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High Rise book cover

'The large booth I was standing on lowered to the ground, mirrored by Duece’s on the other side. He walked towards me, and then led me out of the large room, into an even larger room. I gazed around in awe. Even for 2121 this was next level. Around 50 people sat on platforms that moved without instruction. They all had wires around their heads, but not attached, just floating around them. Most people were busily staring at their screens, where words were appearing without any typing. The few that weren’t working looked towards me lazily and sent me small smiles that I returned graciously.'

An extract from the first chapter.

My sister is working on a story and she asked me to design her a book cover.
I just recieved the first chapter of it and this was inspired by what I read.

The background was created using 3ds max 2011 and Greeble w/ Sunlight system used for lighting.

The room was created afterwards and for the character I used this stock:

All the overlaid textures belong to me.

You can see the earlier version, 3ds max screengrab and the proposed shot on my website [link]

Hope you like it.
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I love this :la: :la: :la: looks...........looks so badass!
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Cheers. My sister liked it so it was all worth it. ;)
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> U <! XD hehehe yey~