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Final Fantasy VII - Jessie -

By Ge-mini
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Jessie/Jesse from Final Fantasy VII.
>___> too bad she died

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if she lived she'd probably still be in love with Cloud and this would be a popular pairing
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Nicely done, Jesse never got the attention she deserves
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Nice! It's kind of how I imagined her in my head. Love the side characters that are always overlooked. Kudos to ya!
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I'm so happy somebody cares about Jessie! This is amazing! 
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My absolute favorite secondary character ever!!!
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Not many people appreciate Jesse! :3 Yay!
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Amazing well done well done.
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This is one of the best pics of Jesse I've seen
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thx you so much.
This is a great compliment ^^
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You're most welcome ^^
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ff7 du arsch! ich vermisse avalanche TT__TT
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Oh wow! This is awesome that you did a fanart of Jessie!
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Thank you so much for doing Jesse! She was a great character, and I love seeing the lesser characters of FF7 featured! I hope you do more like this, maybe Scarlet or Aeris's mother?
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Yeah, you`re right. XD ( OMG you can read my mind )
I`m going to draw a fanart of Scarlet ( my fav ) and Aerith mother next.

First she should become Scarlet. But then I decided to draw Jesse ( couldn`t draw Scarlet hair XD )
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I am excited to see your Scarlet! Make her sexy as heck :)

I look forward to seeing various FF characters from you!!!
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niiice! andn yeah! it sucks she died. T_T
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Whoa. Looks just like I'd imagine her. Really fierce lookin' eyes too. Awesome.
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Wow! first fanart I've seen for Jesse! Nice! :heart:
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One of my favorite FF7 characters, more so than most of the main cast. :heart: I never thought I'd see such a badass drawing of her. :excited:
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Nobody ever draws the minor characters. Good job! Love the contrast between detail and speedpaint-style as well.
MADG3ni0us's avatar
Ilove the fact that u did a character pretty much completely overlooked normally.
You did a nice job with it 2 i like the green lighting affects and the face looks so awesome :D
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