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It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child. Pablo Picasso Quotes...


“Live your life as a work of art,” urged the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche


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using the new Incendia Next,, Laser Fusion by GeaAusten  CHECKMATE by GeaAusten

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 ten years ago !! MAD MACHINES by GeaAusten  BIRTH OF A NEW PLANET by GeaAusten  THE AKASHIC RECORDS by GeaAusten when I was a Beta tester for the early Incendia, with Aexion , who designed it all,, and Capstoned who was a Beta tester too

and my old Canon ,7D, simply daisies by GeaAusten  ANGELS WINGS by GeaAusten 
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Gea Austen
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My father made the first Peace/C.N.D. badges , I was with him helping him chose which design to use.. as a child prodigy I started painting when I was very young, but have never really been commercial.. but now I want the world to see my art..Someone asked me if I had ever put the CND sign in one of my designs//I have once,,
but I have a very different attitude to it than I think a lot of peope would expect,
My father was a real Purist,,
he loved simplicity, and black and white,
,. when the whole Peace movement developed,,
many years later, he absolutely winced at what was done to the sign
,, the embellishments of all kinds..
so I think I have copied him, we were extremely close,,
and I worshipped him..
he taught me to draw and paint ,, from when I was three,, and we used to sit together when he was making his pottery and talk about what he would do next.. and different designs etc. I have always felt the simplicity of the design is very beautiful,,, and enough in itself.. I'm glad the Peace movement have embraced the sign, and that people have made it their own.. the extraordinary popularity of the design is due to something I believe is quite sacred ... Gea Austen.



Matthiola incana
commonly called Stocks.. very heavy scent....

taken with my Canon 7d
Collared Dove
always go on the electricity wires .. looked pretty with the tail fanned out .. it looked stunning.. but just making tea .. and caught it x

Dove Meaning, and Messages

If Dove symbolism comes fluttering into your day to day life, she may be reminding you that to soar, you must know when to move your wings and when to allow the wind to take you to new heights. Furthermore, if you were to sit on a branch looking at the sky and hoping the wind will pick you up, you would never move. In other words, the Dove meaning in this message is that you must surrender and allow the wind to support your wings. Simply get moving so that you can experience the exhilaration of flying higher and higher.

Alternatively, in this case, Dove meaning could also be letting you know that you need to stop and take a few deep breaths. Therefore you must let go of the turmoil that is currently surrounding you and take the time to find peace within you. Hence, what you see right now is your reality shifting in ways you never thought possible and that what you are indeed looking for is just around the corner. The most chaos happens just before your dreams come true.

Also, Dove symbolism can also be a message that you need to purify your thoughts. You are attracting what you don’t want in your life by focusing on it.

Dove symbolism can also be heralding an end of a problematic cycle in your life, thereby announcing a time of new worlds opening up to you. In other words, there are possibilities of a new romance, new friendships, and new beginnings on the horizon for you.

Dove Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Dove totem, are positively one of the most gentle and giving persons on the planet. Moreover, there is a sense of innocence about them that attracts many people to them. Occasionally, there are times that people with this totem have difficulty with others, as they tend to take advantage of your pacifistic ways. Others will also try to take advantage of the calm and serenity that is natural to your being. People with this spirit animal totem are also a natural nurturer and make an excellent parent.

Folks with the Dove totem bring wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and creativity to any task. They teach others how to live a committed, faithful, passionate life. They are living proof that a life of contentment and happiness is possible.

Dove Dream Interpretation

In general, a Dove dream can symbolize peace, tranquility, harmony, affection, and innocence. In particular, white dove dreams represents loyalty, love, simplicity, gentleness, and friendships. Your vision may also signify a message or blessing from the Holy Spirit. In fact, you have most likely released your thoughts of hate and revenge and found a place of peace and love in your heart.

When your dream has a pair that is mating and building a nest, it symbolizes a happy home life filled with love, tranquility, pleasure, and security.

A vision that involves a green bird of this type is a reminder that we are all on a mission of peace and being at peace with yourself is a significant step toward healing. If the bird is yellow, it symbolizes a new friendship that will soon take root.

Occasionally, a Dove dream can be a prophecy of things to come. Be sure to pay attention to the other elements of your vision so that you can combine it with this birds dream symbolism.

Random Bird Totem Generator

, Dante Alighieri, said “nature is the art of God.”
Love the way he had his head to one side.. thinking maybe xx


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