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Mazinger Series -Mikene Empire Warrior Beast Juran by GearGades Mazinger Series -Mikene Empire Warrior Beast Juran by GearGades
P.S.: This guy was finished by the end of 2017, but held him as (1) he was part of the intelligence army, not the aquatic, and (2) was part of the final batch Warrior Beasts to see action under the command of the Great General of Darkness before his demise. So I wanted to draw Banigon and Danzania before doing the Great General. Archduke Gorgon will be made as well.

Juran was an Intelligence Aquatic Warrior Beast who appeared on Episodes 30 and 31 of the Great Mazinger Anime, and was part of a Warrior Beast trio that fought Great with SuperHumans Banigon and Danzania before the final confrontation with the Great General himself. He had a long Green serpentine like body, with long fins and three sharp dorsal fins. The Beast head was lizard like, with two sharp blades coming out from the mouth, which was full of sharp teeth. His weapons where his tail, which served as a whip, Foam that hardens fast which came from his horizontal fins, and a 3 tube Missile launcher located on the back. His real face, fish like, was set right above the Beast's head, however, this is may not have been where the Human brain was located, based in the way it's killed of in the 2nd part.

After the many failures to Destroy Great and the Science Fortress, the Great General vows to the Emperor himself to defeat the enemy personally and sets out to deal with the Great Team along with the Beast Banigon – Janus, by request of Prime Minister Argos, provides assistance and launches Juran from her Island Base to attack and nullify the Photon Power Canon, which also served as the launching Tube for Great Mazinger, and the creature is detected on Radar. Great is launched and confronts Juran underwater, but the beast avoids and deflects Great's attacks, and then covers it with the corrosive foam and has it immobilized and Juran continued to it's destination to the lab, attacking it it's barrier on, Meanwhile, the General attacked Great on the Mikelos shutting it down and pinning him onto the ocean floor – Great takes off, ripping through the Mikelos. An ire General ordered repair squads into action and the launch of the Warrior Beast Banigon.

As Great arrives, Prof. Kabuto orders the Barrier down to allow Great in for repairs, giving the opportunity for Juran to attack, the bases defenses proving ineffective against it, but the lab detects the arrival of Banigon over the city – Venus and Borot go into action to fight it, while the Fortress gets the cannon into action to deal with Juran. With Venus and Borot occupy with Banigon, and Great out action, Juran takes the chance to cover the Photon Cannon with the corrosive Foam. Mikelos arrives on the lab and the General provides an ultimatum to the Professor, to surrender himself and Great Mazinger in exchange for allowing the lab and its occupants to live. Kabuto accepts and he and Great are delivered to the General – ending part one.

In part 2 – The Emperor and the Prime Minister praise the General's success and expect his return. Doctor was about to fulfill his demands, when Tetsuya takes off on the Condor and connects with Great, using Thunder Break to blast one of the docking entrances of the Mikelos and attacks the ship from the inside, nearly missing the General. The General orders a retreat and to Juran to attack – the warrior beast proceeds to attack the underwater part of the fortress, and Tetsuya turn around for round 2 with Juran. Banigon then arrives and attacks the lab from the mountain pass.

The 2nd and final encounter with Juran is brief, as Great grabs it by the tail and smashes it to a rock, Juran fires his foam, but Great avoids it and jumps over the beast. Great uses his sword to cut the tail end of Juran making it shake in agony, and finished the beast off by impaling the sword in the head, making it explode but Great is tossed away and taken out of action, forcing the rest of the Great team to fend off against Banigon and the incoming attacks of the General on their own.
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RyugaSSJ3 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
That is one badass shark.
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Great job man :D
GearGades Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2018   Digital Artist
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That is a pretty sick design!!
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