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Mazinger Series - Mikene Warrior Beast Danzania by GearGades Mazinger Series - Mikene Warrior Beast Danzania by GearGades
Danzania was a SuperHuman Warrior Beast who saw brief combat on Episode 31 of the Great Mazinger Anime, and was part of a trifecta of Warrior Beasts with Juran and Banigon under the command of the Great General himself. He was black, gray and Green-Blue in color, with brown bands over his body and pelvis, his forearm and legs were adorn with yellow and red color blisters to complete his display. On top he had a jet plane for a head with a pink face, with the real orange face been the neck itself. It's only known weapon was the jet plane head which was a also a rocket and presumably super strength.

Danzania's participation was very brief (way less than a minute overall) as he was launched after the death of Juran, to assist Banigon, and arrived too late to prevent it's destruction. He fired his rocket propel jet plane/head onto Great, hitting it in the back, destroying Great's jet scrambler, and then charged towards it – Tetsuya finished Danzania off by slicing him with the Great Sword from top to bottom and exploding as result. He was the last beast killed by Great before the Great General came down from the Mikelos to challenge Great on his final battle.

Danzania did had a brief Cameo in the final countdown intro sequence of the OVA Mazinkaiser vs the Great General of Darkness death match, jumping from the Mikelos onto a city with other SuperHuman Beasts – he was quite slimmer than his robust counterpart in the original show, Grey and Blue, but he was recognizable non the less. His fate is unknown after that, although he may had been presumably destroyed by the Navy, since they were been bombarded by it as they came down to the city, since neither he nor his cohorts were part of the final battle at the ruins of Photon Power Lab.
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