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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! Lately I’ve been getting quite a few questions per day and most of them are asking the same things. So I put together a list of frequently asked ones. Feel free to still message me a question if you’re not seeing one on here :) Thanks for your time!

Where are you from?

North Carolina born and raised! :)

How long have you been drawing?

Since I was 11 maybe? But didn’t get serious until I graduated high school

What does GDBee mean?

It’s my initials: Geneva D. Benton. I like bees too but possibly allergic to them…The Prinnay/Laprinnay name from Tumblr/Youtube is because I really liked Disgaea prinnies back then and still want to keep that vein 

Did you go to school to draw?

Not really. I took art through high school mostly. I took a figure drawing class in community college before flunking out, which was helpful, but I have no “formal” training after that. I study poses and art styles here and there. There’s loads of options and alternatives to art school c:

Who do you draw inspiration from?

I LOVE Benjamin Zhang Bin’s emotion in his work and color schemes, as well as Xavier Houssin’s anatomy and dynamics. There’s a myriad of artist whose work I just look at and cry and want to draw like, but these two are the biggest. I’d say pure jealousy of these greater artists’ abilities drives me to try to get better, ha

Where do you get ideas from?

Any freaking thing, really. Like this one really pretty plant saw in someone’s house or this gross coconut, or whatever. I’d say food and flowers are the biggest drawing inspirations though

What mediums do you use?

Most art you’ll find here is digital art, made entirely in Photoshop. I do love to sketch traditionally and use acrylic paints and markers, but don’t show them much as they aren’t as “refined”

What digital art software/hardware do you use?

I use Photoshop CC mainly, and a tablet monitor, the Ugee2150. If starting out I recommend a Monoprice tablet; they’re super reliable

What brushes do you use (in Photoshop)?

I use the basic default brushes for 90% of things. Such as the Hard Round, Splatter and Chalk brushes. The other 10% are made up brushes for a certain texture, like super fine fair, etc.

Do you have tutorials?

I have an older tutorial here:’s a little dated style-wise, but it’s basically how I still work. I will update with a newer tutorial eventually. I do have a Youtube channel with some sped up coloring videos also:

Can you teach me how to _____ ?

Apologies, I am still learning myself and am not the best teacher. If you asked for tips or advice I can oblige, but I can’t outright teach you or “correct” an artwork. There’s tons of free places to
learn digital art things, such as

Do you Live Stream?

Sometimes! When it's live you can find it here:
I try to stream at least once a month at random (usually weekends).... That's not very often. Hopefully later this year i can allot more time to live stream and live shenanigans

How long does it take to finish a piece?

That depends. Totaling up the time, a portrait piece takes 4-5 hours, but I work on so many things at once and start over so many times it could span over a couple of weeks. But I’d say on average 5-10 hours

Do you do requests?

No, sorry! I have a backlog of sketches and works in progress I’d love to work on and in between full time working, part time freelancing/commissions, and general life, taking time to do a personal piece is few and far between these days. I really appreciate the ask but I won’t have time for requests

Can I post your art elsewhere?

Sure thing, so long as there’s some kind of credit or link back to me. Feel free to use as an avatar. Also please do not crop the art, or filter it, or edit it, or remove the signature (you’d be surprised how many times that’s happened :c )

Can I claim your art or use it as part of an OC?

Please, no :c Please see the question above. I appreciate your liking of the art but please don’t assign it to your own characters/story, or trying to claim ownership (this too happens quite a bit)

Can you draw me/a person I know/a celebrity?

Of course! As a commission. I can’t draw people on request, sorry!

Do you do commissions?

Certainly c: There’s info here:…

Your art looks like [famous person], was that intentional?

Nope. Certain likenesses are coincidental. Trust me, 9 times out of 10 I will have no idea what famous person you’re mentioning c:

What/who do you use to make art products/prints/etc?

I’ve started getting this question so many times lately? That’s great you like the quality of my prints, but I consider that a trade secret

Do you accept crits?

I’d love crits and art comments actually! A few years ago it seems as thought hey have tapered off, even though I sometimes explicitly ask if anyone has them. There’s always, always something that needs improvement! And I super appreciate someone took the time out of their own busy lives to throw some advice!

What are you like IRL?

I’m just an introvert black girl who smiles a lot and says sorry too much. I like heat and hoodies and have an addiction to energy drinks. I want to play every JRPG ever and like to nerd out with my boyfriend. Nice to meet you :D

Thanks for reading/asking c: Hope this doesn't look too haughty by doing a FAQ but hopefully it can save everyone time in the long run??? 

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IDK if you're still active here, I saw your art a few years ago and wanted prints but I couldn't get them then. Now I've moved into a new place and I'd love to have your art up, do you do prints at all still?

PyxieYT's avatar
You are so cool! I'm 14 and I'm just getting started with digital art. I am so happy that I found someone who paints all races! I really love your artstyle! New role model <3
Kodachii's avatar
Hmmm... an informative read
     quite informative indeed...well done
Marii-nee's avatar
Hello dear
I love your art
could you  tell me where you found the work of artists that inspire you ??
GDBee's avatar
Hello! Hmmm. I found out about Benjamin Zhang seeing an excerpt from his graphic novel "Orange" several years ago. Xavier Houssin I found by somehow stumbling into this role playing game called Dofus. Their styles are so distinct in their own beautiful ways so I got hooked on them. Every other inspiration in between was also found by randomly stumbling around, lol
Marii-nee's avatar
Thanks for your answer dear ^-^ 
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Let's nerd out over some *great coconuts!  <:3
GDBee's avatar
Silly! There's no such thing as a great coconut :)
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I think 40 of those questions probably came from me. I'm sorry about that. hehe You have a beautiful name. I'll have to check out Benjamin Zhang Bin’s and Xavier Houssin’s work. I'll add to my journal for resources. Thank you for sharing. :)
GDBee's avatar
I really appreciate all the questions asked! :hug: I am a super slow typer and noticed quite a chunk of time was spent answering questions while typing a few words a minute DX Heck, this reply here will probably take me 5 minutes :P
But I digress!  Yes, please do check out these wonderful artists' works! Be amaaaazed! :la:
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Just sent ya an email! (= *crosses fingers*
GDBee's avatar
I believe I saw it c: Will reply shortly! :la:
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Yay, FAQ! I always wondered where "Prinnay" came from :)
GDBee's avatar
"Prinny" and any other similar spelling was usually taken on social sites, so had to add an "a" in there :lol:
You're so awesome thanks for reading!

Did your items arrive safely? Upon checking tracking numbers I see one says its still in my city ;A;
TheButterfly's avatar
Welcome! \n/

I know at least one package has arrived! I'll be checking tomorrow =) (I have packages sent to my parent's cuz I think they're safer there than at my apartment, where post(wo)men just leave stuff outside the door! Eep! Don't want it getting stolen!)
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A nice read for sure! I was expecting there'd be one to address the one I keep seeing people ask when you're streaming, which would be the, "How do you choose those colors?" one. I remember your answer from the first time, but others might still think that it's some mystical process where you end up on a riverboat painting with all the colors of the wind. XD

Another one to add could be about stream times, since I wonder about it myself. My guess is that the answer is still mostly on a "whenever there's time" basis, but it might not be common knowledge yet. 
GDBee's avatar
Oh right, streaming! That would be a good one to answer, thank you for the reminder! But yes, it's still on a "When I don't forget/ have the fortitude to sit down for 2 hours and not randomly start on something else" basis.... I rotate projects around every 30 minutes or so. Not exactly sure why, maybe just to see something fresh?? But streaming should be more consistent in general and it should be addressed. Thank you kindly!
Also colors! Still not quite sure how to answer the color picking question...
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wait, how come i havent realized you love disgea? or maybe i do know that but somehow forgot -_-'' anyhow, let share some prinny luv!~
I'd love to meet you in IRL and hug so hard!!!
GDBee's avatar
Disgaea was my whole life in high school! it was a poison, a sweet sweet level grinding poison. D: I have backed away from the games recently so they once again don't consume my life with their amazing infinite replayability...!
You too! You're so extremely kind and I bet you are even kinder IRL! :hug:
shy4's avatar
I'm secretly a vampire so nope, not kind, but blood thirsty :D

I also don't have time for games anymore, and finalfantasy9 is still waiting for me...
marygomesart's avatar
aw that was super fun to read actually, you have a lovely personality! Keep doing what you're doing!
GDBee's avatar
An internet personality, maybe? I don't talk in real life. Can go several days without saying a word unless out of necessity >__> But, really thank you! You're just as lovely if not twice as much! :hug:
marygomesart's avatar
Oh maybe, but you don't need to talk to have a lovely personality! And in your case, even your art shows a bit of who you are, I think it does at least :) thank you as well eee :heart:
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Can we draw your characters? With crediting you of course and stating that its your character. 
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