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Mazinger Series - Mikene Warrior Beast Banigon by GearGades Mazinger Series - Mikene Warrior Beast Banigon by GearGades
Banigon was a SuperHuman Warrior Beast who appeared on Episodes 30 and 31 of the Great Mazinger Anime and was part of a trifecta along with Juran and Danzania before Great Mazinger's final fight with the General General of Darkness himself. Physically, he was based on the stereotypical design of the Jomon Period Warriors, with a reddish maroon armor with green outlines and purple pants and reddish maroon boots, with a tall hat, where his real face was located, he had a sword for a right hand, which he would fired at any enemy, and be replaced by another coming out of it. The swords had energy deflection properties, and the armor provided protection from most physical attacks.

He was the first beast to be introduced, but the second to see action, as Juran was launched first to deal with Great and the Fortress. He attacked the city as means to dragged Venus A and Borot, who were no matched for him. He was then sent to the Science Fortress to provided assistance to Juran, Mikelos and the Island Fortress with the General's demands for Kabuto to surrender himself and Great, but was hounded by the battle damage Venus and Borot, but Tetsuya intervene, doing damage to the Mikelos and killing Juran.

He then flew to assist Venus and Borot against Banigon, cutting his right forearm with the Great Boomerang and then stabbing him on the chest with the great sword – Borot and Venus grabbed the beast to pin him down, much to Tetsuya's concern and protest and with pressures of so many enemies, Great fired the Thunder Break attack on Banigon, destroying it and tossing Venus and Borot to the canyon walls.
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Superhuman Samurai...BANIGON!
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