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Vista Reflections 3 + PSD

Ahhhh, about time, right? Vista Reflections 2 has been my most popular web posting of anything, ever (that is not saying that much, but meh). I do keep up on all of its comments and such, and someone asked: "Why don't you make one for Vista?" To that, I said, "Why the fuck don't I make one for Vista?" Fun stuff, right? I set about taking the now seemingly crappy design of VR2 and making it actually look good and decided to style it like Vista. I kept the same look and idea to the entire thing, but this time around used an actual custom-made Windows Vista window; fit with the glass and all, it looks pretty sexy and pretty authentic.

Anyhow, I've included three resolutions:

I figured those were used most. Most other resolutions should look just fine using one of the same aspect ratios. Contact me if you need help or REALLY need me to custom make your resolution.

This is NOT made for any specific program. I know there are a few out there. I included directions on how to use it with LogonStudio Vista, but it should work with anything you've got. Let me know if you need help with that.

Bonus time! I was thinking of you guys, I've included the super amazing Photoshop PSDs used to make this mofo. Directions are included in the readme, but you are gonna be able to make this to use ANY background and have it look just as good as the original. If you don't have Photoshop, hit me with a message and I'll do my best to accommodate; I aim to please.

***IT IS TO YOUR BENEFIT TO RTFM, I'VE ALREADY HAD MANY INQUIRES THAT ARE CLEARLY COVERED. Saves everyone time, hehe. (use the readme.txt)***

Enjoy Vista Reflections 3, and let's get it to be more popular than its second counterpart!

Note: You are encouraged to make your own versions of it and share them with others. I thought about a watermark on this thing, but that is not my style. Please link back to my deviantArt account, please? :(
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n1ghtm4r's avatar
Thanks a lot for sharing the PSD!
4hellcat's avatar
looks good logo
Mazaar's avatar
thanx friend. download this <3
intae88888888's avatar
how did u take a screen shot with out even being on an account?
I know ctr+prt scr takes screeen shots but does it work outside of accounts?
GCTHawk7's avatar
I actually had to make that screenshot by hand by looking at the actual thing. Kind of a pain really.
intae88888888's avatar
Very nice I'm using it right now and it's very pleasing
Biohazarad's avatar
Hmm... can you make one for 7?
Kveldsvanger's avatar favourite! Little question how can i delete the brandings of my vista? I found on web some tools but there are many bmp in the sys32 folder.
GCTHawk7's avatar
Hmmm, that, I am not sure of. I always just leave it there. Good luck figuring it out. ;-)
bkSs's avatar
very nice :) could you tell me how you made that transpernt window? swirley reflection said you'd be able to help :D
GCTHawk7's avatar
Made it in Photoshop. It is a bluish color almost completely trnasparent and then a guassian blur on everything behind it. Need Photoshop to do it. If you have Photoshop, download the PSD and open it up to see.
bkSs's avatar
oh thanks :D ! this helped so much
TW-Blade's avatar
Thanks for PSD file. I made for myself several logons and must tell it's great.
GCTHawk7's avatar
Glad you liked it. :)
acryliques's avatar
definitely the coolest logon. but how can i make my own if i dont have ps... i need like a png of it or something without the picture in it already.... thanks. ^^
GCTHawk7's avatar
Look just a couple of comments above yours. Posted one for someone there.
matt531320's avatar
Instead of the Photoshop file, could you turn the "white" area on the Photoshop file to transparent and save it to a PNG? I'm a cheapo so I don't have Photoshop yet. >.<
GCTHawk7's avatar
Sure thing, here you are:

matt531320's avatar
Dude, you're awsome. Thanks a ton!
revengexx14's avatar
So I noticed that this is not for XP but this has the Aero blur. I don't know if you'll ever port this to XP but if you do I recommend using "Gaussian Blur" in photoshop to make it look blurred, but not actually be blurred,therefore making it possible to look like this in XP :)
GCTHawk7's avatar
Hehe, due to the nature of the login, there is no way to access the glass API. So, that is actually a fake blur. The fact you thought it was real means I did a good job, eh? The entire logon is actually just an image. I used a guassian blur with a radius of 3 pixels. :)
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