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Smoke Break

By GDBee
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Black mage on smoke break :la:
I want her hat
Progress shots here:…
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Interesting concept of a mage; different but I like it.  She's probably using an e-cigarette with a special concoction to focus her mind and power.  Nice witch's hat.
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Your work with color theory is amazing. Do you have any tips? 
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I'm curious to know the meaning behind the 999 and 777 patches on the shoulder. It's interesting that you didn't draw smoke like you usually do, but this time making it more like an object or living flame, which goes nicely with the idea of a mage.
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The 999 is the maximum damage you can do in Final Fantasy Tactics and the 777 is just an homage to FF7 :lol: I tried to fit 7777 in there for the FF7 lucky numbers exploit, but wasn't expecting anyone to know where any of these numbers came from c: It's cool of you to ask, thank you!
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This is a little sad. What is she thinking about? Oh and I also want her hat!
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Neat and beautiful
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The colors are very nice and I really like seeing the progress shots :) Great job!
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Very cool, I questioned if I saw black mage gear.
and it indeed was. Nicely done.
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I draw black mages quite often. Their outfits are just the coolest, and I find myself unconsciously thinking of them in some character designs :P
Thank you btw!
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Ive drawn a few myself, its interesting to see different takes on their gear.
The Black Waltz series are awesome.
Should you be so inclined I can't wait to see more! (along with your other works lol)
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coloring queen! This looks amazing 
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Thank youuu! ;w;
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I love the detail and even with the same three colors in different shades they unexpectedly compliment each other. Nice job!
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These shades of red/blue/yellow just always feel so nice. I wonder what it is about them that feels that way? (Really don't know what color actually does and why things work the way they do). But thank you!
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I believe there's something gipsy, or latin, in this picture. Did you picked a reference form these cultures?
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No reference of any people or culture c: I referenced the clothes from a Final Fantasy standard black mage costume and styled it from there. If you mean her skin and hair and features, it was because those skin/hair tones really fit what I wanted. But I can totally see where you're going! Maybe I was thinking of a certain culture unconciously 
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I feel Vivi on this art too. Maybe the colours or the scarf at the hat remembered me some exoti culture. But the art is also amazing anyway!
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Clawesome! Fangtastic!
I simply love witchy things and she's so cool! She should be your witchsona <3
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She's just way too cool to be my witchsona lol
Thank you so much as always, Ms MadBlackie c;
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I like that contemplative look that she has.  <:3  wizard cat approves!  Wizard cat would also like to have her hat.  It's a lot fancier than his.

Is she at max HP of 999 with lucky sevens mode activated? 
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