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Vista Reflections

Vista Reflections is a skin created in trying to match the style of Windows Vista. I made it a long time ago, and thought I'd share it with everyone.

Enjoy. Questions and Comments are welcomed as always.
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hey how do you move the shutdown button??
4hellcat's avatar
very good logo
Echo-Ikki's avatar
Cool... Thanks again, mister
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ok... Logonstudios ... :D
wiPPen's avatar
it's very nice... but how i install that ? i have Style XP but don't works in XP Sp3 : (
what software do u use ?
sniegasunc's avatar
Since i have never changed my logon, it puzzles me, how do i get it installed?
GCTHawk7's avatar
You need a program called Logonstudios. Google is your friend.
great, possible to get a widescreen version of this ?
exidoo's avatar
is it possible to get it on vista? ;/
maxpert's avatar
nice thought man
ZoharBlur's avatar
Haha my name is Justin and thats my login to :D
Wow, really nice.

Too bad is only for one user logon.

Thanks anyway.
faiis's avatar
how to install it
wrappedinplastik's avatar
is there a way to change the background?
Jellings's avatar
i got the same error as other people =[
MistressVixen's avatar
I really like this "center" look for logons. It makes it easy to find my logon icon. (Some themes are all over the place.) Very sleek and classy. ^^
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Hi, I like this a lot, but if you could please male a "logonui.exe" version, it will be be excellent :D
I too got the error, and had to hit alt+f4 like 10 times just to get bring up a useable login prompt. I opened up the .exe wiith winRar and was going to edit the file, but than I remembered I have never made a logon, and I'd rather do something else with my little time before work this morning. But the Screenshot looks awesome, I just wish it worked for me.
OverlorDatDeviant's avatar
Doesn't work :( (error parsing line40 or something like that)
acash's avatar
i like logonui.exe
Nemesit's avatar
why do i get a value creation " at line 40 error???
jeremyrdeming's avatar
How do i install this? I am a fairly experience user and for some reason I have no clue? Do I use some special theme manager or drag and drop this in a specific Win folder?
jeremyrdeming's avatar
I think this is amazing and I would certainly attempt to throw this at Microsoft for the legit version of Vista as it is beautiful!
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