useless? Show off your horse's potions in our outdoor arena, let's see what you can do!

Outdoor Arena: SSA Outdoor Arena


Costume Contest:

It doesn't have to be Halloween time to dress up! Show your horse in our outdoor arena in their best costume, if you've always wanted to be a dragon, now is the chance!

Outdoor Arena: SSA Outdoor Arena


Bobbing For Dragon Eggs:

Have fun sticking your snoot in a horse trough full of dragon eggs! are they real or fake? Do they taste good or bad?


Mounted Archery:

Enjoy a nice trail ride on your closest companion through Silver Stag Acre's forest area while shooting targets along the path! (A rider/Handler is required!)

SSA Forest Trail  Using these targets: Rhinehart Pyramiid Archery Target (These targets hang from trees and rocks)



But that's not all folks! There's even more fun to be had! There will be a great giveaway to accompany this show! Here it is: Summer Giveaway
Wanna donate prizes for the giveaway or show? Go here: SUMMER EVENT PRIZE POOL and Sponsoring

Deadline for the event and giveaway is August 1st @ Midnight EST

Part 2 of my sales journals, I really need the money guys. Rip



A299 Nocturne by GECK0eSOLD


A5179 SSA Blitzen by GECK0e$30 obo (Double mut, Bells and Lights)

Breeding Slots:

A282 Gobi by GECK0e$8 obo (no less than $5)
A5179 SSA Blitzen by GECK0e$10 obo


- Alerian Gold & Gems -

Alerian Gold by Cloudrunner64 x1500 (USD Trade - no idea on rates)
Gem by Cloudrunner64x1700 (USD Trade - No idea on rates)

-Bazaar Items-

Crystal Ball by Cloudrunner64 x1 $15
Randomize! by Cloudrunner64 x2 $8 each

- Barrack Items-

Energy Boost x1 - $3

Enchanted Armour x1 - $20

Sneak-O-Matic x1 - $5


Ardium - the Swan by Cloudrunner64x1 $35 obo
Narine - the Sprite by Cloudrunner64 x1 $25

Everything in this journal is negotiable! I need the money, I'll work with you!

Thanks for stopping by! Heart
Gin needs some money for things and some of these horses need new homes ^^

Horses For Sale:


Drakehest Export 10180 by DrakehestOfficial $45 obo
Drakehest Import 719 by DrakehestOfficial$30-$35 (can be redesigned)
Drakehest Export 10057 by DrakehestOfficialOffer USD 


Drakehest Import 7649 by DrakehestOfficial$30 obo
Drakehest Import X3425 by DrakehestOfficial$20 obo
Drakehest Import 8210 by DrakehestOfficial$15 obo
Drakehest Import X3924 by DrakehestOfficial$25 obo


Drakehest Import 2026 by DrakehestOfficial$20 obo (can be redesigned, second gen)
Drakehest Import X4372 by DrakehestOfficial$30 obo (can be redesigned, 2nd gen, cloaked aurorae)

Breeding Slots:


- I MUST get 1 foal slot to each foal bred from my horses
- I'd like to be notified if the foal goes up for sale
- No breeding images are needed
- You MAY breed doms

21171 Spearmint by GECK0e$30 obo (related to Braith and Isis only)
21029 SSA Megaton by GECK0e$20 (related to Motheo only, can be bred to Noelani for shortlined dom foals)
12032 SSA Noelani by GECK0e$45 (starter, can be bred to Megaton for for shortlined dom foals)
20026 SSA Chrysos by GECK0e$10 (Related to Titaness Rhea, Marian, Suibhne)
20919 SSA Anakoni by GECK0e$15 (Related to Merlin, Cerise, Moon Rover, ShinyPants McGee)
6018 SSA Back In Black by GECK0e$10 (Related to Rush Into Darkness, Velistri. Can be bred to Noelani for short lined dom foals)
X1676 SSA Mr. Horsie by GECK0e$15 (Related to Cleopatra only)
20262 SSA Garrus Vakarian by GECK0e$20 (Related to Konungur Ziar, Salmon



Shop Item: Goat by DrakehestCouncil x1 $30
Shop Item: Boar by DrakehestCouncilx1 Offer USD

-Breeding Items-

Shop Item: Sage Wand by DrakehestCouncilx4 $5(for all)
Shop Item: Mushroom by DrakehestCouncilx1 $20
Shop Item: Fertility Pendant by DrakehestCouncilx2 $5
Shop Item: Fertility Votive by DrakehestCouncilx1 $40

-Other Items-

Shop Item: Cloak by DrakehestCouncilx1 $30 (Try and talk me out of it XD)

Everything in this journal is negotiable! I need the money, I'll work with you!

Thanks for stopping by! :heart:
Heyo guys! Sorry I've been so quiet. March has seriously been a rough month for me, wisdom tooth removal and now I'm sick xD

I need a design for this guy or gal:


Geno: Ee Aa nCh nTb nTy

Color: Amber champagne tobiano tabby


Geno: ee Aa nCh nTy

Color: Gold champagne tabby

Either geno will work, I am partial to amber champagne though :heart:
I'm looking for minimal tabby, something easy to replicate, maybe with maximal tobiano? Just have fun XD
The designer will get 1 unrestricted breeding slot.

Meet the parents:

A258 Leon by CrazedxMiax 501 EM's Aislinn***** Excellent Blood by EmeraldTheWoof

Thanks for stopping by! :meow:

HARPG Secret Cupid 2018 CLOSED

Thu Feb 1, 2018, 7:32 AM
Even though the season of giving is over, well... we do have Valentines day coming up. ^^
I just thought that It'd be great to do a nice little exchange of beautiful pon artwork :3

Here's how it works:

Participants will be in a big fat list in this journal. using RNG people will be paired and the goal is to get your artwork done by Feb. 14-18 (kinda like a secret santa)
It is always nice to receive a little something nice for Valentines Day

Here are a few rules:

Bullet; Red Please try to complete your piece by Feb. 14
Bullet; White Feel free to put as many horses in the pic as your heart desires
Bullet; Red Have fun
Bullet; White SPREAD THE LOVE :heart:
Please try to keep it Valentines/February related!
OMG! I can't contain my excitement!

To enter fill this out:
Link your horse(s) (Up to 3 so your Cupid has a choice)
and what would you like?
Special Notes for your Cupid
Can You fill in for someone if the need arises? 


 IMPORTANT! Names will be rolled on Feb 8th! 
Participants will have until March 1st to complete their art before being contacted! (This is because we're kinda late ^^;)


Our lovely participants!: Love


:new: All notes have been sent out! Please let me know if there are any issues that pop up! I am only human and I am not perfect! :XD: :new:

:new: Assignment notes will be sent out very shortly to give all the participants this year as much time as possible to do some lovely art! :new:

: Heart: Amazing art from past Secret Cupid Events! :heart:

Secret Cupid 2017 - GECK0e by cryionxxSecret Cupid for Cryionxx by Rikailiahn
Spread the Love Day~ by Drasayer[ SV ] Evie for xIcepelt by CyciTheConqueror
Withstand the Winter Storm by AgaaveSecret Cupid by Drachenberg-Manor
At Your Service by semper-n-aeternumHappy Valentine's Day by Rina-glxySecret Cupid by Padfoot7411

2012 pica-ae | Background image by Subtle Patterns
I need to make $10 so I am offering some Nordanner slots for sale ^^

No breeding image required, all I ask is a slot to the foal :)

A282 Gobi by GECK0e

1. $5
2. $5

A299 Nocturne by GECK0e

1. $5
2. $5
3. $5

A5179 SSA Blitzen by GECK0e

1. $5
2. $5
3. $5
:new: I need to make 1500:points: so I am now accepting points offers!

Hey guys! Gin needs some spending money so.....



Drakehest Export 10180 by DrakehestOfficial $40 OBO

Drakehest Import 5931 by DrakehestOfficial SOLD to Bloodwine-tales


21171 Spearmint by GECK0e $30 or 3000:points:
Related to Braith and Isis 
21029 SSA Megaton by GECK0e $25 or 2000:points:
Related to Motheo 
20919 SSA Anakoni by GECK0e $15 or 1000:points:
Related to Moon Rover, Cerise, Merlin, Shinypants McGee
10057 SSA Archimedes by GECK0e $10 or 500 :points:
2343 SSA Rauchzeichen by GECK0e $25 or 2000:points:
Related to Ciel and Lilith
X1676 SSA Mr. Horsie by GECK0e $15 or 1000:points:
Related to Cleopatra
20262 SSA Garrus Vakarian by GECK0e $30 or  2500:points:

20026 SSA Chrysos by GECK0e $15 or 1000:points:
Related to 
Titaness Rhea, Marian, Suibhne
12032 SSA Noelani by GECK0e $45 
Starter Jaguar


12032 SSA Noelani by GECK0e x  21029 SSA Megaton by GECK0e  SOLD to Bloodwine-tales
21171 Spearmint by GECK0ex 20765 SSA Quantum by GECK0e $30 OBO dom foal (BfstBfst) related to 
 Groenn Fjorgyn Jord, Apparation,Eir, Asbru, Isis, Braith

Prices can be negotiated! Please do not make a big fuss about my pricing. I need money so I am willing to work with you ^^
Hey All! ^^

I am offering $12 for 1,200 :points: or $15 for a core membership (since apparently you can't use PayPal to buy anything from DA :/ ) I am also willing to trade slots for core :heart:

Just comment below if you can help me out :3

As some of the people I talk to on Discord and Skype know, things have not been going well for me and my family.

A couple weeks ago, my mom started having the worst migraines of her life, so she decided to go to the doctor who dismissed it as just migraines and gave my mom a prescription for medication. A few days into the medicine, she decided to go to the hospital. The hospital also dismissed the pain as migraines and sent her home. The migraines didn't stop however. They got worse. So, another trip to the hospital. The doctors there ran a CT scan of her head and found nothing. They sent her home with some steroids and "happy" pills. 
   A few days later she had a stroke, so my dad and I had to carry my mom out of the house and into the car so she could be rushed into the hospital. Mom started to do better after a few days, she started to move her arm and leg that were affected, she started to eat, and was even talking. But she was still in pain at the hospital, her headaches were still there. The next day after she had these improvements, she had a seizure and was flown to an advanced hospital because the hospital she was in couldn't take care of her. Mom had another stroke and had bleeding in her brain. So she went into surgery to repair the damage to the blood vessels in her brain. After the surgery, she had a bit of swelling so another procedure was done to remove pieces of the skull to help with swelling. During the operation, she suffered a third stroke. This third stroke had killed the left side of her brain. While she sat in the ICU (neurological Intensive Care Unit) she at one point suffered a fourth and final stroke. This stroke killed what was left of her brain and she now relied on life support. 
   The next day, our entire family went to the hospital to make a decision for her. She was clinically brain dead and was just laying there. We decided that the most humane thing to do would be to let her go. She was already gone, that was just her body laying there in that hospital bed. So after our long conversation with neurosurgeon, we had a conversation with another who worked at the hospital, she wanted to know about organ donations, our family was half against it and half for it. In the end, we settled on donating her organs, Mom was such a caring person and would have done anything to help someone in need so we did that for her. 
The next day, she was taken off life support and she passed away a few minutes later. 
  Mom would still be here if the doctors at the hospital would have ran the correct tests, all they needed was spinal fluid to detect the strokes earlier. Their choice to not run these tests caused a human being to suffer immensely before she passed away, they also caused so much pain to family and whoever knew my mom.  The only good thing to come out of this whole situation was that my mom went on to save the lives of two people. 

So if you've made it this far into the journal, you deserve an award. lol

Things have not been easy for anyone. I have had my ups and downs. I have felt suicidal over the past couple days and may continue to be. I have been having such a hard time trying to draw anything or even responding to messages. This whole ordeal is nowhere near over. One of the last things I said to Mom was that we were going to get the people responsible for this and we are. This whole thing could've been prevented.

Please tell your parents how much you love them, give them a hug, help them around the house, do whatever you can to make their lives better. You only get two parents, there is no new ones after they are gone. Cherish the time you have with them. These two people love you more than anyone else on Earth possibly could. 

Thank you so much for reading my journal :heart:
Hellur everyone :3

I just thought that I'd share this with yall: Hiring Admins | Open

My group, Verlenda is trying to become an active group and I really need some help getting it there, please help me wake it up ^^
My old journal got a bit messy here is a new one XD

As most of ya'll know, I am about to travel to Arizona and I will be gone for a while. I'm leaving on September 20th and won't be back until the end of January 13th or 14th of 2018
I have already had horses who needed reference images since I have moved them to Drakehest and I have one or two from other breeds as well.

So I am offering 1 breeding slot to each horse in need of a reference. 
My only rule is that I receive a parent slot to the foal!
References should be completed in a timely manner. Please link me your examples in your comment ^^


Drakehest Import 2026 by DrakehestOfficial Heavy Build, short mane and tail
Drakehest Import 1483 by DrakehestOfficial Medium Build, War cut mane and short tail
Drakehest Import 1507 by DrakehestOfficial Medium Build, War cut mane and short tail
Drakehest Import X3924 by DrakehestOfficial Light Build, Short mane and long tail
Drakehest Import X3381 by DrakehestOfficial Light Build, Long mane and tail
Drakehest Import X4372 by DrakehestOfficial Medium Build, Short Mane and tail
Drakehest Import X2290 by DrakehestOfficial Light Build (slim), shaved mane, and cat tail (seidr)
Drakehest Import 8210 by DrakehestOfficial Heavy Build, Short mane and tail
Drakehest Import X3425 by DrakehestOfficial Medium Build, Short mane and stub tail
Drakehest Import F108 by DrakehestOfficial Medium Build, shaved mane and stubby tail
Drakehest Import 21118 by DrakehestOfficial Medium Build, War cut mane and short tail


LSN Flying Red Banners 2193  NMM by Lenalee11 Medium Build, short mane and tail
Hello all! 

I have decided to add some Nordanner babies to my stable ^^

I love my Blitzen to death but he is a royal pain in the ass to color SO..... I would like to own some other Nords so I can draw other babs too.


I am mainly looking for horses/genos

Pumpkins! - I will ALWAYS be looking for pumpkins and pumpkin carriers!

Other than that, I will look at any other horses as well, mutations or natural (nothing past gen 4 please)

Slots: - Doms or Breeding pairs ^^

Will look at anything, I just want more horses in my stable Heart

What I can offer: 

I can't offer a ton of things atm, I can offer a slot to my Bells boy: A5179 SSA Blitzen
Some Kaaring, (Not a ton because art payments stress me out a bit)
Designs, I love to design foals or other horses. (I am willing to try other arpgs as well)
and if you are looking to get into Drakehests or are in both Nords and Drakes, I can offer slots from here:…
I am looking for a gemstone to use in my upcoming breeding.

Offering slots/horses from here:…
My heart and 2 gummy bears XD

I might be willing to give a foal slot from this breeding: 12046 TKS Groenn Fjorgyn Jord x 20809 The Seventh Sin
Hi watchers,

I am pretty depressed right now and don't see it clearing up for a long time. Its because of a personal issue and I'd rather not discuss it at all. The one thing that I will say though is that I feel like I am being abandoned. I feel like most of my friends are leaving me behind either because they are too good to be friends with me, leaving DA, or I upset them in some way. It's not really easy for me to make friends and keep them. Quite frankly, I feel like I am not good enough to be in the Harpg community. 

I am not leaving for good, I am just taking a good break and stepping back from DA. Nothing will be happening to my horses, there is no need to worry. I might be back soon or I might not be back until next year, please don't harass me about horses, slots, or owed art. 

I don't really wanna talk to anyone right now but if you really really can't leave me alone, you are free to note me. 
For those who care, thanks for stopping by.