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The Sacred Treasure by GECK0e The Sacred Treasure by GECK0e
Unfortunately I didn't win this guy so his story will not be continuing :ohnoes:


Listen to this music as you read:…

           Legends have been told for centuries of mythical steed who appeared to be made of fire roaming the heart of the deepest mountains guarding a sacred treasure, this treasure has been rumored to grant it's holder eternal life and never ending wealth. There have been thousands of people over the centuries who have gone missing looking for the treasure, the only thing said each time was that these unfortunate souls were devoured by dragons, captured by the steed, or burned to death. The mountains were said to be an amazing 2,000 degrees at the core (Fahrenheit).
      Me being me, I sought out the treasure, (I was always a curious little thing). Ready to go with two Drakehests, a six months supply of food and water, a map of the region, and a compass I started my quest. It took about three months to get to the beginning of the mountains, getting to them was the easy part, getting to the sacred treasure and walking out alive was the hardest part. As I continued to make my way through the rocky region I noticed various skeletons laying about, most of which were fellow humans. "They must've starved to death or they froze" I thought to myself trying to be as quiet as I can.
      Now near the entrance to the fabled caverns which led to the treasure, I felt the warmth seeping out. As I walked in the heat started to get to me, though, it didn't feel like 2,000 degrees, instead it felt more like 125. The journey here cost me most of my water so I tried my best to preserve it. I kept on going for a good couple hours and that cavern led to a dome(ish) kind of room. There was lava that lit up the room but that did not help the situation at all, I left my warm clothes at the very entrance of the cavern along with my horses and non essential supplies. I decided to rest for a while so I sat down in the coolest area in the room. However, a couple hours later I was woke up by the sounds of hoof beats.
      Out of fear, I tried my best not to make any sudden movements or to make any loud noises to startle whatever was keeping an eye on me. I slowly looked up to find a horse. It was the mythical horse that was written about in history books and fairy tales! The stallion appeared to glow like the lava in the room but it was glorious, his eyes, blue like crystals stood out against the rest of his reddish coat there were scars on his rump which appeared to be from a battle with a dragon, he was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. It seemed like a normal horse up until I began to hear speech but his mouth didn't move at all. "What brings you to my domain?" I heard his question clearly but I was in pure shock at the fact that a horse was speaking to me. He slammed his left front hoof on the ground. "When I ask a question, I expect and answer" he impatiently said. "I-uh, I came to see the treasure" I stuttered out. "There is nothing here for you or any other human, haven't you all learned that over the years? Clearly not". "I not only came here to see the treasure, I came here to see you and the other wonders at the heart of the mountains, all I grew up with were computers and books that stories and myths about this place" I blurted out. The horse before me gave it thought, "I shall teach you all there is to know and you will return with all of the knowledge there is to know about this place". "That way stupid humans will stop journeying up to my mountains to die".
     I spent the next six months there and learned so much, there was fresh spring near by to replenish my water supply and I had to plenty game to hunt. I packed up my horses and prepared to say good bye to my new friend. "Please take the knowledge you have gained in your stay here with me, write new books, educate the future generations". I gave him a scratch on the nose and a hug, I came to know this horse as Phoenix, the fire bird. I did as he asked upon returning home, I wrote about my findings and shared them. The mythical fire steed WAS the sacred treasure, when I was in his presence I did not die from the heat, I was not hunted and killed by other beasts, I am now rich with knowledge. Everyday I thank him for his teaching and I know he will always be there, to protect all life from destroying destroying each other and protecting his mountains and all of the secrets that they hold. Every time I open my history book and read the passages and look at the pictures I have drawn of him, I remember the whole adventure that lead up to our meeting. I am thankful that I have been able to pass on my knowledge of the sacred treasure to all of my history students and I plan to share my story over and over again until the day I pass away.The mythical steed and the sacred treasure will never be forgotten, "Phoenix, sacred guardian of the mountains and holder of the Sacred Treasure".

:new: A bonus has been added! Click the following link to see the history book entry! :new:


Artist Comments

OH MY GAWD :faint: I worked so hard on this :heart: The BG and that dopey story, I hope you guys enjoy! :love:

Horse Info

Art Entry for: Drakehest Export 12015

Name: Phoenix 
Age: IMMORTAL (Unknown)
Gender: Stallion
Height: 16 HH

Plans For Horse

I plan to keep this wonderful stallion as a cherished OC if I win him, I would like to group together with some friends and fellow deviants and animate his story along with many other Drakehest adventures. Hopefully this handsome fellow will be joining Turaco and Mawaheb in their many adventures :heart:

Extra Info

Done with a mouse and a mouse only :stare:
Approx time spent on artwork: 25-30 hours
Approx time spent on Extra Image 2 hours
Approx time spent on story: 2 hours
Story word count: 924 words
Art (c) GECK0e/Pharagin
badazal Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh I like his scars! Great location :D I wish you the best of luck <33
GECK0e Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank You ^^

I spent SO much time on this XD

I hope either of us win, it'd be nice for to win for a change ;-;
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