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Vista Reflections 2

This is the second version of my popular Vista Reflections skin. It has fixed a lot of little bugs, has a fresh new look, and comes in three versions.

These versions are for the number of users that are preasant on your PC. (1,2, or 3)

This logon has been tested, and created on a 1280x1024 monitor, and for best results, use that resolution.

Enjoy Vista Reflections 2, and please leave questions and comments.
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I see Justin. I think Bieber
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Read the description guys, he said for the best results use 12801024.
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very nice, thns.
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Can I use this one in Windows 7..?
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very nice logo
myjuman's avatar
koool theme while whiching if i had such skills
Can you make a windows 7 version of it
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Do you have the widescreen version? I'm running on 1280x800, and it looks kinda squished... 3 users will only fit two users now.
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[link] it didnt work @ me my resolution is 1280x800
im using vista ultimate 32bit sp2 i have 2.50gb ddr?
theres something wrong y? this log on screen didnt work for me?
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I've been using this logon for around a year now, still is one of the most beautiful and sleek.

I have no problem running it on my monitor at 1440x900 for anyone who's interested, doesn't really get stretched. =)
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how do i install/use this?
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You need LoginStudio by Stardock (google it). You just copy the skin to the programs files or I image there is an import feature in the program.
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To use: Download LogonStudio :)
Nice job man! I wonder if 1680x1050 will still make it look good...
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works on vista?
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My Vista Reflections 3 works on Vista. Try that. ;-)
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ok i'll check it later
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i'm confused as hell what is this..
like you set it up.
i know what it is, its just how do you set it up
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how to use it? plz answer

visit [link] :heart:
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OMG fantastico!! have you also a wall from this?
So good,thanks
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