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St. Margarets Church and St.George flag

looked lovely in the breeze ...this Church is written about in the Domesday book..…
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Great shot Gea!

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thankyou Peter xxxxx

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This looks like a pic of those church tanks on the new in places and its lumbering across the battlefield somewhere to smite the enemy.

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yes ..sort of true,,some of the history " Northam is thought to have been the site of an Anglo-Saxon castle, and the area between Northam and Appledore is said to have been where the Danish Viking Ubba (or Hubba) was repelled (perhaps by Alfred the Great or by the Earl of Devon). This is commemorated in local place names like Bloody Corner and Hubba's Rock (or Hubbleston), which is supposed to be the site where Ubba was killed.[3] It was also the site of the Battle of Northam in 1069 where the sons of Harold Godwinson were defeated. St Margaret's church is the Anglican parish church for the town and has been a Grade I listed building since 1951.[4]

In 1832 a meeting was held in Northam to protest an attempt by Augustus Saltren-Willett, lord of the manor, to take ownership of the commons of Northam Burrows.[5]

Royal North Devon Golf Club was formed at Northam Burrows in 1864; its course is the oldest on its original site in England.[6]"

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Thanks for the quick history about that. Just the way you have it cut off, it looks like a tank moving across a battlefield or something. Could be a fun story with that idea though.

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o super take my dearest Gea :hug:

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thankyou dearest Riki xxxx:hug:

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