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Blue Orange

Such blue
So orange
Trying to color in much more soulful/colorful eyes c:

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Collector013's avatar
Orange and blue complement each other more than I thought they did. huh.
Dubedition's avatar
Your work is sooo good it would be criminal if your not working professionally.
ClefairyKid's avatar
Ohhhhh this is so wonderful ahhhh!!!
Fangirs9348's avatar
This is literally the second piece of art I've seen from you (the first was this Rainbow) and I'm already going to watch you (gosh that sounds so creepy) I LOVE IT
hrfarrington's avatar
The contrast is really gorgeous :heart: Lovely work!
StarlightXSword's avatar
ohmygosh this is so beautiful, I especially love the color composition and the locks of hair c':
JelArts's avatar
So beautiful! 
DeerFriendsOfMine's avatar
AHHH this is astounding, as always!!!!! it reminds me of the sky
Noritsuki-Kuro's avatar
man i absolutely love how you colored her hair
x-Bond-of-Flame-x's avatar
This is absolutely stunning, your mastery of color is incredible! 
Managodess's avatar
Your art always brightens my day honestly, you draw such gorgeous looking women and I adore your use of all these vibrant colors (also, dat hair o: )
GDBee's avatar
You are way too kind! I just use a lot of color wheel contrasts, lol
Thank you so much! 
Managodess's avatar
You're very welcome~ c:
Casey-The-Fruit-Cake's avatar
Ahhh, what a lovely piece! These colours will be the death of me ;-;
peaachi's avatar
I love her skin color so much! So glad to see you back, beautiful work as usual!
GDBee's avatar
Thank for your patience ;A; it's cool to be back :)
Kaedegirl's avatar
such a lovely colour combo :) :heart:  it's been a whie, I hope you're alright :) 
GDBee's avatar
Thank you c:
It has, hasn't it?? I kinda got overwhelmed with so many other things that I fell behind with dA a lot. :c
Hope you are doing just as fine too! 
Kaedegirl's avatar
yes it has! and you're welcome :) 
It's a bit difficult to focus on DA when so much is happening in your life so I understand don't worry. 
Doing my best :) it's all we can do right? do our bests
SenpaiiKoko's avatar
your art makes me inhale myself bc it's so pretty aaAA
bloedzuigerbloed's avatar
Orange and aquamarine make such a fresh, cool color pairing. Love this!
DragonHeadphones's avatar
I can never get enough of your art I SWEAR
She looks SO PRETTY
Such floof =v=
GDBee's avatar
XD thank you!
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