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Christmas gift for :iconkrhainos: =D

I hopes you like it!

Krhainos belongs to himself. :)

these are pretty much what has been occupying my time for the past whilePhotoshop seems to be pretty buggy lately; it'll randomly undo various parts of an image.
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cool drawing. one question though. how can he hear with all that metal in his ears?!
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Hmm let's see I think...yes I see a spot that he could pierce on his ear he hasn't done yet.

Old joke is old I'm sure. Good art though as always from one talented girl.
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Thanks so very much! :)
arpellias's avatar
wow...thats alot of they were fun to draw
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They always are. =D
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Saweet sassy molassy! that's a lot of metal! Haha, but it's pretty cool if you ask me :)

though I do wonder if he has super strong ears to keep them up?
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His ears are made of titanium. 8D

And thanks! :D
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His ears are a trainwreck. :P

But seriously people, body jewelry won't attach to a magnet.
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I think its just the idea that's so amusing.
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I'll also toss in there that the colours are awesome. :D
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Badass. It's amazing to watch you get better and better at your art :D
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...*fears the piercings* I am an anti-pain type of person, so this scares me verily. I don't have a problem with a few extra piercings, but...there's, like, a huge rip in the right ear and...and...too masochistic for me...

I need those goggles, I must have a pair...I need to go to a ski shop...
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Well. I just figured the rip might come from some snowboarding accident or sommat. :XD:

I'm actually pretty wimpy myself when it comes to pain, partially the reason why I only have my lobes pierced. I don't even find mass amounts of piercings on people to be all that attractive. But damn, do I love how they look on anthros. =P And they're really fun to draw.
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He must have a lot of fun trying to catch his flights.
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I remember him, I watches him.
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Woah...better keep them ears away from magnets....:XD: He has nice eyes...:D
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So much detail... It's so lovely X3
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Welcome! I love your work so much!
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o mai. <3
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:o I hate to see what would happen if he walked by a magnet :o
Looks great :XD:
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