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Rising Reflection Interface

By gdroland
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Diving a little into custom windows 7 themes and since I found a great one from DA user krissirk...


I thought I'd throw some Rainmeter skins together with a nice minimal backdround and this is where it ended up. Skins included in the design are various modified text skins and the Simplicity bar meters.

If you have any questions involving the theme please direct them to krissirk at the link about (check out the comments, the have some good tips)

Again, let me know what you guys think.

- G
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Excuse me but,
How did you change the font for the clock?
Hey,I understand to place the taskbar to the left side. But,how can you change the taskbar colours ? Thanks.
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Hey, Can i pls find out which  font that is?
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How do you do that with the taskbar?
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hold left click and drag to left side of screen
Nice & simple Thanks for sharing.
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Pretty new to this whole rainmeter thing how do I change the font I've got a font I wanna use for this theme, just wanna know how to use it. If you could reply that'd be a really helpful thanks :D

botton demarrage n'est pas changer
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best desktop ever seen...!
Hey dude, what is the wallpaper you're using called??
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Its located in the files , in the download. 
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Can someone help me get the font to work? It doesn't look all cool like in the picture.. :\
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Simply beautful. Tanks a lot!
I really need some help. I'm new to this, and I don't see the right Skin files anywhere. Is there a tutorial for this type of document?
I watched some tutorials on this, but there were Theme Files.
These are just a whole bunch of folders.
Sorry, I'm a huge noob at this.

Whoops sorry. found it in the ZIP file
Umm... Can you give us link for the background? :P
It's absolutely beautiful
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I cant get that font to work. Please tell me how should I do it?

nice work!
Where can I get the wallpaper.
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a 1920x1200 version is included in the zip file.
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