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Group Info Group Founded 9 Years ago Statistics 175 Members
31,136 Pageviews194 Watchers

RULES (revision effective 2015.6.5)

Once you joined the group, it is expected that you submit any Artwork as long as they fit in one or more of the following requirements:
  • They wear Boots
  • They carry Weapons such as swords and guns
  • They wear Gloves or thigh-high Boots
  • They have a badass Attitude
  • They have demonic Horns/Wings
  • They wear skimpy Clothing designed to look badass or hot
  • They wear practical Clothing designed to look badass or hot (e.g. spandex, catsuit, just think Samus Aran, Bayonetta, Tracer, etc., and you get the idea)
  • They have artificial Parts, like their Arms, Legs, Eyes, etc.
  • Drawings are related to a Theme that is badass: Punk, Cyberpunk, Sci-fi, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Fantasy. Other Themes also include thriller, action, crime and punishment, and horror.

  1. For new members: PLEASE SUMBIT YOUR ARTWORK (THAT MEETS OUR CRITERIA) UPON JOINING. AND KEEP DOING SO. OR YOU CAN WATCH. Please do so; we are in serious need of raising pageviews to meet supply
  2. Only members can sumbit their Artwork. There is a Maximum of 10 Submissions per Day; Members of any Affiliate of this Group can submit 10 per Week.. And only on the appropiate Folders. I do not want to keep sorting them out even though there is a Glitch as pointed out before.
  3. Any Artwork of Couples must be placed in the Groups folder. Any Artwork with two or more people must also be placed in that Folder.
  4. Definitions of the Folders:
    • OC means any Original Character created by yourself or anyone's Original Character created on deviantART that you commissioned.
    • Fanart is any Work of an existing Creation on Television Series, Video Games, RPG Tabletop Games, Trading Card Games (hereafter referred as TCG), Comics, Anime or Manga. It is also any Original Character created based on an existing Television Series, Video Games, RPG Tabletop Games, TCG, Comics, Anime or Manga.
    • Also if you created a Character for a TV, Video Game, TCG, Comic or Animation Project do NOT post them in this Category; You created them Yourself for your Employer (I assume, or you're the Employer who makes these), put them in the OC Folder.
    • Groups means Heterosexual/Homosexual Couples or groups of people of the same or different gender.
    • Cosplay/Photography is self-descriptive.
  5. At a certain point, one of the Artwork may be upgraded to or downgraded from the "Featured Category".
  6. Animations are allowed, as long as they belong to their respective Folders.
  7. Any and all Artwork are now allowed in the Featured Folder.
  8. NSFW Artwork- submit to NSFW Folder.NSFW work can go anywhere now. People keep sending them into the wrong folders, so fuck it, I'll allow it.

Don't do anything REALLY bad (i.e. don't do anything illegal) or we will report to the admins.

We reserve the right to remove any images at will.

Group Info


This group is dedicated to HANDSOME boys and CUTE tomboyish girls wearing motorcycle gear, lots of boots and clothes, and they look COOL, FLASH and BRAWNY!

They come in any form: bikie gangs, motorcycle riders, angels or demons, fighters, and so on. That's right, every drawing has people with weapons, boots and badass attitudes, whether the character is a protagonist or an antagonist!

However, if you do join, you will be placed as member. If you want to become a contributor, just ask us and we can do it.
And once you join, please affiliate our group with yours!
Founded 9 Years ago
Dec 7, 2010


Group Focus
Common Interest

175 Members
194 Watchers
31,136 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

Gallery Folders


Mature Content

Tombstone Service [185 pictures] Permanent bondage by Lock-Master

Mature Content

How much do you love tickling? by CyberCpt
Hades and Persephone by Katherine-Olenic

Mature Content

3DViewer - Catwoman: Defeated! by Lock-Master
Boys- Original Characters
JAGS RPG | Narcissus Concepts by shellz-art
JAGS RPG | Narcissus Concepts by shellz-art
JAGS RPG|Narcissus (Speedpaint Video on Youtube!) by shellz-art
At ease! by ElectricVentures
Girls- Original Characters
JAGS RPG | Meteoric Concepts by shellz-art
JAGS RPG | Final Meteoric Concepts by shellz-art
JAGS RPG | Meteoric (Speedpaint on Youtube!) by shellz-art

Mature Content

Boxing Beauties : C.Vixen. A French fighter (11) by DreamCandice
WIP - Banjo-Kazooie are Raring to Go Smash Ultimat by Mario9919
Sora x Kairi - Destined Romance KH3 by Mario9919
Duet by ElectricVentures
Choose a Suit by ElectricVentures
Boys- Fanart
GTO - Eikichi Onizuka by shellz-art
Dark orc (uruk-hai) by Entropician
march of robots collection by Entropician
KISS! by Entropician
Girls- Fanart
The Loyal Friend - Rottytops by Mario9919
Fly High With Sky (Shantae) by Mario9919
Stay Fresh! - Callie and Marie by Mario9919
Ruby Rose by FlyingPrincess
Groups 2
Sketchcards - Deadpool Universe by FG-Arcadia
Team Teleporters: Kid Glyph + *BLINK* By N.R.G! by Estonius
The Ankhgorians! By Rene Cordova and Mennyo! by Estonius
Mount Lady by Telemaniakk

Mature Content

190715_You're_our_cute_goldie by McGaston

Mature Content

190713_Here_is_our_lost_doll by McGaston

Mature Content

190712_I'm_near_the_sculpture_of_Pallas_Athena by McGaston

Mature Content

190711_Are_you_near_some_landmark? by McGaston

Mature Content

Apocalyptica 1 by tonyc-art
Kitsune and a Fox by RadenWA
Them boots brighter than the sky by RadenWA
Code 002 And Hairy Han Solo by JUMBOLA
Unfinished Works or WIP or Drafts
BBW by TheCH
Evalon Angel | Character Concepts by shellz-art
Evalon Angel | Colour Concepts by shellz-art
Communicator by shellz-art


Magnolia Arch by leon118
Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul) by leon118
Hildegard von Krone by leon118

Mature Content

Omega Pyrrha by leon118
oh CRAP. by RadenWA
Autumn Wind by RadenWA
The Kid Who Played with Fire by RadenWA
Shadow and rouge +magic trick+ by nancher
Likin' it HOT by RadenWA
HEYLOOK RF3 comic 2 by RadenWA
HEYLOOK a RF3 comic. by RadenWA
Finished - Amy Rose 2 by joshyartist
Rouge the bat +guns+ by nancher
Rouge Quickie by Trowelhands
Rougamy - Paparazzi by Amortem-kun


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After finding out that there are some NSFW images in groups other than the NSFW folder, I will allow NSFW images in all folders. The current NSFW folder will no longer be used.

Also, congratulations, we now have 150 members and 171 watchers. But let's not stop adding members. We need more people.
OK, seeing as a certain somebody has submitted one panel comics onto the featured page, I am thinking of creating a folder specially made for comics. Edit: That is all.

Also, mature content submissions will be allowed in the Featured Folder.

Also also, members are now restricted to submitting up to 10 artworks per daymonthweek. This is part of a new initiative in quality control and assurance. Edit: Seriously, there is an influx of work pouring in, and quality had varied (I believe 80% of the work received was crap but still passable; art is subjective so your kilometrage/mileage may vary).

Thank you for your attention, now go back to whatever you are doing.

Edit: Also, there will be a contest. But any details have not yet been released, and I am looking for people to tell me how to make a contest. That way this community can feel like a living one (I felt like the whole group is moribund; also I did hire a contributor for the first time in 3 years).
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Meet the admins. Any questions must be forwarded to them.



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Our Official Alliance with other groups. Together, we are known as the United Arti- wait, that's in use already. We are known as the United Groups of Illustrators


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